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How to relieve stress while traveling: smart tips


Stress on vacation can bring out the worst in all of us. One survey found that 44 percent of respondents admitted to losing their temper during a trip, while nearly 25 percent ultimately canceled their plans completely, just to avoid stress.

Here are some ways to control stress while traveling.

Come early

We all know that airports and roads are clogged during the holidays, so it is useless to fight the inevitable. Prepare for this by devoting more time to each step of the trip. Try to get to the airport at least an hour earlier than usual. Take advantage of the applications offered by your airport or airline - they can provide you with real-time updates so that you can stay informed about the status of your flight, even when you are far from the airport.

Also remember to plan your delays to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Bring extra snacks, a change of clothes, and something for fun. Knowing that you are ready for any result will give you peace of mind.

Maximize your comfort

Before you go on a trip, think about how you can maximize your comfort while traveling. Bring a light blanket, travel cushion and ear plugs if you want to sleep on the plane, download movies, podcasts, e-books and other forms of entertainment to your laptop, smartphone or tablet (or bring your favorite books and magazines with you). Thus, you will have something to do, even if your plane is delayed or you cannot sleep during the flight.

It may also be helpful to familiarize yourself with simple stress management techniques, such as breathing exercises or meditation. Knowing that you have the tools to deal with alarming situations is in itself an excellent stress reliever.

Take care of your body

It is much more difficult to deal with stress if you have not eaten for 16 hours. Avoid this and other unhealthy traps, preferring healthy habits on the road: drink enough water, eat a balanced diet (you might want to take healthy snacks from home) and try to find some kind of physical activity - a few laps walking around the airport or a simple stretch help maintain blood flow and reduce stress.

Also, be sure to follow the rules of hygiene. Wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer after security, after using bathrooms in airports and on airplanes, and sanitize hotel surfaces such as door handles, TV remotes and light switches. Taking a few simple precautions can help you stay healthy while you're on the go.

Be kind

It may be difficult to remember during stress, but you should always follow the golden rule: do with others as I would like them to do with you. In other words, try not to conflict with slow travel groups or parents of crying children. Do not push other passengers while boarding and boarding the aircraft, as well as help neighbors who are trying to raise their luggage to the upper compartments.

Try to accept the general spirit of the holidays and be kind to others. By staying on the side of the flight attendants, security guards, and fellow travelers, you will help make the trip more enjoyable for everyone, including yourself.

Before you leave

The journey begins even before you leave the house. After all, without careful preparation, it risks being unsuccessful. In particular, planning is necessary if you are going on vacation with children, because in this case you cannot afford to make a mistake. Make sure that there are a lot of games in the luggage, and a lot of movies and music on the smartphone. All this is sure to come in handy along the way to entertain children for long hours.

In addition, take care of snacks that you can take with you. Despite the fact that with a high probability along the way you will meet many roadside cafes, it is better to play it safe.

Try using sheets of waterproof paper as clothing packaging. They will help keep your things fresh even after a long flight. Is there too much clothing? Then roll it up or tamp it into small plastic bags to save extra space.

The problem is usually caused by the transport of liquids (such as shampoos). To prevent them from spilling, wrap each bottle with polyethylene. But with alcohol should be careful. It is unlikely to spill out of the bottle, but the container can easily break. Fasten the alcohol inside the shoe - this will prevent the possibility of bumps and falls during the trip.

Jewelry in a large bag can get lost, so it’s better to keep them in one cosmetic bag. To prevent confusion, thread necklaces, pendants and chains through a straw.

If you have fully prepared your luggage, this means that you can safely go on the road. However, the whole problem is that during the holiday season the traffic is just crazy. Many people rush to their destination to enjoy a chic vacation. If you want to rid yourself of irritability on the road, try to leave home early in the morning or at night. Most people sleep at this time, and therefore the roads will be half empty.

It is likely that the food you put with you may not be enough. Therefore, do not be afraid to stop at the diner along the way to intercept something harmful, but terribly tasty. As a last resort, drop by the grocery store and replenish your supplies.

So that the trip is not tiring, listen to your favorite radio station and be sure to take breaks. Periodic stops will give you the opportunity to stretch your legs or even take a little nap.

Every year, millions of people use the services of airlines to see relatives and friends, or relax at the resort. But, unfortunately, the weather is not always ideal for flying. That is why airports are often crowded passengers whose flights are delayed. Fortunately, there are several tricks that will allow you to simplify the flight process.

Start by checking all airline requirements. Learn about baggage restrictions, pack it correctly. Then correctly calculate your time. Try to arrive at the airport approximately two hours before departure, especially if you are traveling on a trip in the midst of vacations.

Before flight

To ensure a stress-free flight, take the time to calm down before departure. Allow the mind and body to enter a balanced state in order to avoid the feelings of congestion and irritation that make you anxious before flying.

Make sure that all your work is completed before the holidays and you do not take them with your luggage. Carefully prepare in advance all the details of the trip: pack your suitcase, arrange a transfer, think over the route and the excursion program.

Have a good night's sleep before the trip. Bad sleep can be both a cause and a symptom of stress. Try to prepare yourself in advance for a quality night's rest. Instead of gathering before midnight, it is better to take a soothing bath and perform other rituals that contribute to quick falling asleep and deep sleep. Yes, the night before the trip is often exciting, but if you take care of your vacation before the trip, you will wake up with new strength, get tired less on the road and it will be easier for you to stay calm.

Manage time

In order not to miss anything, make a checklist and simply follow it, gradually crossing out already completed points. Remember that deviations from the ideal course of events are natural and inevitable. This will help you stay calm when something goes wrong. If you have an alternative contingency plan, it will be easier to deal with them.

Throw in approximate timing. For example, ordering a taxi at 9:00, leaving the house at 9:30, arriving at the airport at 10:30, checking in at 11:00, passing control at 11:15, and landing at 12:30. You can add details to the list. Thus, a flight time map is clearly lining up in front of you.

Time management will help you reduce stress. Add extra time to contingencies. You think to get together in 2 hours - lay three. You usually get to the airport in an hour - lay one and a half. Acting in a hurry, we are very nervous. Going on vacation is stress in itself, so why reinforce it on your own? How does this help you enjoy your vacation and relax?

Prepare for yourself entertainment during the flight so as not to get bored. Take a book, download an interesting movie or favorite music. Soothing music for meditation and relaxation will be a great solution.

Register for an airplane online. You will win extra time and be able to choose convenient places.

Check in advance for the latest baggage, paperwork, and security requirements. What can be taken on board and what must be checked in, what are the restrictions on the validity of a visa, valid insurance, the necessary documents for children and animals. This preparation will help you avoid unpacking your suitcases at the airport and worry about what documents the customs will ask.

Arrive at the airport in advance. This will help you avoid stress in the event of traffic jams or traffic delays.

Maintain a positive outlook. Positive thinking not only relieves stress, but also improves mood. With positive mental attitudes and long lines at the airport you will not be depressed. You can use the repetition of good wishes in moments when you feel tension. For example: “Let my trip be calm and enjoyable. May I be safe and light. ”

When you sat down on your seat on the plane and made sure that everything is calm, try to relax. Comfortably sit in a chair, try to feel the weight of your body, as your feet touch the floor. Close your eyes, if possible, and do breathing exercises. Inhale deeply and calmly, and try to make the exhale long and soft. Inhale through the nose, counting to five. Exhale through your mouth, counting to eight. Imagine how with each exhalation the remnants of nervous tension go away. Repeat several times, this exercise activates the parasympathetic nervous system and brings the body into a balanced state.

Take care of your mind. Use some of the time in flight for meditation. This is useful not only for those who are afraid to fly and terribly nervous in flight. Meditation is good for everyone. After a short practice, you will become calmer, more focused on the present moment, feel a sense of greater control over what is happening.

Take care of your body. Reduce muscle tension. Take a walk on the plane, stretch, discover the intense areas with your inner eyes and relax them.

During the flight, enjoy pleasant activities, because your vacation has already begun. Listen to music, watch a movie or just sleep.

Avoid stimulants such as coffee or alcohol. Under stress, your body naturally goes into “hit or run” mode, which is accompanied by the release of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Stimulating drinks will only further increase stress, artificially prolong it and lead to dehydration. Instead, drink more water during the flight.

After the flight

You have arrived! It would be nice to compensate for the time spent almost motionless during the flight. Try to do light exercise that day or take a walk in the fresh air. This will reduce stress and help you fall asleep easier.

Distribute activities wisely, taking into account your usual life pace. Do not try to score whole days with a rich excursion program. Leave time for leisurely relaxation and contemplation. Instead of a non-stop race to all the sights, allow yourself to enjoy the ice cream in the park or just watch the life of the locals from the street cafe.

Try something new. Getting out of your comfort zone can be very helpful. Discover a new experience. This can be a hike in the mountains, diving, meeting the dawn on the beach, dancing on a city holiday, tasting unfamiliar dishes or talking on the fingers with sellers in the market. Start your morning with coffee - start with a smoothie! Why not?!

Get rid of the ubiquitous technology. A detox gadget while on vacation means you enjoy your surroundings, the people you travel with, the culture, food and attractions. Use social media wisely and try to check your mail as little as possible while waiting for work letters. When your body is on the beach, you do not want your mind to be in the office.

Following these recommendations is not at all difficult, and the effect will exceed the expectations of even the most incredulous skeptics. After relaxed training and flight, you will no longer want to return to your previous approach.

Bonus tips from some travelers

We have compiled an additional list of tips for you based on the experience of people who travel frequently. Here they are:

  • “I always strive to clean my home before traveling. This requires extra effort. But then my family and I get great pleasure, returning to a cozy house, where after rest you do not need to proceed to the general cleaning. No matter what the purpose of the trip was and how long it was. To return home, it’s pleasantly tired after the trip, and see the mess - this is real stress.
  • “My best advice is on luggage packaging. When collecting clothes on a trip, give preference to those things that you were going to throw away in the near future. They can be worn on vacation, and then just left there. This will free up space in the baggage for souvenirs. ”
  • “Take an empty bottle, fill it with any drink and close the lid tightly. Paying for water in roadside shops is wasteful. ”