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How to make a toy in the power of a muppet


When doll image approved, I begin work on the structure and patterns, adjust the size, think over the main details. Some dolls have a non-standard look, proportions, and sometimes I have to adjust or come up with new patterns and redo patterns several times to achieve the desired result.

The most important thing in my work is high-quality materials for the doll. I am especially responsible for their selection, as this is what makes the doll special, strong and durable. The basis of many dolls is foam rubber and it is important that it be of special thickness and density. When gluing parts, I use only special glue, durable and elastic. The covering material is the most important element of the doll, it is its “skin”. At one time, it took me a long time to select the right canvas to understand what suits best. For dolls - men, fleece of a certain density and degree of softness is best suited. I don’t like it when the doll wrinkles in different places, where it is not provided for by the anatomy of the doll, and this is what the quality of the fabric affects. For hairy dolls, monsters, animals I select bright high-quality artificial fur and it is important that it “lies” on the basis of the doll as it should.

Hair dolls.

Doll hair is a separate time-consuming part of the work (of course, depending on the hairstyle). Doll hairstyle, hair color - half the character's character. The yarn that I use is of a certain kind and property. For more human resemblance, I can use artificial hair, This is a rather naughty and moody material, but the result is very beautiful. I love when hair to hair)).

Insides and covers.

The quality of these doll parts is very difficult to overestimate and easily underestimate. This can be seen by buying an ordinary glove doll in a toy store. Many dolls lack this property - deliver comfort and convenience to the control arm. And this is important, especially when you have to control the doll for a long time. My doll’s hand control area is equipped with soft, smooth materials and finger pockets. I sew into the interior of the doll case from smooth and sliding lining fabric - this is not visible to the viewer, but tangibly to the puppeteer.

Hands - legs - tails.

Looking through a lot of works of other masters, including foreign ones, I noticed that often the doll’s limbs are made just for formality - in the form of mittens or just in the form of “sausage”, and if there are fingers on the doll, they are made inaccurately or ugly - wrinkle or puff. I pay doll details no less attention than the head or torso. Doll hands make it even more realistic and lively, which is what I achieve when I create. At the request of the customer, I can make a hand on a wire frame so that the fingers can be bent or spread out. I make the movable part of the arm flexible, elastic, with the help of certain types of fillers, so that the doll can raise its arms high or to the sides without any problems. Dollswhich are used only behind the screen, may not have lower limbs, but if the doll “goes out” to the viewer, or always works in the hall without a screen, it looks more realistic with legs. Depending on the dress code of the character footwear It can be sewn whole with a leg or dressed separately as real shoes. I use only high-quality cute types of shoes.

Face and Mouth. Handsome or ugly.

I love cute cute dolls, with expressive eyes, small noses and neat mouths, as this is the most important moving part of the doll - the essence of its liveliness! Here manual work shows itself in all its beauty or ugliness, I am not afraid of this word. Above doll face I can work the longest, achieving exactly the result that is planned. Here my perfectionism haunts me until I see the face that I like, and, of course, will suit you.

At the request of the customer the doll dresses in clothes, depending on the image. I can sew a costume on my own or dress a doll in cute children's clothes in size.

Walking sticks for dolls They are mainly used in theatrical productions when the puppeteer controls the doll’s hands with the help of these special sticks. At your request, the cane can be built-in or removable. The canes are equipped with holders of convenient thickness.

This description contains only key points, the work process is more meticulous, time-consuming and combines different directions of creativity.

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yeah, gorgeous picture, very much in the subject))

Yes, I’m satisfied) we’ll still make dolls - a cute kitten and, possibly, a grandmother.

Well, this is so far the first test doll from the ordered one, so I will definitely consider the idea, thanks.

Now we are waiting for the muppet-grandmother. :-)

FSBshniki have been ordered for a long time, but I still won’t get the hang of it.

They left for you.

Finally! I ordered them a week ago, but they just left

Yes, I went on tour))

and please say hi yourself)

I want such a cat I want I want I want

As always - great job.

cool! it could still be done so that fingers were inserted into the hands, then it would be possible to move the hands as well)

in order to control the paws with your fingers, the toy should be three times smaller, and they asked for a large one, 40cm. You can control the paws with the help of thin sticks, perhaps in the following I will.

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