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10 cool ways to tell your husband about pregnancy


Two stripes. I will not say that it was something unexpected and shocking, no. Pupsika we planned and waited, just when this happens, you are holding a pregnancy test and. it is impossible to explain in words: you experience the whole spectrum of feelings that can only be understood by those who have already experienced the same thing. This is unusual, exciting, a little scary and, you know, insanely pleasant. Emotions overwhelm, feelings overwhelm, and life changes in one minute.

The first day I walked with a stupid smile on my face, then I got worried, then panicked. The husband, looking at the catastrophically quick change of my mood several times a day, was also worried. I realized that I couldn’t keep the news for a long time, and began to make general plans for telling my husband about, perhaps, the most important event in our life.

My husband made me an incredibly beautiful marriage proposal, and I really wanted to tell him about the pregnancy in some unusual and memorable way. After many hours of thinking, nothing good came to my bright mind, inspiration did not visit me, and, desperate to come up with something original, I decided to look at the ideas on the Internet. There are certainly a million options for every taste, I thought.

But alas, ah. How many sites and forums I reviewed, how many articles and comments I read - but I never found anything good and suitable. There were a lot of options: there was a beautiful way to pack a pregnancy test in a watch case, a bunch of options with SMS messages, and give my husband a diaper with instructions for use or bake a cake with the cherished inscription - but it wasn’t all right.

And so I went for a week in torment and torment, and my husband became more nervous and did not understand the reasons for my causeless concern. And then one fine day (and the day, as it turned out, was really wonderful), we went to Ikeya for a computer chair (that's another story). Returning back, weary, happy and with purchases, listened to music and sang radio hits with all their might (there was some kind of hit parade of songs of the 2000s).

And in the interval between the tracks, the provocative host read out the listeners' messages, sent greetings and congratulations on the air. To do this, it was only necessary to send an SMS with the desired text to a short number. And then it dawned on me, an insight came: this is exactly what I wanted and was looking for so long!

I take the phone, dial SMS: "Attention, attention, a special message for Nikolai Burkovsky: you will soon become a dad!". At the end, she asked the presenter to read it in a serious voice - and began to wait.

"Hands up" singing to the end, the host returns to the broadcast and immediately, very seriously, strictly and loudly read my message twice. The husband seems to have stopped breathing, grabbed the steering wheel with both hands, stared blankly at the road and drove like that for three minutes — the longest three minutes in my life. Then he stopped, looked at me and said: “There will be a son, we’ll call Kiryusha” and he smiled so happily and happily (since then he has been smiling like a cheshire cat). And I finally exhaled.

The host then read out so many messages with congratulations to us on the air, how many good words and wishes. Thank! Moving away from the shock, the husband said that she no longer reported such important things on the road, so as not to create an emergency and not injure his weak nerves.

That's how we live, we are waiting for Kiryusha. It remains a little more than a month before the appearance of the son, time flies very quickly. And my husband still often recalls my confession and. never again listens to the radio in the car. Such is the story.

What moments aren't worth talking about

- No, damn it, they called from the Vatican!

Before we talk about how beautiful it is to tell your beloved so good news, we will analyze at what points it is not worth doing this:

  • if you are angry with your husband, you do not need to shout in a fit of anger: “I am pregnant” in order to arouse guilt in him. Yes, a man may feel guilty, but is that the feeling that you wanted him to feel at the moment when he finds out that he will become a dad?
  • when a spouse is busy with an important business - fixing something, watching football or hockey (yes, yes, for many men - this is incredibly important), is at a meeting - he may simply not perceive or not hear your words,
  • also, do not tell this news when your husband is driving - the reaction can be unpredictable - from trying to hug you, kiss you to too hard braking, although extreme personalities will be just right, only will the unborn baby like it?

Ultrasound images and other attributes

Remember, in the movie “Taxi 3,” the heroine hung pictures of ultrasound, storks, cabbage on the walls, and her lover did not understand that she was pregnant, in the end she told him herself, though she was already in the eighth month. Of course, this is a comedic moment, but this method may well claim to be original.

For example, the placed booties and an ultrasound picture on the bedside table or on a tray with morning coffee that you bring your husband to bed will be very eloquent. Just, there will be a reason to say that in the coming months - to bring breakfast to bed - exclusively his prerogative.

Festive dinner

Warn your spouse that you will have a special dinner with a special guest tonight. Serve a table for three. There are several options - put a note in the envelope with the inscription: “dad, I'm late, I will be in 8 months” (depending on what your gestational age is now), for especially creative personalities you can write this phrase on your tummy (just do not use chemical markers).

When you sit down with your spouse at the table, wait a little, let him start asking who is the third and when to wait for him, in short, warm up curiosity, let him be interested, answer evasively. When it reaches the desired level, give your beloved a note or go up to him and raise his T-shirt so that he can read the inscription.

Photo reaction

Do you want to capture the moment of the message of the good news in the photo? Moreover, the reaction will be genuine, because you photograph it at the first moment of occurrence. So, call your close relatives, ask everyone to sit comfortably or stand so that their faces are clearly visible for the overall photo.

You will act as a photographer, just say instead of the usual “chiiiz” - “I'm pregnant!”, Take a picture in a second, you can take a few. Then you will remember and consider the reaction on the faces of loved ones for a long time to come.

Gift test

If your husband has a birthday soon, a name day, and just any other holiday - give him a strip of pregnancy test with two lines. Tie it with a beautiful ribbon and pack it in a jewelry box or other beautiful holiday packaging and present it as a gift.

Of course, provided that he knows exactly what it is. For example, this method is suitable if the girl has been trying for a long time to get pregnant and each time with a sinking heart, together with her husband, they looked at the test, expecting that a second strip will appear. In this case - you can not find the best gift.

Quirks of pregnant

Come up with some kind of eccentricity (you can improvise here to make it fun), for example, wrap yourself in a sheet or put on a swimsuit, put a beach umbrella over the chair and sit in it to eat ice cream or fruit, or a herring, in short, whatever your heart desires.

When the missus enters the room and with staring eyes asks: “what are you doing?”, He would blithely answer him: “and pregnant women have their own quirks!” And if everything is normal with the spouse’s humor, then no comment.

Cinema to help you

This method will help romantic and sensual natures talk about pregnancy beautifully. Ask your husband to watch a movie with you. Choose a romantic melodrama, but one where the heroine at some point tells her beloved that she is pregnant. At this very moment, take your husband’s hand and put it on your stomach, look expressively into his eyes. I have to understand.

Mini quest for husband

Send your beloved sms about the following content: “A surprise awaits you at home, a note is on the table. He comes home, reads a note, and there is the following instruction: "look under the pillow." And there’s a new little note: “a surprise in the closet”, etc., here is already a matter of your imagination. And in the very last note (just let him not find it right away) the coveted phrase: "dear, I'm pregnant."

Or you can also have the last note point to the place where the specially bought T-shirt with the inscription: “the best dad in the world” or “future father” can be found, now you can order any.

The most original ways to tell your husband: “you will soon become a dad”

A wonderful moment of reporting pregnancy is usually remembered by spouses for life and can even become a fun family legend, which will be retold on gatherings in unforgettable winter evenings for future children.

Of course, you don’t even have to “reinvent the wheel” by simply telling the news “in the forehead” in a personal conversation. However, then you will be deprived of a wonderful moment when a storm of emotions is imprinted on the face of a loved one in seconds - from a misunderstanding of what is happening to the greatest joy in life. These sincere, genuine emotions will be imprinted in the memory of both of you for the rest of your life. And the husband cannot help but praise the ingenuity and touching care of his woman.

Before telling women about the original ways of telling a man that he will soon become a dad so that it remains in his memory for life, we’ll clarify an important nuance.

Puzzling in search of an unusual way to say about pregnancy is possible only if you are one hundred percent sure that your relationship with your loved one is strong enough, and a man previously directly voiced his desire to have children from you.

If there are even slight doubts, it is better to voice the news in a serious personal conversation, as there is a risk that, instead of joy, you will see on the face of the partner the whole spectrum of negative emotions from an unpleasant surprise. In this case, the man will be just unpleasant, but the future mother - it’s morally really painful.

If there is confidence that the partner will be happy just like you, then go ahead - choose the appropriate method with!

The best ways to say without words: "You will soon become a dad!"

1. T-shirt (or other item) with the inscription

Nowadays, custom-made production of T-shirts with an exclusive print takes 1-2 days. You can order a print with a direct text on a T-shirt: “Future daddy” or “I will soon become a dad”, or you can print a hint that will be clear only to both of you. In a T-shirt with an inscription like: “I am waiting for a stork in 9 months” or “Soon there will be three of us” You can meet your husband yourself from work. If the family already has children, you can beat their number in the family in the inscription (for example: “We are waiting for the third player of the family football team”). You can also wear these t-shirts on kids when they run out to meet dad at home.

As an alternative to a T-shirt, a mug with the same inscription can appear in which you will serve tea to your beloved in the evening. However, if your partner is slightly distracted and rarely pays attention to household items, then the T-shirt will still be more noticeable.

2. Baby products in the house.

Buy a rattle, a pacifier and a bottle in the children's store (you can do everything, but you can do one thing) and put them in the places where your husband finds it for sure - in your pajamas pocket, drawer with linen, etc.

3. The inscription on the tummy.

It can be made with a washable marker directly on the skin by drawing an arrow with the inscription: “Now the baby lives here”, “Now I'm not alone” or “I will be soon. Your baby. " Or you can buy the sticker “Baby in the car”, which is glued onto the windows of cars, and gently stick it on the stomach - then seize the moment and show it to the man. For example, in a short T-shirt, pour him coffee in the morning or tea in the evening.

4. Sweet surprise (in the truest sense of the word).

Offer to treat your favorite tea with dessert after dinner. Serve a beautiful cake or cake “decorated” on top with a pacifier or a rattle.

5. Cookies with predictions.

If you do not want to bake them yourself, buy at the nearest supermarket or order Chinese food delivery. In a cookie intended for the husband, put a piece of paper with joyful news. Now the main thing is to make sure that the beloved not only eats the sweetness, but also reads his “prediction”!

6. Shopping with a secret.

The method is well suited if you have a weakness for shopping and new things, and the husband knows about it. Get shoes or booties for babies and place them in a shoe box from under women's shoes. On the phone, brag to your beloved that you bought your dream shoes at the sale and you can’t wait to show them their shoes in the evening. After the husband arrives home, bring him a box - and enjoy the effect.

7. Tricky replacement.

Transfer the partner’s laundry to another drawer, and put a whole “battery” of baby diapers in its place. When a man mechanically climbs into a box, he will have a strong surprise.

8. Surprise to work.

Order courier delivery of some nice gift to your husband for work. It can be a bunch of helium balloons with the corresponding inscriptions (see paragraph 1 for options) or a recognition card (if a man’s business status does not allow liberties with balloons), a handmade cake set or an author’s cake (with mastic in the form of a baby / sliders / booties / nipples / diapers).

9. An unusual message from the Stork.

While your husband is resting in the evening, quietly rename yourself in his mobile phone. In the morning he will receive an SMS message from the addressee Aist: "I'm leaving, wait for me in 9 months."

10. The method is not for the faint of heart (and for those who have an excellent sense of humor and are not touchy)

Wake up your husband at night and send to the store for pickles and chocolate, explaining that you will not survive without this combination until the morning. If you don’t guess after such an “order”, transparently hint that women want the mixture of salty and sweet in only one position.

If you have a close trusting relationship with your partner, then do not be afraid to be original with the unusual way to report pregnancy - many women admit that after this news they first saw tears of happiness in their men.

And this is far from all the ways to please your beloved with the most exciting news in the world. Think about the weaknesses and hobbies of your man that you can play in the news about pregnancy, turn on your imagination and boldly move forward - where your fantasy will take you. We hope that our advice will inspire you to tell your husband unusually: "You will soon become a dad!"

Shopping trip

Another way to tell is unusual: ask your loved one to go to the store with you to choose new things for yourself. Just don’t say what store you are going to. Bring him to where clothes and maternity goods are sold.

Take a focused approach to maternity underwear or dresses and consider them with a serious face; ask your husband for tips on whether it suits you and whether it looks beautiful. And at the same time observe his reaction.

Free ice cream

In fact, instead of ice cream, any other product can appear here. The scenario is this: go with your husband to a cafe or restaurant. Let him make an order on the menu (this is important). When the order is made, go to the ladies' room, and along the way agree with the waiter: ask him to bring a large portion of ice cream or cake to your table a little later.

If the husband says that you did not order this, the waiter will explain that there is an action in the restaurant and that it will be free for all future parents. Naturally, you will pay later for the treats. The moment is important here! Then it’s a matter of technology.

Hello from the stork

And finally, another way to talk about your interesting situation. Let your beloved receive SMS from a stork. How? Yes, as easy as shelling pears, rename yourself in his phone to “stork” and send a message: “Already on the way, I'll be there in nine months, stork!”. Although such text can be sent from yourself, without renaming contacts. It will also turn out very impressive and original.

Good luck, my dear readers, I hope that you will choose the appropriate method for yourself, or maybe come up with your own - even more original, do not forget to tell about it in the comments to this article. Subscribe to updates, share with friends on social networks.