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Assault Rifles in Apex Legends


Shooting with assault rifles, one might say, is the most difficult in CS: GO, it is this shooting that needs to be trained when we simply press and do not think with almost all other weapons.

The general. It will be common for everyone, of course, that at long distances you need to shoot accurately, firing 2 (more often) or 3 rounds (less often), depending on the weapon.

At close distances, you can clamp, when clamping, move the sight below the target (since, due to recoil, the weapon will release bullets above the sight). Bullet tracers help to clamp, we see exactly where the bullet flies and, depending on this, raise or lower the scope. Bullets from all rapid-fire weapons fly according to a certain algorithm. First, the bullets begin to fall higher and higher from the sight until they reach a certain point, then they begin to fly, then to the left, then to the right of this very point.

Now consider shooting from each weapon individually.

It has the highest firepower of all assault rifles, good penetration, but high recoil and a strong expansion of bullets with it. Kills in the head from the first shot, so with the AK-47 we shoot accurately, the box every shot for its intended purpose. You need to shoot at long distances with 2 rounds each, because the third one flies the wrong way more often, while medium ones can shoot at 3 rounds.

The most useless weapon in my opinion, it is not accurate, with it the lowest speed of movement from assault rifles, it makes sense only to clamp, because it is impossible to shoot in bursts, but it has more or less nothing to clamp, it also has 35 bullets in a clip. This weapon is suitable for avid random players who have not yet mastered the new shooting and they need to run and pinch.

A pretty well-aimed weapon, very similar to AUG, the damage is almost the same, but the rate of fire is more, and accuracy is less. There is the opportunity to use the sight, the sight does not just increase the view, it reduces the rate of fire and increases the accuracy of the weapon. With an aim, we shoot at medium and long distances, the first 4-5 bullets fly almost exactly as intended, starting from the 6th starts a wild scatter, but for 4-5 bullets it’s enough to kill 1 enemy, so it’s very convenient to clamp on medium distances with an eye. At farther, you can shoot 3 rounds, they fly at one point, if at the same time make the mouse move smoothly down.

Many people like Famas, this is the exact opposite of Galil. very accurate weapons, but a small store volume. It has 2 modes - automatic, and a burst of 3 bullets. Automatic is almost not used, only if the enemy unexpectedly came close, since reaping from him is not an option. Do not try to shoot in a burst of 3 rounds in rapid-fire mode yourself, there will be no such effect, 3 bullets are fired with a large gap and do not fly so crowded, so you need to shoot from the next mode. In it, 3 bullets fly almost to one point and it is very convenient at long distances.

What can I say about the M4? This is a classic! Pretty simple shooting, good accuracy of bullets, a simple clip, but we shoot 2 shots into the distance because when shooting 3 shots, you need to wait a long time until the sight narrows again, because of this we lose some seconds and generally shoot 2 shots faster and more profitable.

The most accurate weapons, it seems to me, are from assault rifles. It is also possible to use the scope, as with the SG 553. With the scope we can clamp even long distances, bullets fly very closely, although the rate of fire is less than that of the SG 553. Personally, I prefer AUG.

Shooting technique from Steyr AUG in CS 1.6

Good day. Today we will talk about how to properly handle Steyr AUG in our beloved Contra.

In the game, this rifle is called Bullpup, I do not know why.

AUG is popularly called the Fox.

Available for purchase only to special forces. Purchase is carried out by a combination of B-4-4.

AK-47 Counter Strike Assault Rifle Tactics

Hello! Now I’ll tell you a little about the technique of shooting from AK-47 in Counter Strike for beginners, if any.

AK-47 common people are called: Kalash, Aka, B-4-2.

Kalash (B-4-2 in the purchase menu) is available for purchase only to terrorists.

TTX AK-47 in Counter Strike

  • Price: $ 2500
  • Magazine capacity: 30 rounds (90 in stock),
  • Firing frequency: 11 rounds / s,
  • Reload time: 2.6 s,
  • Damage to the enemy without body armor in the torso: 38%,
  • Damage to the enemy without a helmet in the head: 100%,
  • Damage to the enemy in body armor in the torso: 27%, (-4% armor),
  • Damage to the enemy in the helmet in the head: 100%, (-15% armor).

Famas weapons in CS

In this guide I will talk about the Famas counter-Terrorist assault rifle.

TTX Famas in Counter Strike

  • Country: France
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Store Size: 25
  • Slaughter: not very
  • Spread: low
  • Rate of Fire: Medium
  • Reload Speed: Medium
  • Price: $ 2250

Model m4a1 for Counter Strike 1.6

Hello, Ilya Honda again with you. Today I will tell you about the Model m4a1 for Counter Strike 1.6. This model replaces the old or standard model of the so-called weapons Emka (m4a1). In my opinion, this is the best model that I have seen in my small and short life. This model works with different anti-cheats, it does not crash from the game, the game does not fail.


  • Download from Deposit.
  • Unpack
  • Copy the contents of the models folder (downloaded archive)
  • In this folder with the game cstrike / models
  • Enjoy the game!

If you encounter any problems, contact me on Skype ilya_honda_tsivinsky. I wish you a pleasant game, you can download the mod by clicking on this picture below

IMI Galil ARM (>

IMI Galil ARM (IDF Defender)

  • Country of Origin: Israel.
  • The cost of weapons in the game: $2000.
  • Weapon magazine capacity: 35 rounds.
  • Maximum ammunition with it: 90 rounds.
  • Cartridge caliber: 5.56 mm OTAN.
  • Available only to: Terrorists.

Cheat for CS WallHack

One of the widespread cheats in the game Counter Strike 1.6, it is used by both beginner Contra players and “pro” players in order to rise to the rank higher or just be a little cheater).

It's a cool cheat, I used to play with it myself), but then I got tired, various protection appeared on servers such as SXE, MyAC, UCp and others. But then the catfish got tired of eternal bans, kicks, and I stopped being a cheater and playing with cheats.


VK-47 Flatline may receive the following improvements:

  1. Mag - the extended store will work well with any assault rifle
  2. Optic - An additional sight will increase accuracy, especially when shooting from a long distance.
  3. Stock - improving its stability and accuracy

Hemlok Burst AR.

Hemlok Burst AR - another example of assault rifles in Apex legends. The weapon uses heavy cartridges and holds 18 rounds in a clip. A shot in the body does 18 damage, and a shot in the head does 36 damage. Hemlok Burst AR is characterized by its additional shooting mode ( Burst ) Due to the lack of a fully automatic mode, most players prefer semi-automatic mode.


The above screenshot shows the Hemlok Burst AR scatter pattern (average distance). As you can see, Hemlok releases rounds a little up and to the left, so when firing from multiple rounds the recoil should be fixed by moving the mouse down.


Hemlok Burst AR may receive the following improvements:

  1. Mag - the extended store will work well with any assault rifle
  2. Optics - An additional sight will increase the accuracy of weapons, especially when firing from long ranges.
  3. Barrel - reduces return
  4. Stock - improves stability and accuracy


R-301 - The weakest assault rifle available in Apex Legends but its accuracy and rate of fire make it a very formidable rifle. The R-301 uses light ammunition and holds 18 rounds of ammunition. Shots in the body do 14 damage, and shots in the head do 24 damage. Following its accuracy and high rate of fire, the R-301 is an excellent melee weapon.


The screenshot above shows the scatter pattern for R-301(middle range). As you can see R-301 - A very easy-to-use weapon, because to counteract the recoil, you just need to move the mouse down, and then a little left and right.


R-301 may receive the following improvements

  1. Mag - with a low store capacity, an expanded store will be very useful, as in the case Wingman
  2. Optics - An additional sight will increase the accuracy of the weapon, especially when shooting from a long distance.
  3. Barrel - reduces return
  4. Stock - improves stability and accuracy

Correct bombing in Counter Strike 1.6

  • When you play as terrorists on maps where you need to place a bomb, then you have a chance to appear on a respawn with a bomb. If this happens, you need to stay on the rest of the team’s players, there’s no point in running alone - the chances of getting killed and leaving the bomb in a place unknown to your team increase. There is a very simple tactic, how to draw attention to yourself at important points of the round, as well as indicate your location. First of all, this is the use of the radio command: “Cover me!”. Thus, you draw the attention of the team to yourself, so that they cover and escort you to the site of the bomb.
    But even when you run with the bomb, you don’t need to behave like a VIP, because your team members will be able to raise the bomb if they kill you. And here it’s worth reminding once again - be with your team. So, being careful and not breaking ahead of everyone, still take part in the battles and help your team cover you. If you are left alone, then your tactics may be something like the following:
  • Stop, look around, it is better to hide in an inconspicuous place and listen - if the enemy is not running. If you hear approaching footsteps, it’s better to podkarault the enemy and kill - one less obstacle when laying.
  • Look at the table - how many opponents are alive, your further tactics depend on this and of course on what kind of opponent you are playing with. Practice shows that inexperienced players and unplayed teams do not wait for a bookmark at the place (a lot depends on the card, of course), but run around the map in pursuit of the last fragment. Then run faster to the bookmark place, stopping periodically and listening. If the adversary is an experienced team, then there’s not much shining for you, since noticing that there is only one player left and not seeing the bombs anywhere, they will obviously send one of them to the bookmarking site. So you will be killed either before the bookmark or during the bookmark, or after

  • When you alone have reached the bookmark, then listen again, there is nothing easier than to kill you while you mess with the bomb.

  • After laying the bomb, hide in an inconspicuous place and wait for the enemy - most likely he will come running very quickly But do not try to shoot him immediately, as you will see, let him begin to defuse the bomb - then it will be easier to kill him.
  • If you didn’t reach BP alone, it makes sense to use the Cover Me! Radio team again to make sure that your team hasn’t fallen asleep and is ready to cover you during bookmarking.

  • When you plant a bomb, try to do it as quickly as possible, the bomb will be planted when the bookmark progress indicator reaches the end. On some maps, a bomb can be planted outside the bookmark by jumping right before the indicator is full. But such maps and places are another story.
  • After the "command bookmark" your tactics are the same as after the single. Here you can use the “Hold this position” command so that your whole team does not run to hunt for frags. When there is 5-7 seconds left before the explosion, give the command “Get out of there, she's gonna blow!” So ​​that the gape members of the team have time to hit the road and not died during the explosion. But do not do this too soon, so that the counters do not have time to defuse the bomb.

Ilya Honda was with you, I wish you good luck in the game!

Learn how to use this practical weapon to its maximum potential.

Neither want to waste a single valuable cartridge? In this video, Poolshark will teach you how to deal with assault rifles in Battlefield ™ V.

If you need a weapon with a high rate of fire, which is effective at short and medium distances, the best option would be assault rifle. From assault rifles you can fire in different ways, depending on the situation in which you are. Firstly, this is the fastest, although not entirely accurate, hip shooting. This option is perfect if you encounter an enemy face to face, but remember - due to the strong dispersion of bullets it will be very difficult to control weapons. If the enemy is at some distance, you have the opportunity to use the sight, which makes shooting much more accurate.

When shooting at remote targets, recoil begins to play an important role. Examine your weapon and remember in which direction the barrel moves during shots to correct for this. Try to shoot in single or short bursts (two shots each) and always aim at the enemy in the chest. To get to the largest part of the target is the easiest, which means you can inflict tangible damage on it.

Another important rule: if the enemy moves, shoot ahead. The farther the target is, the larger the correction should be, taking into account the flight time of the bullets.