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How to fly to the moon?


Why are flights to the moon stopped? For many years this question has not been answered. But the study of the satellite of our planet was carried out quite successfully. More than one expedition landed on the surface of the moon. What happened? Why did two states overnight stop all development in this direction, closing projects while suffering big losses.

Or is it all fiction?

Has anyone ever been to a satellite of the earth? And if so, why did countries stop flying to the moon? As the Americans stated, the first expedition was sent in 1969, and more precisely, on July 20. Neil Armstrong led the astronaut team. At that time, the Americans were simply jubilant. After all, it was they who first stepped onto the surface of the moon. But many doubted it.

The skeptics argued over numerous photographs and recordings of conversations of the expedition with the Earth. However, at that time it was quite difficult to fake any pictures. Not to mention the equipment and laser reflectors that were left on the surface of the moon for its further study. Some suggest that the drone delivered the vehicle.

It is almost impossible to prove that someone has visited or has not visited the surface of the Earth’s satellite. In addition, many documents are still classified.

The closure of the lunar programs

So why did the moon exploration work stop? This happened three years after the first landing on the surface of a minor planet. In this area, all developments were completed already in 1972. Since then, no information has been received that a person was able to land on nearby cosmic bodies. As a result, there was a feeling that scientists sharply switched their attention to something else, while closing all the programs related to space exploration.

As a result of such a turn, people simply flew around our planet for 40 years and controlled all events. But during this time, science and technology have stepped far forward. A lot of interesting and at the same time amazing devices and devices were created. It is for this reason that questions arise: why did all countries stop flying to the moon and what caused the closure of all lunar projects?

Political situation

This is the first reason why flights to the moon have been stopped. Do not forget that at that time, a race was being waged between two large states for the opportunity to be the first to launch a rocket into space. The decisive event in this battle was the use of nuclear reactions. The opportunities that were associated with such a discovery were not only exciting, but also awesome. In addition, there was no clear leader in this race. Both the USSR and America paid much attention to space travel. The Soviet Union is the first state that sent man into space. If the USSR achieved such an opportunity, then why failed to fly to the moon? Why did they stop without even starting?

America was challenged. In turn, NASA made a lot of efforts to make a reciprocal move. The sensational flights to the moon - not just an achievement. This is an attempt to show their superiority over the whole world. Maybe this was the reason for the closure of the program. After all, other states did not have enough funds to go further than America in their development. So is it worth the state to spend its energy and money on?

Economics of countries

Of course, there is one more reason why flights to the moon were stopped - the economies of the countries. A lot of financial resources were allocated for the development of spacecraft, as well as for their launch. If the surface of the Earth’s satellite could be divided, then its territory would become a tidbit for many wealthy people.

However, after some time, an agreement was created according to which absolutely all celestial bodies are the property of mankind. Any space exploration should have been carried out only for the good of all countries. It follows that the allocation of large financial resources for space exploration programs simply will not bring any benefits. And the state that allocated the money simply cannot develop. As a result, there is simply no special meaning in high costs. After all, you can take advantage of the achievements of other countries.

Production area

Not so long ago it was more expedient to re-equip any enterprise for the needs of the state. Now, it is simply impossible to launch rockets with certain parameters just because there is nowhere to do this. In any case, reprofiling an enterprise is a rather complicated process.

The problem in this case is not only the financial side of the issue. The reason lies in the lack of the required number of trained specialists. The generation that worked on the lunar program has long retired. As for the new employees, they are still not so experienced. They do not have all the knowledge in this area. And the flights to the moon do not forgive mistakes. Their price, as a rule, is the life of astronauts. It is for this reason that it is better not to fly to the moon. And why they stopped, it is not difficult to guess.

Extraterrestrial civilizations

In addition to the above reasons, there is another, more fantastic. Many speculate that astronauts have encountered an alien life form on the moon. Of course, not everyone can accept such a truth. For this reason, many documents and photographs obtained during the expeditions were kept secret and for a long time were not subject to publicity. However, conjectures somehow leaked to the masses. In addition, it is difficult to explain the abrupt cessation of all flights to the moon. And its dark side has not yet been explored, and humanity can only guess what is hidden there.

There is an assumption that astronauts received a kind of warning that they should not visit the moon. It is for this reason that scientists worked hard to study the surface of a minor planet.

What scared the astronauts

Not so long ago, it became known that the last Apollo expedition was accompanied by several aircraft that were clearly not created on Earth. This fact has been classified for a long time. However, during the flight, some radio enthusiasts were able to catch the crew talks with the base. As a result, it became known about incomprehensible phenomena occurring on the moon.

During the expedition, incomprehensible craters were discovered on the satellite’s surface, filled with boulders that could move without anyone else’s help. In addition, astronauts discovered a vehicle near the landing site, which was also of extraterrestrial origin. On the moon some structures and pits with smooth edges were found, and next to them - monoliths with the same shapes. This suggests that someone just cut them out. However, even modern technology does not allow this.


In fact, more than 500 anomalies and unexplained phenomena were discovered on the moon. To study all this, a separate group of scientists was created. A lot of pictures were taken, which confirm that incomprehensible flying objects and independently moving objects do exist. In the archives of NASA, you can find almost any document. But this is only possible if its exact number is known. So it turns out that the documents and photographs were declassified, but it is not possible to see them. Maybe extraterrestrial civilization is the reason why flights to the moon are stopped?

Who can fly in the future?

After the first mission, SpaceX will send other groups of tourists to the moon. The cost for each of them, as Musk previously said, will be about the same as the flight to the ISS - $ 35 million. As noted in the company, a passenger can be anyone (non-poor) who wants to make a deposit, undergo coaching and training. In addition, the future spaceflight participant must meet all medical requirements, otherwise no one will allow him to train, no matter how much money he has. Such a person should not have serious health problems, especially with the cardiovascular system.

Today, in addition to SpaceX, tourist companies like Space Adventures and Excalibur Almaz want to carry out tourist space flights around the Moon. Private Excalibur Almaz in 2015 announced that it plans to start tourist space flights with a fly around the moon. According to, the company expects to sell about 30 seats until 2025 at $ 150 million. Owner of company Art gule several years ago, announced that it had completed the modernization of four Soviet "trucks", in which the first travelers could fly to the moon in eight months.

As for Space Adventures, its travelers are prepared in a starry town and sent on the Soyuz spaceship to the ISS Russian segment. To date, seven tourists have visited the ISS. The cost of the tour into the orbit of the international station is $ 40 million, spacewalk - 3 million. The price for those wishing to fly to the moon will be higher - $ 120 million. They plan to send space tourists to the Earth’s satellite with the help of the modernized Soyuz spacecraft. The first flight may take place before 2020.