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A loyal fan of a game project knows the biography of the protagonist better than the story of his life. If you wake him up at night and ask what color the eyes of the character of his favorite game are, he will immediately give the correct answer. Therefore, it is not surprising that fans sooner or later begin to engage in such exciting activities as gaming cosplay. The main goal of "cosplay" is to accurately convey not only the image of his beloved hero, but also his character. In this article, we will give some tips that will help you correctly “spell” a game character.

First of all, critically treat the parameters of your body, comparing them with the parameters of the hero you are going to copy. For example, you should not take on the “cosplay” of the massive fighter Zangiev from Street Fighter, if you weigh no more than seventy kilograms. Try to find a more suitable character, otherwise the final cosplay will look ridiculous.

Next, you need to find a good photographer who can take good pictures, and also edit them if necessary. By the way, Anastasia, who is a photographer by profession and has been involved in photography for eight years now, can provide quality photographer services. You can look at her portfolio on

So, after finding a photographer, you should give your face a resemblance to the hero of the game. You can achieve the desired result using the right makeup. Some do it on their own by watching a few video tutorials on Youtube, while others turn to professionals. After choosing the right makeup, you need to do the costume, which is also created either by the "cosplayer" or the studio.

What rules must be followed in order to create the first cosplay?

Accept that you will not cosplay your favorite, but suitable characters. Match the figure, height, type of face and more. Yes, you cannot get a penny for this, but you will be judged as a professional. You went on stage or on a special site, nobody forced you, mind you. And since you are out, people are waiting for you from the promised character, made as similar as possible.

  • Wig. Colored hair does not look very voluminous, because hairstyles are often very large. Yes, and we will not repaint every month from red to green. The wig should be of high quality and without shine, like from a carnival store. You can order in China (which is cheaper) or buy by hand or from intermediaries. The likelihood that the wig will immediately be on the character is extremely small (either it will cost a hoo), then you need to cut it and put it on (Internet tutorials to help, everything is pretty clear), or find someone who will do it for you (expensive, but it is better to entrust the regional to the pros). Try not to take characters with combed hair for the first time, it is difficult and dreary, you will need to alter the wig.
  • Suit. Even without a suit, but in the right wig, you already look like a character. You can, for example, take a picture in a maid’s dress and say that this is a maid version. But if you still decide to sew a suit, you need a pattern and fabric. There are patterns even for certain characters, google is happy to share it. If this is not the case, you will have to understand what is put on the hero and look already for items of clothing. It is better to take fabric with a margin. Not gabardine (except school uniforms) and not atlas. These are the cheapest fabrics that look as well. Do not skimp on doubler.
  • Details If you think that nobody will notice that little pebble on the sleeve, they will notice. Make a miserable pebble.
  • Props. Often it is optional. Better not do anything than go out with a cardboard stick. But if a crater has woken up in you, write down the magic words “epoxy”, “polyurethane foam” and “expanded polystyrene” and run to the hardware store.
  • Makeup. Tutorials on the Internet, for almost any character. If not, then by type (make-up for albino, gender-make-up). Makeup is needed, on the stage and in the photo facial features are eaten, they need to be highlighted. It is still good to powder a little so that in the light of spotlights a greasy sweaty nose does not shine.
  • Footwear. If you think that no one will notice your non-canonical shoes, then you are deeply mistaken.
  • Wagering. You are not a pillar, but the ruler of the Universe (or a cute cheerful girl, it does not matter). This should go through in your every gesture. Train in front of the mirror and do not leave the image until you remove your suit. But no need to replay and go into absolutely marvelous. If a friend asked you: "Vasya, do you want to eat?", Do not yell at him, that you are actually a pathos lord (lady).

Here are examples of work:

Full costume: gloves, knickers, stockings, hairpin, sweater, wrap, skirt, corset, belt, neck decoration
+ work with a wig

"data-medium-file =" "data-large-file =" https: //cosplay839785515.files.wordpress .com / 2018/03 / d0bad0bed181d182d18ed0bc-d0b0d0b3d0b8.jpg? w = 756 "/> Fendom: Sword Art Online Character: Lyfa Cosplayer: Agi Photographer: Oksana Mokrushina City: Moscow

Full costume *: gloves, knickers, stockings, hairpin, sweater, cape, skirt, corset, belt, necklace + work with a wig.

* All work on the costume belongs to the cosplayer Agi (Moscow)

Fendom: Boku no Hero Academia Character: Tsuyu Asui Cosplayer: carmin_panda Photographer: cosplayFEST City: Moscow

Full costume *: jumpsuit, gloves, belt, bib, paws + complicated wig styling + tailoring

* All work under the costume belongs to the cosplayer carmin_panda

  • Do not wait until the last minute to begin.
  • Choose online or anime shopping.
  • Choose a character you know, so you would feel better in your suit, as you are familiar with the way you transform into, and those around you will certainly appreciate your choice.
  • If we are talking about anime conventions, then carefully find out and check their dress code and other conditions, as often they have restrictions in the field of accessories and clearly established standards of behavior.
  • Do not worry if this is your first time, almost everyone goes in extraordinary costumes there.
  • Do not worry if your physique does not match the image you want to cosplay. If you are a little chubby, just skip too frank outfits. However, just because you have a few extra pounds, this does not mean that you should miss cosplay. Just pick your favorite character and have fun.
  • Think carefully about your choice, how practical it is, keep in mind that the cosplay festival usually lasts a long time and it can be hot in the room or vice versa, it's cold. You can ask a friend to come and support you if this is your debut *.

* If you are going to cross-country games, then perhaps the girls will want to bandage their breasts to look more like a guy. A wide bandage is ideal for this, it needs to be wrapped several times around the upper part of the body and fixed on the back. But do not leave it for more than 8 hours, otherwise it can cause breathing problems, there is even a risk of breaking your ribs. You can try to show how the female version of the male character, it would be quite original

* Debut is the first or test performance on stage, or in another field.

  • Do your best and don’t be lazy. People will appreciate the carefully and carefully prepared costume.
  • Find high-quality fabrics at a good price or buy simple, ready-made clothes, as the basis for the desired suit.