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9 Ways to Make Pen Pals Interesting - Example Phrases


All the girls are different, and each finds something interesting and attractive for her, so you should develop an individual approach to what to say to this or that girl. At the same time, there are a couple of tricks that can impress almost any girl, provided that you already meet her. Make sure in advance that you have enough time to talk, because you can’t act in a hurry here, but communication at a slow, sexual pace guarantees an excellent result.

Attention:This article is intended for people over 12 years old.

Psychology of Interest

Many “pickup” coach and NLP specialists can bring a bunch of practices and techniques to gain the girl’s interest. However, they all forget that there are several basic principles on which any communication is based.

Important! Maintaining interest is not a one-time message with a beautiful phrase or spiciness. This is the ability to maintain a conversation in any situation, even when the conversation is “stalled” or the interlocutor is not positioned to communicate.

There are many non-verbal signs by which you can determine the interest of the opposite sex. But what about when your interlocutor is sitting on the other side of the monitor, and you can communicate with her only through messages.

Do not despair. The letter also contains signs of sympathy.

Let's take them in order:

  1. A pile of exclamation points, question marks, as well as smiles or emoji. Women are very emotional in nature. If a girl puts a bunch of extra characters or emoticons, know that you are interesting to her.
  2. Wonders and admiration. This works both in simple communication and in flirting. The girl subconsciously wants to see a strong man in her interlocutor. Therefore, she tries to praise him.
  3. Additional questions. If your interlocutor sprinkles with counter questions - you are interesting to her. In principle, this is the basic principle of any communication.
  4. Quick transition from formal to informal communication style. The girl suggested switching to “you” - this is a good sign. Thus, it shows that your conversation has moved to a new level of communication.
  5. Laugh. At this point, you need to distinguish between laughter and excessive punctuation with a series of smiles. Usually people emphasize their interest in a good joke or wit. This is immediately apparent. Most women love fun people and respond well to a good sense of humor.

The listed signs to one degree or another indicate interest.

Of course, there are girls with a very poor sense of humor, as well as mercantile ladies who are only interested in the size of your wallet. For such women, conversation is a formality that does not carry a semantic load.

Reference! To make a girl really surprised, find out everything you can about her. Social profiles can help with this. networks, as well as common friends in real life.

Ask all about her interests, favorite music, books, movies. In correspondence, mention her favorite writer or musician. A positive reaction will not keep you waiting long.

The video describes the main signs that a pen pal likes you:

How to win a female heart?

Conversation is a flexible substance. Communicating, a person shows his culture, the wealth of the inner world.

You should not approach this issue schematically, or shoot memorized phrases like an automaton. Also, you do not need to use “speech scripts”. It is better to be prepared for any turn in the conversation.

To do this, you need to know the principles of communication that will help to win a female heart.

Communication Rules

To be an interesting conversationalist enough:

  1. To be able to listen. Women love to hear and listen to them. For the letter, this statement sounds a little awkward, however, this principle also works in non-verbal communication. In a conversation, you can always determine that the interlocutor has completed his logical chain of thoughts. Know how to find this line in correspondence. Let the girl speak and she will respond with sympathy.
  2. Do not be a boor and not be rude. Some believe that light rudeness and pressure can seem attractive qualities. And it really works. But not at all, and only in real life. To attract interest in the network, it is better to choose quiet and polite turns. Until the girl offers to switch to “you”.
  3. Do not share. Excessive "weeping" or toadness is not pleasant to anyone. Especially a woman. This is a weakness that should be avoided.
  4. Interested in her hobbies and hobbies. Girls love to be interested in them. Especially when it comes to their personal interests.
  5. Do not scatter stamps and cliches. Remove from the speech “hello, how are you” and “beauty, your mother does not need a son-in-law”. Come up with a couple of original phrases that will talk about you as an extraordinary person, and not about the next "son-in-law for mom."
  6. To joke, but not to go too far. Girls love men with a good sense of humor. This is an axiom. However, do not make fun of the appearance of a woman. This is fraught with the end of the conversation.
  7. To compliment. Again, do not flatter and sprinkle with beautiful words like from a cornucopia. Falsehood is felt even through the screen of a computer or smartphone. One or two interesting compliments will give a pair of points to your piggy bank and will not scare the representative of the fair sex.
  8. To be self-confident. Never complain or mention your weaknesses at first. Women do not like wimps. Interest out of pity will quickly fade away.
  9. Make an unexpected offer. You do not have to call to the cinema or to the street. Make an offer to go to the zoo or wax museum. Women love vivid emotions.

These are general tips that can help attract interest to your person.

According to most women, the man’s sexiest organ is his brain. Remember this!

Reference! Sometimes acquaintance takes place on specialized Internet sites. In this case, the initial information about a person is very small. To fix this situation will help the search for a person in the social. networks through "image search" on Google.

Save the avatar images to your computer and run it through the search engine. In this way, you can find the page in the social. networks with full information about the interlocutor.

The rules for correspondence with a girl are described in the video:

Phrase Examples

Based on these principles, you can consider several examples of phrases that will help in establishing initial contact:

  • "Good day! Welcome to the Lovely Girls Protection Fund. Our diagnostics revealed sadness in your eyes, can we help you? ”(Laid-back cheerful greeting),
  • “What a wonderful day to start talking” (neutral, non-standard greeting),
  • “Tell me why you have such big and beautiful green (blue / brown / blue) eyes” (neat compliment),
  • “Hello, did you hear the song (call the musical idol)?” (Common interests),
  • “I think I lost my sense of humor, didn’t you find it?” (Non-standard greeting),
  • “Yes, you damn good-looking!” (An unusual compliment-greeting),
  • “Let's go to the forest?” We will buy nuts and feed the squirrels from our hands ”(unexpected offer).

Important! These examples are given as a sample. Do not blindly copy them. Remember - your personality is the key to success. Come up with your unusual phrases, and you will receive recognition among the fair sex.

The video tells how to start a conversation with a girl:

To be interesting means to be an attentive, cheerful and intelligent person.

Learn and grow. Feel free to experiment with different phrases in the dialogue, and very soon you will become a very interesting conversationalist.

How to seduce a woman at the first communication

The modern world involves not only personal, but also virtual, correspondence communication and acquaintance.
Forms of the first communication:

correspondence on the Internet or SMS correspondence,
talking on the phone,
face-to-face conversation,
communication in the company of mutual friends.

In any case, words and how they are spoken are important. In correspondence, the meaning of words is taken literally, it is difficult to understand and it is easy to be deceived, perceiving written words. With a personal acquaintance, not only verbal, but also non-verbal communication takes place. When talking, people grasp not only meaning, but also intonation, timbre, and speed of speech.

Not only words are important in seduction. Girls like brave, strong, confident guys. Non-verbal body signals, gestures, touches, hugs and kisses cause a mutual desire and attraction of a man and a woman. But how to conquer a woman without touching her?

Recommendations for seducing girls with words

Preliminary preparation. When you first communicate with a girl, you need to put yourself in order, look tidy, take care of oral hygiene. Natural body odor and bad breath play an important role. If a man smells bad, a woman will not care what he says.
Speech. Speech should be leisurely and quiet.
Timbre. A deep and low voice sounds courageously and sexy.
Smile. A universal way to please any person is to smile at him. A smile paints the face and gives a friendly tone of speech.
Sight. When talking with a girl, you need to look into her eyes. Without eye contact, it is impossible to attract attention and seduce.

Trust atmosphere. Begin communication with the girl in a friendly manner, not intrusive, so as not to frighten her. Try to show her that she is special. You should behave courteously and gallantly, but at the same time decisively and courageously.
Trust atmosphere. Begin communication with the girl in a friendly manner, not intrusive, so as not to frighten her. Try to show her that she is special. You should behave courteously and gallantly, but at the same time decisively and courageously.

Examples: You look great! You have a bewitching voice! You charmingly smile!

Questions. At the first meeting, a man is interested in a girl, asks questions about life. When asked about hobbies, interests, and occupation, a man makes it clear to a woman that she is interesting to him as a person. Questions should include a detailed answer or story. Additional and clarifying questions do not need to be asked if the girl is not configured to answer. Women love being listened attentively and interestedly.

Example: What do you like? How do you spend your weekends?

Answers Answers should be short, contain positive information. You should not talk too much about yourself in order to maintain intrigue and mystery, but try to reveal your positive aspects and character traits. Women like successful and self-sufficient men.
Response. A positive atmosphere for the conversation gives approval and agreement with the words of the interlocutor, emphasizing the similarity, common interests and character traits.

Example. I think so too. I totally agree with you. You and I have similar outlooks on life. I understand you, I am also like that.

The topics of conversation should be neutral or positive. The conversation should be on an optimistic note. Women love men with a sense of humor, so you can joke witty. A joke may contain hints of sexual interest, but not be rude.
Hints. When a warm and trusting atmosphere is established, compliments, pleasant words and jokes can be safely embellished with hints of a desire to continue communication. Such hints should sound romantic and sexy. It is necessary to monitor the girl’s reaction to them. If she blushes and smiles shyly, she is most likely interested in continuing to communicate.

You can take a chance and make a more explicit hint, describe your feelings and desires, directly suggest continuing the relationship.

Example: It would be nice to walk with you around the city, hugging. When you look into my eyes, goose bumps run through my skin. I will be happy if I see you once, waking up. I would like to feel your kiss, kiss you. I really like you.

If a girl smiles, maintains a conversation, flirts, agrees to continue the relationship, then she managed to interest and seduce her.

Seduction of girls as a process of searching for a single, suitable girl for a man should not turn into “collecting broken hearts”.

Self-confidence and a desire to find your love will help determine the choice of a girl. To find mutual love is the happiness that everyone strives for.

Seduction Preparation

Do not expect super speed results. Even the use of the most effective seduction techniques will not put a girl to bed in just 2 minutes. The maximum of what you can achieve is to quickly place the interlocutor to yourself and in the future to get what you want with almost one hundred percent probability.

The first thing to do is to choose a place where you will seduce the girl. As practice shows, in almost every city there is an institution or an outdoor area that is visited by girls who initially want to get to know each other. For example, it can be a cozy and hidden from prying eyes corner in a city park, a bar counter in a trendy night club or a hall in a shopping center. Ask your friends or the Internet about such places in your village.

Think about what type of girls suits you best. Of course, theoretically, you can attract almost any representative of the fair sex, but there must also be a type with which you can quickly find a common language. For example, it can be girls of medium or tall stature, with bright or inconspicuous makeup, with a smart or carefree look, belonging to a particular subculture, etc.

Work on your appearance. It is not necessary to dress brightly, but at the same time you should look rather neat. Train your look. This is one of the most important tools for quick seduction. It is best to do this in front of the mirror. It is not necessary to open your eyes wide and “play” with eyebrows. It is enough to learn to look at the girl with confidence, without looking away, and at the same time smile a little.

Choose for yourself several models of phrases that you will exchange with the girl at the first contact. The most effective are light compliments, said with confidence and without undue flattery. Try to be more concise, for example: “Girl, you are charming. I just have to find out your name. ”

The process of dating and seduction

The process of dating and seduction itself looks something like this: after you notice a girl you like, try to meet her gaze. Keep eye contact and smile slightly. By the expression on the girl’s face, it will be possible to understand whether you are interested in her or not. Approach her without rushing and without causing her wariness. Smile and in a confident tone, invite to meet and chat with her, or take her to her destination if she goes somewhere or goes.

Try to act fast. You should immediately interest the girl and make her trust in you. You will succeed in doing this if you determine the approximate course of her thoughts, understand what she likes, what kind of person she is. After that, the most desperate guys sometimes immediately, under various pretexts, invite a girl, for example, to their home. Others quickly get a phone number from her and after a while call to arrange an appointment in a more romantic setting.

Remember that you should not abuse the trust of girls. Do not fool them and do not use "for the sake of one night." It is better and more tactful to use quick dating tactics in order to find a girl for a long and serious relationship.