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The question of how to train Pokemon always arises for the user who decided to play one of the games in the series. Without improving their fighters, victory cannot be achieved. This can be done in a standard way, but they require a lot of time. It is better to use a variety of tricks in order to save time and effort. Only here, not everyone knows about such opportunities, so they can never occupy the first lines of the rating of trainers.

The world of pocket monsters appeared in the late 90s of the last century. The Japanese-made cartoon fashion was crazy, but it also passed over time.

Game pokemon go

In 2016, the Pokemon Go project literally drove the people of the entire planet Earth crazy. People were ready to catch pocket creatures day and night, learn how to train Pokemon, and devote their free time only to this. The essence of the game is to catch these little fighters around the world. In every city there are places where their various forms appear, and the user, using pokeball, tries to catch his future teammate. A notable feature is the need for constant movement around the world. Sitting in the room, catching pocket monsters will not work, because they are always in motion. In addition, the developers have implemented a bonus system for players, the opening of attractions and control of territories using special rooms. Many players do not know how to train Pokemon in the gym, and therefore often can not hold the control point. Any user can challenge your fighter, who defends the hall, and thus take the territory for himself.

The pumping process in Pokemon Go

Anyone new to this game should understand that the levels of Pokemon are related to the general indicator of the trainer. The higher it is, the clearer it will become how to train Pokemon. To get started, it’s worth catching a few characters and reaching the level of 10th level. From this moment, arena battles and the possibility of a battle with users on-line are opened. It is better to first find the closest players and take command efforts to take control of all the arenas in the immediate area. In the hall, the Pokemon gains additional experience and quickly learns new skills. Battles with allies in a controlled territory will provide an opportunity to learn combinations, forces and develop tactics in battles with upcoming opponents. Do not forget that the coach is associated with pocket fighters and his level promotes their strength. Use the process of evolution of characters you do not need in order to get +500 experience points. This method of training Pokémon in Pokémon Go is considered to be the easiest and most common for a set of CP levels.

Secret of power

If you carefully played all the projects of the universe, you noticed some peculiarity in the evolution of pocket monsters. The second and third form of the character more slowly study the attack. For example, Squirtle gives access to the “water cannon” at level 47, and Blastois at 68th. The question arises: why train Pokemon? Of course, to increase the parameters of attack, defense, health and other things. Only here it is not necessary to evolve as soon as possible. First, read all the information about the fighter's attacks, at what levels they are studied. If a similar situation arises, then download the Pokemon in the first form until you get all the skills, and then start the evolution. As a result, you will have a unique strong character who has no equal.

Capturing Strong Pokemon

As you gain experience and increase the level of the trainer, the player can notice that the CP of nearby Pokemon is growing. Strong creatures will become much easier to catch.

For example, Pokemon of high complexity after several levels of pumping it may already be on medium difficulty.

Level Rewards

In addition to being able to catch powerful creatures, various items can be presented to the player during the level increase. For example, they can give several Great Balls for reaching a certain level. And after a few, the award will be given to Ultra Ball or the rare Master Ball.

Continue to train your trainer at Pokemon GO and earn rewards!

Where do pokemon train?

When exploring the area in search of Pokemon, pay attention to the halls scattered here and there around the city. After the fifth level, you can interact with them. If the hall is gray, it is captured, if the enemy is captured and neutralized, then it is captured. If the hall is allied, then it is developed and then occupied by the freed up slots for Pokemon, in order to receive coins for this every 21 hours.

The higher the level of the hall, the more fighters in it can be at the same time and the more difficult it will be to knock out the last of them. The maximum level of the hall is the tenth. It is almost impossible to knock out such a jim alone, and capture will take more than one hour of teamwork.

If you walk alone, then you will have almost no chance to swing the jim above level 4 and occupy a slot in it. At the same time, walking with the team and having in stock a lot of cans on HP, you can afford to spend an hour and make a hall of level 7 or even level 8 with joint efforts. Training Pokémon in Pokémon GO is tedious and lengthy so far, and it is highly recommended that you take friends with you on raids.

How to train Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Having figured out where to train Pokemon in Pokemon GO, let's move on to the process itself and its differences from a simple battle with the enemy. When you attack the enemy’s hall, you are allowed to choose 6 of your fighters, who are then alternately called up for battle as they lose. At the same time, only one Pokémon can be put up for training at the same time, which means that he must be stronger than the weakest ally who has occupied the hall.

Increasingly, players of even level 15-20 find it difficult to find the corresponding fighters, because the community as a whole is gradually developing and swinging, the halls are getting steeper and higher. Try to keep the strongest fighter with you, without exposing him to defend Jim. It is with this Pokemon that you will raise the prestige of the halls when you need to add a place to yourself.

Since it’s more profitable to train Pokémon in Pokémon GO than for a specific trainer, they are not advised to do this at small levels. Most likely, you will lose the battle even to the first ally, and you will have to spend the banks on treatment (and even more than usual, because you will not be able to use the crystal at first). The player receives much less experience for such fights than for battles with enemies, and you raise the prestige of the hall very reluctantly, with tiny steps.

In training battles, it is useful to check your wards, look for the strongest among them or learn to choose the right type of fighter. In the future, the developers promised to improve the battle system in the game. They did not publish specific plans, but it is expected that the training fights will also be slightly changed.