Useful Tips

How to clean a pipe


Caring for your pipe is a ritual. But not everyone knows how to do it right. Use the wrong tool and methods. Someone even believes that it is enough to do this once a week or even less. All this can lead to poor quality and even tube breakage. Given that the price for it can be by no means small, it will be very disappointing.

Cleaning preparations

Manufacturers recommend cleaning the tube every day if it is actively used. This will keep the original appearance and smoking properties of the product. requires knowledge of what it consists of. We list all the elements:

a cup (this is where the tobacco is poured, it has a top and bottom),

Chubuk (hollow shaft with a place for attaching the mouthpiece),

mouthpiece (has a neck that is inserted into the forelock, and at the other end there is a mouthpiece, smoke is drawn through it).

Before the evening ritual of cleaning, you need to prepare brushes and a pipe ashtray. If you buy such a special one is unrealistic, then it is quite possible to make it yourself. As a base, any flat ashtray is quite suitable (the larger its diameter, the better). In its center, you will need to glue a cork from under champagne (you can, of course, any other, most importantly, that it is made of cork). The top of the cork is rounded with sandpaper (it is better to do this before gluing to the ashtray, then it will be inconvenient). The result will be something like a cork anvil. It is very safe to squeeze ash from the tube about it.

Cleaning technology

When everything is prepared, you can start cleaning. First you need to remove the ash from the bowl. Then the mouthpiece with the chubuk is disconnected. It is important at the same time not to pull it, but to separate it in a circular motion, as if "unscrewing" and only in a circle. It is important to know that this cannot be done if the handset is hot. The mouthpiece is usually made of acrylic or ebonite, and when heated, it increases in size, fits snugly to the seat. If you pull it out at this moment, then the tube will loosen faster due to wear on the neck of the mouthpiece and, in general, the entire joint. There are tubes with threaded connections of components. In this case, everything is much simpler. You just need to unscrew the mouthpiece by thread.

After disconnecting, you need to clean it. To do this, take a pre-prepared brush and push into the smoke channel through the hole in the mouthpiece. You need to stretch it through the entire mouthpiece. Do not save. For complete cleaning, they may need several. There are brushes with hard bristles. They are used to clean a heavily soiled flue duct or, if there is dried condensate, when the pipe has not been used for a long time.

Having cleaned the mouthpiece from the inside, go to its outer surface. For this procedure, an ordinary clean cloth is suitable. Do not use alcohol-containing liquids, this has a detrimental effect on the product. The ebonite mouthpiece still needs to be further treated with a special paste.

Then go to the chubuk. In general, it is recommended to clean it after each smoking. You will also need a brush for this. It must be folded in half and cleaned with the hole where the mouthpiece is inserted. It is important to know that cleaning is not necessary in circular motions, but reciprocating. It will be useful to leave the brush in the chubuk until the next use of the tube (but not more than a day). This helps to absorb excess moisture and thereby prevent souring of the tube.

The alcohol salt method

All these tips will help the owner of the pipe to take care of it. But what to do if it is still acidic, or after using tobacco with a bright taste there is a constant aftertaste? Here we need radical measures to restore smoking properties.

How to prepare the handset for cleaning

For those who use the handset actively, manufacturers recommend cleaning it daily. This is the only way to ensure the conservation of its attractive appearance and smoking properties.

Before we tell you how to clean a pipe, it is not superfluous to recall what it is. So, a smoking pipe consists of:

  • cups (element for filling tobacco with top and bottom),
  • Chubuk (hollow rod with a place for attaching the mouthpiece),
  • mouthpiece (equipped with a neck inserted into the forelock; there is a mouthpiece on the other end of the mouthpiece for drawing in smoke).

Before starting to clean, you should prepare brushes and a pipe ashtray. If there is no way to buy it, then you can do it yourself. The basis of such a product can be any flat ashtray (preferably with a large diameter). To its center you need to glue the cork from under the champagne (the drink in this case is not important, the main thing is to have a cork tree). Previously, the cork should be subjected to certain manipulations: its top must be made round, using sandpaper. In the end, we need to get a kind of small cork anvil to safely blow out the ashes from the tube.

How is cleaning

Having finished the preparation, you can proceed directly to the cleaning. After removing the ash from the bowl, you need to disconnect the mouthpiece from the chubuk. In this case, it is forbidden to pull it, it is necessary to make circular movements, as if "unscrewing" the part. An important point: it is impossible to carry out such manipulations with a hot tube. The fact is that the mouthpiece, usually made of acrylic or ebonite, increases in size when heated, due to which its fit to the seat becomes more dense. If the mouthpiece is pulled out at this moment, then its neck and the entire connection node wear out more. As a result, the handset loosens quickly. The task is much simplified when it comes to a tube with a threaded connection of components. In this case, the mouthpiece is simply twisted by thread.

The disconnected mouthpiece must be cleaned. This is done using a pre-prepared brush, which is pushed into the smoke channel through the hole in the mouthpiece. The brush extends through the entire mouthpiece, you do not need to feel sorry for it. For complete cleaning, they may need several. If the smoke channel is very dirty, it is treated with brushes having hard bristle inserts. They should also be used to remove dried condensate from a tube that has not been used for a long time.

When the mouthpiece is cleaned from the inside, it is the turn of its outer surface, which is cleaned with an ordinary clean cloth. Remember that the use of alcohol-containing solutions negatively affects the product! For ebony mouthpiece, processing with a special paste is also provided.

Then comes the turn of the Chubuk. In principle, it should be cleaned after each smoking. This also needs to be done with the help of a brush folded in half. They need to clean the hole into which the mouthpiece is inserted. In this case, it is not necessary to do circular movements, but reciprocating. It is useful for a brush to stay in the chubuk until the next use of the tube, however, no more than a day. This ensures the absorption of excess moisture and prevents souring of the tube.

By following these simple rules, you can keep your handset in excellent condition for a long time.