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How to catch lobsters


Amateur fishermen interested in catching lobsters should adapt the fishing method to the kind of lobster they hunt. There are two main types of lobsters: clawed lobsters and lobsters. Clawed lobsters tend to live in the coastal waters of colder regions such as the northeastern coast of the United States and Canada. Anglers can find lobsters in the warm waters of the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Florida Keys and off the coast of California. In pursuit of lobsters, most people dive after them, use nets or traps, also known as lobster pots, designed to catch clawed lobsters.

Catching lobster

Lobsters - the name of sea and ocean crayfish. They can also be called lobsters from
English lobsters. These sea crayfish are large compared to
river. Lobsters have powerful claws and a durable carapace. Therefore, when fishing
observe safety to avoid bites by claws.

From a boat or from the shore?

Before you start fishing on crustaceans, you should determine the object of fishing. The fact,
that there are many kinds of lobsters. Of these, species such as
American, European and Atlantic. They all vary in size and habitat.
habitat. For example, the Atlantic is small, but famous for its taste.

And the European is a real giant: individual individuals can weigh 10 kg each. So, when the choice of lobster for fishing is made, you should know how to catch it. Catching lobster is carried out by special designs - analogues of river ravens for crayfish.

What gear do you use?

There are two main designs for catching crustaceans:

  1. Soft traps have a wooden case and are fitted with strong nylon nets.
  2. Rigid traps have a metal frame and are also fitted with a nylon mesh.

They are heavier and bulky, but durable and do not rot. They are convenient to use on industrial ships for the extraction of large volumes of individuals. Soft traps are more suitable for individual fishermen - they are not heavy in comparison with metal ones, they are easier to install and maintain.

On the other hand, they are prone to decay and gradual destruction from exposure to water and less durable. These problems can be solved by changing old soft traps to new ones.
A hole is made in the walls of the trap - prey will creep in through it, attracted by the bait.

Bait can be different - these are special feeds, as well as the meat of many marine inhabitants. Fish, fresh and not very, pieces of crabs and their relatives, all this will fit well with the bait. After the lobsters, attracted by the taste of meat, crawl into the trap, it rises to the surface, and the catch is folded into special mesh bags. Another way to catch lobsters is spearfishing. This is an amateur kind of fishing, but he
spectacular and interesting.

What do you need to start the hunt?

  • Scuba gear
  • Licenses for hunting.
  • Proof of your status.
  • Help diver in case of spearfishing.
  • A medical certificate about your health.
  • Supervisory certificate on the health of your equipment.

If you decide to catch crustaceans yourself, you will have to carefully choose a place and
spearfishing time. It should also be noted that in different countries the hunting season for
Lobster starts at different times of the year.