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I warn you right away - the story is not humorous, who wants to laugh, scroll further,).

This story will tell you about my experience buying my first motorcycle. It will consist of several parts, due to the fact that the motorcycle is still on the way.

As far as I remember myself, I was indifferent to motorcycles, and indeed I am such a person who doesn’t need a lot for a comfortable life, and I needed enough public transport to transport my body from point “A” to point “B”, and asked for it if necessary help from parents with a car.

I live 20km from the nearest city, but almost all my time I spend in it. The last minibus leaves for his native village at 20:00, which makes life a little complicated. My age and even these circumstances prompted me to think about personal transport.

I don’t have my own family, so after some thought, I came to the conclusion that there was no point in buying my car and driving back and forth 4 empty seats and my choice was on a motorcycle. I live in Crimea, which means that I can ride it at least all year round. In addition, I only had enough money for used equipment.

As a person who had never had a relationship with motor vehicles, the first thing I did was surf the Internet for several weeks in order to gain an understanding of what I needed. My idea was complicated by the fact that my height is 193cm. I wanted the motorcycle to be comfortable for everyday driving on the one hand, and on the other hand to be beautiful. Choppers and cruisers disappeared immediately, although they are comfortable, but they have problems with beauty. Sports, though beautiful but not comfortable. Enduro is similar to choppers, though convenient but freaks (all concepts of convenience and beauty are subjective). In general, I stopped on the road, such as sports tourists or those close to them.

To start, I thought, like all sane people with 125 cubic YBR, but after a little reflection and trying people, I realized that even the “Sybyha” of four hundred would be small for me. Although I’m thinner than the friend in the photo, the photo upset me anyway.

Towards the end of my search for suitable models, my choice fell on the following: Honda VFR800, Yamaha fz-6, Yamaha xj-6, Kawasaki er-6, Kawasaki ZZR400.

Choosing a place of purchase

In my small town, only one salon was found in which motor equipment was sold, including used ones, and I decided to start my direct acquaintance with motorcycles from there.

Arriving there and sitting on all copies in a row, among which was the “zeezer”, I realized that the models of the 2000s were not for me. From their external state, it became unpleasant for me to touch them. They were all scratched with worn tidy and chipped plastic. The only instance with a well-preserved appearance was the 2012 Honda NC 750x, however, neither its appearance nor the price suited me.

Next, I studied all the offers of the used motorcycle market for selected models in the Crimea. Only two models suited my requests - the 2009 XJ6. and ER6f 2007 According to sellers, both are in good condition. Offers in the cities of the mainland were not considered, because I had no money to go somewhere.

After examining the XJ-6, in a state of euphoria, I was ready to buy it at least the next day, even if by title there were already 3 owners in it apart from the current one, there was a dent in the tank, and a piece of plastic was chipped from the tidy. All that stopped me was that my friend who knew motorcycles could only come to see him in a week. After several days of reflection, I realized that this is still not what I need.

The next in line was a ruff. Although the seller assured that the appearance of the motorcycle was on the top five, in fact it turned out to be the top three. In addition, the engine number did not match the TCP. It frightened me as a beginner, even though everyone told me that the engine on a motorcycle is now equated to consumables, but I did not find clear confirmation of this in the law and did not take such responsibility on my neck. However, the euphoria and desire to quickly buy it haunted me for another two days, only my brother cooled them (thanks to him for this). As a result, I came to the conclusion that it was too long to postpone the purchase.

The result of inspections of used motorcycles from private owners was a clear understanding that I want a "ruff", that is, kawasaki er6f.

The time was nearing the beginning of the season, and as I understand it in the season, the number of offers will fall, and their price will increase. Therefore, I continued to search for possible options on the Internet.

The first true option, as I thought then, was to buy a used motorcycle in some Moscow motor show. I thought, since the motorcycle is sold in the cabin, it means with a 90% probability it is in good technical and visual condition. And what was my happiness when in one metropolitan salon I found a kawasaki ninja 650r motorcycle. I only thought it was a sport, but the internet quickly dispelled the error, which said it was a roadman and the joy only grew stronger. The motorcycle found, according to the photographs, was simply handsome - white with black accents with various stickers, in general, a dream. As with the previous options, I was ready to send money. But the mind prevailed, and having studied the appearance of the video in more detail, I found a number of defects. In addition, the seller said that the motorcycle requires the replacement of rubber and all consumables, and in addition, the delivery of a motorcycle in Moscow to a transport company will cost 2.5t.r. In addition to this, reviews on the Internet about this office also discouraged buying.

And finally, I got to the auction.

The final decision I made was to buy a motorcycle at a Japanese auction. The main advantage of buying from an auction was the availability of a detailed report on the technical condition of each part of the motorcycle with ratings and photographs, which made it possible to clearly visualize the technical and external condition of the motorcycle as a whole. And my main desire is the joy of contemplation of a new shiny toy uncomplicated with scratches, dents and chips.

Studying information on auctions led me to the company (so that there was no advertising the name will be changed) "ALWAYSmoto". The company was not engaged in direct sales, but only acted as an intermediary between a person and an auction. The company traded at many Japanese auctions.

After reviewing the upcoming auctions, I identified for myself one very worthy copy - the 2013 Kawasaki ninja 400r of release with 3800 km of mileage similar in size to a "ruff", and also a four hundred-tubed one, which I think is right for a beginner.

A long correspondence began with the owner of this company, Alexander. I perfectly understood that I was buying, by and large, a pig in a poke, and I would not be given any guarantees, except for those that the company has been operating since 2008 and that there is no point in throwing because of one motorcycle.

In correspondence, Alexander showed himself to be a very responsive and patient person, regularly answered my stupid questions. Due to my geographical location, there was some difficulty in transferring money. As it turned out, transferring money from a Crimean bank to Vladivostok takes about a day. According to the rules of the company, bargaining began only upon making a deposit. But since the auction was supposed to begin on Wednesday, and the test translation came only on Tuesday evening, Alexander agreed to bid without any deposit, because he would not have arrived before Wednesday evening. The maximum bid stated by me was 343,000 yen.

On Thursday, on the way to work, I heard a call. I answer. They say to the receiver: “It’s bothering you from Vladivostok. We have two news - good and not very good. Good - we won the auction, but not really - we bought a motorcycle for 352,000 yen.” Although this did not upset me very much, the point is that if you refuse a motorcycle the deposit will not be returned to you.

At the moment, I have already transferred the main part of the amount, the so-called "Japanese part" and I will only have to transfer the "Russian part"

The seller promised to send photo reports from loading the motorcycle on a ferry in Japan, then photos from a warehouse in Russia and photos from the selected transport company.

Now I wait and hope only for the best. I will update the diary. I hope to share with you the joy after receiving the motorcycle from the warehouse of the transport company in my homeland.

Which is better to choose: a new motorcycle or a used one

The question of which motorcycle is better to purchase - new or used, arises from potential buyers in the process of comparing prices. New equipment is quite expensive. But in the absence of financial restrictions, it is undoubtedly better to buy a new bike in the cabin of an authorized dealer. So you get not only a motorcycle, but also a guarantee for it, maintenance, as well as providing spare parts. When buying a used motor vehicle, especially if it was released a long time ago, serious problems can arise with the search for spare parts and consumables.

If the amount of money is limited, but you dream of a bike with certain parameters, and not just a means of transportation, you can buy a used motorcycle. Prices are significantly lower than new ones. And if you can choose the right used equipment, it will last you more than one year.

It makes sense to consider the acquisition of a motorcycle in the secondary market if:

  • there is a desire to buy a bike from a well-known manufacturer, but there is not enough money for a new one,
  • this is the first motorcycle, which in a sense is a training bike and is bought for a short time.

It should be borne in mind that new products from Chinese and Russian motorcycle manufacturers in Russia are relatively inexpensive.

Where to pick up used motorcycles

The motorcycle segment of the transport market is relatively narrow. In large cities, of course, there are salons for the sale of used bikes - both used in Russia and brought from abroad. However, if you live in a small village, it becomes relevant to buy motorcycles in another city. Advertising is available on the Internet, and having looked at it, you can find their addresses in neighboring cities, find out about the availability of motor vehicles, as well as prices for it.

Try not to get hung up on one salon and do a little market research - the prices for similar bikes can seriously differ. Be sure to take a look at the technical specifications of different models - perhaps you will change your preferences and get a motorcycle with better performance at a lower price. In the process of research, you will come to the conclusion about where it is better to buy a motorcycle, eliminating salons with inflated prices, the absence of warranty obligations and an insufficiently interesting choice of vehicles (TS).

Search for used bikes on the Internet

Each car dealership seeks to earn on the sale of equipment, so it can be purchased cheaper from private owners. There are many advertisements for the sale of motorcycles on the Internet. The largest Russian sites that advertise for the sale of vehicles, including motorcycles, are:

It makes sense to look at regional classified sites, which usually show the seller’s contacts. You cannot buy an online motorcycle directly on the site, however, you will be able to choose the options that are suitable for viewing by model, region of sale and price.

Selection of a suitable make and model of a motorcycle

The question of which motorcycle to choose is usually the most acute for those who decide to join the ranks of motorcyclists, but so far have no bike. First of all, you need to proceed from the purpose for which you decided to purchase motor vehicles. And the goals can be very different - from trips to the country on Sundays to participate in extreme entertainment and even perform representative functions. Based on this, you should choose the type of motorcycle. It could be:

  • road bike
  • sports bike
  • cruiser
  • chopper
  • other types of motorcycles.

Having decided on the type of bike, you can proceed to the choice of brand. There are many manufacturers of motorcycles, and the range of prices depending on the prestige of the brand is very significant. However, choosing the first iron horse in your life, perhaps you should not focus on prestige, but rather purchase a budget model of Chinese or Russian production. Having mastered the status of a motorcyclist, you will have a clearer idea of ​​what you want from technology, and over time, change it already to what you really need. Of course, the question of whether to buy a cheap bike first, everyone decides independently, based on their ideas about life and material capabilities.

After you have decided on the brand, you need to choose a model. Motorcycles vary greatly in power, speed, and other important parameters. However, at the initial stage it is not recommended to choose the fastest and most powerful models - this is risky. A motorcyclist is very poorly physically protected from traffic accidents, therefore speed models with sharp control are extremely dangerous for inexperienced drivers. So do not overestimate yourself.

Next, you need to make a selection of several motorcycles that have the parameters you are interested in and fit into the amount you are willing to spend. Of these, you need to choose your future bike, given its technical condition, price and the level of your driver training.

How to buy a used motorcycle inexpensively

Of course, every motorcyclist wants to buy an inexpensive, but high-quality bike. However, it should be understood that this task is actually unsolvable. The increase in the quality of the purchased vehicle is always accompanied by an increase in value. But you can still buy a motorcycle in fair condition for relatively little money.

In this case, you should moderate your needs and look narrowly at the models of not the most prestigious and well-known brands. For example, there are good options among inexpensive cars of Chinese and Russian production. In fact, modern motorcycles that are produced in Russia under their own brands are assembled mainly from Chinese components. At the same time, these companies provide support for spare parts manufactured by them, which is very important. Such bikes are not only inexpensive in themselves, but also at the cost of maintenance.

The cheapest thing you can buy is Soviet-made motorcycles, as well as Czechoslovak "Java", delivered to us during the Soviet era. Despite the fact that this is a transport of advanced age, quite worthy specimens sometimes come across.

Checkout used motorcycle (with hands)

Exploring a used motorcycle before you buy

Speaking about how not to buy a broken bike in the secondary market, it should be noted that this is almost impossible. Motorcycles not only often encounter obstacles and other vehicles, but they also fall. The fact of a blow can be determined by the bruises of the gas tank, silencer pipes and other characteristic features. However, in fact, your task is to avoid acquiring not a broken bike, but one that is not seriously damaged. Although the detected signs of damage, of course, should be used when bidding on price. One of the basic requirements is to maintain the geometry of the motorcycle frame. Be sure to inspect the frame for welds - all of them must be factory.

On the lateral surface of the tires you can find the week and year of manufacture. A large number of motor vehicles come to Russia from abroad - from salons in which it may have stood idle for years. As you know, rubber deteriorates from time to time and the tread height is insufficient to recognize tires as high-quality.

It should be noted that not everyone can buy a motorcycle right from hand. If you are not an expert in this field, you need to invite specialists for inspection or drive vehicles to a service station specializing in repairing motorcycles before buying. In addition to the technical condition of the bike, its documents should be carefully studied, since a large number of stolen and non-customs cleared vehicles are on sale. In addition, before buying it is worth checking the motorcycle for all possible bases for hijacking, being in a pledge, etc.

How to make a sale of a motorcycle

Currently, with the sale of vehicles, including motorcycles, the concluded sales contract does not require notarization. It can be written by hand or executed on a form printed from the Internet. The following shall be entered into the contract:

  • information about the parties to the transaction,
  • motorcycle information
  • contract value
  • settlement procedure,
  • transport transfer procedure.

The contract must bear the date of its execution and signature of the parties.

The annex to the contract is the act of acceptance of transport. In principle, the contract can also be concluded orally, but then the seller, along with the new owner, will have to arrive at the traffic police for re-registration.

Registration of purchased vehicles in the traffic police

The new owner must register the vehicle for himself within 10 days. To do this, the traffic police must submit:

  • personal documents,
  • inspection card
  • documents for the motorcycle (vehicle passport or customs documents, contract of sale),
  • documents on the payment of all necessary state fees,
  • Motor third party liability insurance policy.

В связи с последним пунктом часто возникает вопрос, можно ли купить мотоцикл без прав категории А. Да, приобрести мотоцикл, не имея водительского удостоверения, вы можете, но в полис ОСАГО придется вписать человека, который права на управление ТС имеет.

В заключение

There are quite a lot of motor vehicles on the secondary market of Russia - in principle, there is the possibility of selecting a motorcycle for any request in a very wide price range. The cost of the cheapest options starts at about $ 500. It should be borne in mind that the market has a large number of cleared and stolen equipment, and the technical condition of many bikes causes serious concern. Therefore, before making a purchase, entrust the transport inspection to specialists in this field.