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Sarah Shepard - The Game of Lies

I don’t remember much, but I know that I had an amazing life. Even when I died, I got something that no one else can count on: the continuation of the story. And all thanks to the long-lost twin sister, whom I never met.

Emma wants to know what happened, and for this she will have to become me. My parents and friends did not notice the substitution.

But she still needs to be very careful, because the killer knows that they are looking for him.

He watches her every move. The game of lies continues.

Great book, like the two previous ones

but here it’s not clear who killed Sutton. Personally, I could not stand it and began to read in the original and finally found out who the villain was.

If anyone is interested in who killed Sutton and Nisu and you cannot tolerate when the rest of the books are translated, then read on

The killer is Ethan. He had a mental illness, he killed the girl as a child due to the fact that she did not give him due attention. So with Sutton, he confessed his love to her, but she did not appreciate what she paid for with her life.

With Emma, ​​Ethan became because of 1. She reminded him of Sutton. 2 He watched her.

He killed a niche because she got into her father’s documents (he is a psychologist) and read about Ethan’s illness.

Overall, the book is excellent. BUT THE END. the author decides not to answer very important, intriguing QUESTIONS! which are directly related to the main goal of the main character.

I was very disappointed to learn that the author had HINTED the killer.

I read the next series of books by Sarah Shepard. It is very easy to read, as always there are a lot of plot twists, similar to cinematic ones, when the degree “this is a killer” is artificially raised, but it turns out that the outcome is still far away. But the whole series is very similar to "Pretty Little Liars." The same teenage environment, the same problems, the cruelty of adolescents. Most of all it seems to me that teenagers should like the series.

Description of the book "The game of lies. Two truths and one lie ..."

Description and summary "The game of lies. Two truths and one lie ..." read free online.

The game of lies. Two truths and one lie ...

Half the truth is a complete lie.

Two Truths and a Lie

Published by arrangement with Rights People, London.

Copyright © 2012 by Alloy Entertainment and Sara Shepard

© I. Litvinova, translation into Russian

Cover photos © Alina Kazlikina

© Publishing house AST, 2017

If someone looked into my window, he would have decided that he would witness a usual pajama party - a night of a girl with popcorn and manicure, arranged by six beauties from the coolest company of Holly High School, who conjure over their appearance, exchange spicy gossip and plot another prank from the Game of Lies. In my iPhone dozens of photos of similar parties from the past have been preserved: here my best friend, Madeline, is holding a photograph of a model with fringe fringe in front of her, wondering if this “bow” will fit her heart-like face, my other best friend, Charlotte, pulls her cheeks, applying a new shade of blush from the store Sephora, one of my sisters, Laurel, grins through the D-list of celebrities in US Weekly magazine, and in many photos I, Sutton Mercer, are a style icon, a real it girl.

But in some ways that night was different from all the previous ones ... and five of the six girls did not even know about it. The girl with whom my best friends had fun, the one whom they took for me ... That was not me. Because I am dead. Girlfriends chatted with my long-lost twin sister Emma, ​​who took my place.

I was gone a month ago, and now I hang out somewhere between the kingdom of the living and the other world, watching the continuation of my own life, only in the main role - Emma. I follow her relentlessly, as if we are still in the womb of our mother. Strange, huh? I also did not think that the afterlife would be like that.

That night I watched my twin sister surrounded by my friends. Settling down on a soft white sofa, she was pulling her legs under her, just like I had once been. On her heavy eyelids my favorite silvery shimmers shimmered MAC. She even laughed like I did with a loud, jerky staccato with subtle sarcasm. Over the past month, she has honed my manners to perfection, learned to respond to my name, wear my clothes - all this in order to replace me until my killer is exposed.

Want to know what depresses me the most? I even I do not rememberwho killed me. Entire pieces of life were erased from my memory, and I can only guess what it was like, what I did, whom I got so angry that they killed me, and then trapped my sister, forcing me to become me. Sudden flashes of memory occur from time to time, and the scene of my murder comes to life with amazing clarity, but what happened before and after? Complete emptiness. It's like snatching a few random episodes from an hour and a half movie and trying to figure out the plot. If I want to find out what happened, it remains only to rely on Emma ... and hope that she will catch the killer before the killer deals with her.

Emma and I already figured out something: all my friends had an alibi for the night of my death. Like Laurel. And that meant they were all innocent. But there were still too many suspects. And one of them especially worried us both: Thayer Vega, brother Madeleine, who had disappeared from the city last spring. His name popped up here and there. There were rumors that there was some kind of connection between us. Of course, I did not remember anything about Thayer himself, but I could say that between us definitely something happened. But what?

I watched my best friends giggle and gossip, gradually falling asleep. By 02:46 the light was dimmed, and in the silence of the room they could only hear their slow, deep breathing. Suddenly tinkled iPhone from which, even before my death, I sent hundreds of text messages, and Emma suddenly opened her eyes, as if she were waiting for a message. I saw her look at the phone screen, frown, tipto out of the house and cross the yard. Ethan Landry, the only one who knew the truth about Emma - besides my killer, of course - was waiting for her on the street. There, on a moonlit driveway, they spoke, hugged and kissed for the first time. I no longer had a body or a heart, but I still felt pain. The pain is because I am no longer destined to survive the happiness of a kiss.

But suddenly, someone's steps were heard nearby. Emma and Ethan scared away from each other. I jerked to the side, hiding behind Emma's back as she darted back into the house. Before she slammed the door, I managed to turn around and saw Ethan running away. At that moment, a dark shadow slid down the porch. I heard Emma's intermittent, agitated breath and suspected that she was very scared. I shook again, and with it I flew up the stairs to check if the window in my bedroom was closed.

Climbing to the site of the second floor, we were able to look into my former bedroom. And so it is: the window is wide open, and a guy familiar in appearance appeared frozen near it. Blood flowed from my sister's face when she saw his features. A scream escaped me, but it melted silently in eternity.

It was Thayer Vega. He looked at Emma with a grin, saying that he knew absolutely everything about her - even who she was not is an. And suddenly awakened memory prompted: that which connected me with him during my life was shrouded in mystery - and danger.

But, no matter how I tried, I never managed to remember what kind of danger came from him.

What a meeting!

“Thayer,” said Emma Paxton, staring at the young man. In the dark, his tangled hair seemed a black mane. High cheekbones stood out over full lips. The deep-set brown eyes narrowed ominously.

“Hello, Sutton,” Thayer said, stretching her name.

A chill run across Emma's back. She recognized Thayer Vega from photographs from ads posted around the city - he disappeared from Tucson, Arizona, back in June. But this happened long before Emma went to Tucson to reunite with Sutton, her long-lost twin sister. And before she received an anonymous note that Sutton was dead and Emma should take her place, secretly from everyone ... otherwise she also faces death.

Emma tried to find out about Sutton as much as possible: who are her friends and who are the enemies, how she dressed, what she loved to do, whom she met. Emma arrived in Tucson for the sole purpose of finding at least one native person - an adopted child, she desperately needed a family, any family, but it turned out that she was bogged down in the investigation of the murder of her sister. It was a relief for her when her closest friends and adopted sister were beyond suspicion, but Sutton made a lot of enemies ... and anyone could kill her.

The same Thayer. Emma collected information about him, as well as about many other people in Sutton’s life, bit by bit from posts on Facebook, gossip and from the site “Help us find Thayer”, created by the Vega family after he escaped from the city. There was something dangerous in this guy - everyone said that he was involved in some unsightly affairs and was notorious. And again, according to rumors, Sutton had something to do with his disappearance.

Or maybeI thought, looking at the guy with crazy eyes standing in my room, Thayer has something to do with my disappearance. Scraps of memories suddenly surfaced in my memory. I saw myself in Thayer’s room, we viciously glared at each other. “Do what you want,” I threw in my hearts, rushing to the door. Thayer looked at me with resentment, then his eyes flashed with anger. “Great,” he snapped. - I will do". It remained a mystery to me, because of which we quarreled, but it was clear that I angered him seriously.

- What's the matter? Thayer looked around Emma, ​​folding his hands on the muscular chest of a football player. The expression on his face reminded her of a photograph from the announcement of his loss. - Are you afraid of me?

Emma struggled to catch her breath.

- Why am I afraid? you? She asked in the hardest voice she was capable of. This tone she usually reserved for the boorish adoptive brothers, their mothers with mental disabilities and thugs, who hung out in the dysfunctional neighborhoods where she grew up after she was abandoned by her mother, Becky. But that was just bravado. She knew it was three in the morning, Sunday. Sutton's friends, who gathered for a pajama party after the graduate's ball, sleep soundly downstairs in the living room. Like Mercer’s parents. Even the huge Danish Great Dane was snoring in the master bedroom. In the eerie silence of Emma’s house, I involuntarily recalled a note she had received in Laurel’s car on her first morning in Arizona: Sutton is dead. Do not say a word to anyone, continue the game ... or join it. I also remembered the strong, scary hands that a week later strangled her in Charlotte’s house with a chain with a Sutton medallion, and the newly voiced threats of reprisal if she blabbed. I remembered the big dark figure that she saw in the school assembly hall immediately after a heavy spotlight collapsed from the ceiling, almost falling on her head. What if Thayer is behind all this?

Rules of the game

  1. Ask all players to circle themselves.
  2. Ask each player to think of three statements about themselves. Two of them must be true, and one statement must be false.
  3. Each player takes turns giving their three statements (in any order) to the group.
  4. The group votes which of the player’s expressions is a lie, and in yoga, the author of the sayings says whether those who played him guessed the lie or not.
  5. The goal of the game is to determine which statement is false.