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Hairstyles with a scythe-rim


Any girl wants to look great every day, but do not spend a couple of hours every morning in front of the mirror. Tired of just loose hair and ponytails, want to add a “twist” to your look? Pay attention to the pigtail bezel. Such an element in styling is suitable for a daily hairstyle, as well as for a party or any other event. The main plus is that with a little training you can quickly and beautifully braid the pigtail on your own.

Braid bezel with loose hair

The simplest and most common way to weave a rim from a braid, more precisely, from two braids, is performed as follows:

    Raise the hair at the crown with a regular comb. Separate the strand under the bulk of the hair approximately above the ear and braid a normal pigtail. Tie the obtained pigtail with an elastic band and fluff by pulling its segments. To do also from the opposite side, that is, over the second ear. Stretch the tip of each braid to the opposite ear and stab it behind it. Straighten the hairstyle by masking the braid attachment points.

A romantic look created with a twisted braid rim

Another variation of the classic design of the braid-rim in combination with loose hair, giving the image of romance and originality.

In this hairstyle, the bezel is braided using the harness technique:

    Separate a small strand on each side under the comb. Divide each strand into two parts and tighten with a tourniquet. Stretch the ends of both harnesses to the opposite side and stab.

First way:

    Separate hair into front and back. Collect the back in the tail so as not to interfere. Start weaving with a thin lock over the ear and from the front of the hair weave a twisted French braid. You need to move parallel to the forehead, and add new strands to the braid only from the extreme side and place them under the adjacent one, and not on it. To braid the braid, tie with an elastic band, wrap under the loose back of the hair and stab.

Scythe headband for short hair (5 ideas)

  1. French braid headband:

    Divide the hair into two parts - front and back. From the front, braid an ordinary French spikelet, starting with a thin strand near one of the ears and adding strands only from the forehead. Fasten the braid under the loose hair left behind.
  1. Double Danish braid - rim:
    Grab a thick lock of hair in front and divide it into two equal parts. Temporarily stab the far half so as not to interfere. From the near half, starting from the side, braid a voluminous Danish braid (inverted French), braid it to the tip with an ordinary pigtail and tie it. Do the same with the far half, stabbed earlier. Fluff the pigtails and mask their ends under the mass of hair left behind.

  1. Volumetric Danish braid-flange on one side:

    The weaving technique is the same as with two Danish braids, only the strand does not need to be divided in half, but immediately braid one volumetric braid-rim.
  1. Twisted braid bezel:
    Separate the front of the hair. Take a thin strand from the parting, divide into two halves and twist them with each other. From the free hair left in front, grab another strand and twist it from one of the halves of the first strand. Next, the resulting flagellum is twisted with the second half of the first lock, only you need to twist in the opposite direction. Perform such manipulations with all the hair in the front of the hair, moving down to the ear. Fix the obtained pigtail-twist with an elastic band, and hide the tip under the hair from behind.
  1. Viking-style scythe-bezel:
    Divide the hair into two halves with a horizontal parting. Separate a strand of hair at the front part at the center part so that it is in the middle of the head. Separate a small strand from the far edge of the resulting strand and, advancing to the forehead, weave a twisted French spikelet. When the hair ends, divide the remaining end into two halves and from each braid an ordinary pigtail. Dilute the obtained pigtails in different directions and hide the tips under the rest of the hair.

Weaving a braid-rim from small tails (from elastic bands)

    As with weaving any rim, you need to divide the hair into those from which the braid will be braided and those that remain loose. Divide the part for weaving into small locks, making a ponytail out of each with the help of silicone rubber in the color of the hair. Moving around the head, braid a braid of elastic bands - divide the first tail in half, draw between the halves of the second, and tie the ends of the first with the next tail, split in half the tail that was now the first and draw the next between its halves and so on until it ends tails. Fix the tip of the braid from the gum under the remaining hair (you can invisible or tied with a rubber band to a thin strand of loose hair). Spread the braid-rim by stretching the segments.

A thin braid-rim imitating a French waterfall

    Comb the hair and make a side parting to the middle of the head. Separate a small strand from the larger part at the parting and braid the usual braid of their three strands. Put your fingers into the first segment of the braid and stretch through it a thin strand captured near the forehead (front to back). Pull locks sequentially into each segment of the braid along the forehead. Having reached the temple, hide the remaining tip of the braid under her loose hair and stab. To straighten a hairdress.

All of the options for the braid-rim described above can be used not only with loose hair, but also with a tail, bun or any other styling.

Some useful tips

  • Do not braid the hair on clean hair, because it is very fluffy. You can also wash your hair on the locks that you plan to braid, apply a little foam or sprinkle with varnish. Result - the pigtail will turn out more accurately and more durable.
  • Experiment with different weaves: spikelet, French braid, tourniquet.
  • Try not to braid the pigtail very tight, but tight enough to hold it well.

Simple pigtail rim: step by step instructions

This hairstyle will emphasize the beauty of long hair. Note that the length must be sufficient to lay the braid from ear to ear.

  1. If you have a bang or want to leave the locks released in front, then make a parting from temple to temple, dividing the hair into the back of the head and forehead. Want to leave your face open, comb your hair back. To make the styling more effective, make a pile on the back of the head.
  2. Collect the hair that will be loose with an elastic band in the tail, do not tighten tightly. It is advisable to do so that they do not interfere.
  3. Take a strand of hair near the temple closer to the back of the head and braid a simple pigtail. Secure it with a thin rubber band.
  4. Put the pigtail on the rim from one ear to the other. On the opposite side of the head, lock its end invisibly.
  5. Spray with varnish to fix.
  6. If you wish, you can use the same algorithm to weave another braid on the other side of the head and lay it next to the first.

How to weave a braid bezel - step by step instructions with photos

  • Separate a large strand of hair from one ear to the other (so that the parting is neat, use a comb). Pull the rest of the hair into a ponytail.
  • Lift a small lock of hair over your right ear and begin to braid the braid bezel. We prefer to use the Dutch braid for this hairstyle.
  • When you reach the left ear and there are no more strands to add, you should switch to a regular braid.
  • Fix the braid with a small rubber band, leaving a small tail.
  • Now this tail should be hidden and secured with studs.
  • It remains to slightly fluff the strands of the braid so that it looks more voluminous.

How to weave a braid bezel: video

Too lush hairstyles are already becoming a relic of the past. Fashion is known to be back. Now we can observe this phenomenon with the example of a braid. Of course, hairstyles such as Greek braids do not displace the familiar haircuts that have long been loved by many ladies. But, nevertheless, quite often there are neat hairstyles based on weaving braids.

Why are Greek pigtails so popular?

They look quite modest, but at the same time stylish and elegant. This is exactly what is sometimes lacking in our lives. Most often, for the creation of such hairstyles, Greek braids are very interesting in their form. They are not too difficult to perform, but very spectacular in appearance. Greek braids are suitable for those who want to combine chic curls and charming braids in one. As well as girls who lead an active lifestyle and want to look feminine. Greek braids woven over the head do not interfere when you play sports and, at the same time, this hairstyle looks one hundred percent and attracts the attention of others.

Weaving Greek braids is acceptable both for curly hair and, conversely, for straight hair. If you are trying to grow a bang, it is convenient to braid Greek pigtails in a circle of the head, where they are also woven. It is quite possible to create such a beautiful hairstyle yourself. The first time you may not get the perfect Greek braid, but do not despair, the main thing is to try and success awaits you. Greek braids require patience and a neat execution technique.

Greek braids - how to braid them?

On clean hair, apply styling agent. Then let them dry either naturally or with a hairdryer.

Separate a small strand at the left temple from the total mass and start weaving a Greek braid. Each time, grab a new part of the hair, as when weaving a spikelet.

Continue such weaving to the lower part of the right ear, and then perform a standard braid, leaving a long tail if desired.

Fix the entire hairstyle with hairspray so that it looks perfect longer.

Greek-style braiding variations

This is not the only way to weave a Greek braid. You can independently supplement and change the standard technique, thereby getting fresh and unique versions of the famous hairstyle. Weave not one, but several braids, placing Greek braids on the head in zigzags or crossing in the middle. You can lay them out in the form of geometric shapes, or you can do everything in round waves.

Do not be afraid to fantasize and create exclusive hairstyles. Get inspired and create your Greek braids.

Watch the video tutorial on the topic:

Greek braid hairstyle

The Greek braid in any version of its execution can become a key object of your image, which others will definitely notice and appreciate. Make two Greek braids on the head, and weave their free parts into one. And you can tie them in a ponytail, and from it release three or more braids. As you can see, even simple forms can vary and, as a result, different and interesting hairstyles from braids will be obtained. There are no strict rules for the execution of a particular hairstyle, as such, so you have the right to invent your own exclusive elements and be sure to introduce them into the hairstyle with a braid. Who knows, maybe someday you are destined to become a trendsetter in the hairdressing world.

general description

In ancient Rome, the styling fashion changed quite often. The legislators were the empresses, who gave new forms to ringlets several times a day. For the first time, the braids of the rim in the Ancient Roman Empire, which were part of the frame hairstyle, are mentioned. Weaved in several tiers around the head, and the first hairdressers at that time were slaves. What is typical for the hairstyles of Ancient Rome, which options have remained relevant today, you will find on our website.

A new round of popularity of braids on the forehead received in the last century. Revolution, war left its mark on the trends of hairdressing. Women's short, practical haircuts appeared, facilitating daily care. Those who did not want to say goodbye to long curls braided them in neat braids of rims.

The hairstyle has several names - a braid on the forehead, a spikelet bezel, a hoop. The weave is located in the parietal region, hair can be collected on the top of the head, neck. You can braid short, medium and strands below shoulder level. A braid is created on a straight, curly structure. It goes well with bangs, young ladies with a neat forehead will fit the model without strands in the face.

Attention! With the help of various weaving techniques, you can visually add splendor to the spikelet or, conversely, create a neat shape, put in order thick, naughty locks.

To whom and for what reasons is a hairstyle suitable

Braids are considered universal styling, organically look on little princesses, as well as mature women. The latest trends in hairdressing have allowed to return the classic weaving with modern notes. Actual spikelets give a zest to the image, creating delicate, airy pigtails.

Suitable for:

  • for daily visits to kindergarten, school, sports sections, young princesses, thanks to fixation in a circle, can maintain a neat appearance throughout the day, and thin hair does not experience overload in the form of heavy hairpins, tight weaves,
  • you can make a beautiful rim for girls and women of creative professions, a practical braid can be completed in a few minutes, finding a lack of time in the daily bustle, styling will successfully hide untidy ringlets, as it looks stylish on unwashed hair,
  • the laconic form is suitable for a business dress code, a neat, well-groomed look can be given even to naughty, curly locks,
  • the classic hairstyle is combined with different styles - casual, grunge, boho, looks luxurious with an evening outfit, is also used for exceptional special occasions,
  • using different weaving techniques, you can choose braids for a round, square face, combining styling with bangs, drop-down locks,
  • for narrow, triangular, diamond-shaped ovals, both collected and half-open hairstyles are used,
  • stylish styling can be created on short, medium, long curls, on straight, curly, curly hair,
  • it’s easy to choose accessories, hair ornaments that match the event, but even without decor, styling will look stylish, modern.

General recommendations

To create a styling, you need to put the curls in order. Hair should be easy to comb, not tangled, keep shape for a long time. The rim version with fully assembled curls is best braided on the second day after washing. For a braid-hoop, it is necessary to carefully prepare the hair:

  • wash hair with shampoo for volume, for curly, curly hair it is better to use it with a moisturizing effect, do not forget about the conditioner, which facilitates the laying of naughty locks,
  • blow-dry your hair with a brush; it’s important to keep the basal volume,
  • the weaving area is recommended to be treated with a special cream or oil to give smoothness, shine,
  • so that the rim turns out to be voluminous, you can pre-wind the strands or apply mousse, foam,
  • curls that have broken out of the braid can be carefully stabbed with invisible in models with loose hair - give a light wave with the help of a curling iron.

Is it possible to do the hairstyle to myself

Laying does not cause difficulties in the technique. You can easily create it yourself at home. For weaving, you need a standard set of tools:

  • comb with natural hair or with plastic teeth of different sizes, the choice depends on the length and structure of the hair,
  • a thin comb for separation, combing the lock, is also used to create a pile,
  • elastic, studs, invisible,
  • styling products - wax, foam, mousse, cream, oil,
  • curling iron, tongs are used to give textured form to the falling locks.

In the salon, the cost of the spikelet-rim depends on the skill of the master, as well as on the length and density of the hair. On average, a hairstyle will cost from 900 to 2000 rubles, it is worth considering the styling and care products used. For festive styling, wreaths, ribbons, pearls and other accessories are additionally used.

Pigtail around the head

  1. Apply the chosen styling product to the hair with a fixing spray, oil or mousse.
  2. With a horizontal parting parallel to the growth line, separate part of the lock of the parietal region. Lock the curls on the top and back of the head with a clamp.
  3. From the right temple weave a three-strand scythe towards the left.
  4. Reach the left ear, remove the retaining clip, comb the hair back.
  5. Continue to weave the braid, adding strands to the central one from the left and right side alternately.
  6. Add to the end, forming a spikelet around the head. Tie the slice with an elastic band, hide the tip under the weaving with the help of hairpins, invisible.

Pigtail with loose hair

  1. Comb the hair using a flat comb and comb in the crown of the crown of the head.
  2. Select by strand symmetrically at the left and right temple.
  3. From the selected curls, alternately braid the three-beam braids, tie the ends with elastic bands.
  4. Throw the right pigtail around the head to the left side, fix it with invisibility under the comb.
  5. Put the left pigtail in the same way.
  6. Loose hair can be twisted into playful curls.

Рекомендуем ознакомиться с модными вариантами прически распущенные волосы с косичкой у нас на сайте.

Разнообразные варианты плетения и укладки косы

Колосок ободок на среднюю длину подходит обладательницам безупречных черт лица. Emphasizes the correct oval, adjust the elongated, triangular, diamond-shaped shape. Suitable as a daily styling, appropriate hairstyle for exceptional, solemn events. It is important to pay skin tone, maximum emphasis on the face, so the integument must be impeccable.

The collected spikelet around the head is suitable for slim girls. It is not recommended to use chubby young ladies, the shape of the hairstyle will only highlight the flaws. Stylish styling should be emphasized with bright make-up, as well as choose jewelry that matches the event. Weaving can be not only a standard spikelet. By experimenting with fishtail, back braid techniques, perfection is easy to achieve.

Bangs go well with braided curls. The straight line is suitable for elongated and triangular forms, careless, oblique, graduated - ideally hide imperfections in appearance, corrects the oval. The hairstyle opens the line of the neck, emphasizes the graceful silhouette.

The combination of bangs and locks on the face has the properties of contouring the shape of an oval, and hides skin imperfections. Universal styling is suitable for different age categories, it is also suitable for a business dress code. Careless execution creates a light, romantic look, emphasizes femininity, softness of lines.

Smooth spikelets, duplicating the shape of the head, are suitable for young girls, model parameters. The hairstyle looks stylish, modern, the classic model emphasizes the freshness, beauty of youth. Original jewelry turns a practical, daily styling into a solid hairstyle.

You can create a braid rim on short and medium length curls. Stacked locks give a neat shape to the hair, the hairstyle suits different types of appearance. You can do without accessories, the spikelet will become the decoration of the whole image.

The spikelet around the head on long, loose curls is suitable for special occasions. Great styling to emphasize luxurious, flowing locks. Hairstyle visually makes taller, slimmer, semi-assembled hair with a braid create the image of the goddess.

Advantages and disadvantages

Traditional styling and today does not lose popularity. Performance features, advantages and disadvantages will allow you to determine the optimal model.


  • simplicity, ease of execution, you can weave a pigtail yourself,
  • practical hairstyle keeps neat shape throughout the day,
  • suitable for different styles and directions,
  • various variations of execution allow you to choose the styling for each appearance type,
  • has a rejuvenating, corrective effect,
  • performed on short, medium length, looks luxurious on long curls, weaving can be done on straight, curly, curly hair,
  • consistent with the latest trends in hairdressing,
  • it is possible to use it as a hairstyle for every day, even without accessories an elegant model is suitable for a social evening.


  • requires the use of styling tools,
  • models with assembled curls do not fit round and square ovals.

Star examples

Selena Gomez selects a braid model around the head with loose strands.

Jessica Alba use classic styling, mesmerizing with external perfection at social events.

Taylor Swift chose for one of the ceremonies a thin pigtail rim and elongated bangs. The mysterious and gentle image did not go unnoticed by the paparazzi.

Drew Barrymore also came out with a neatly assembled scythe.

Curvy Scarlett Johansson She emphasized with concise styling, focusing on the neck line and neckline.

Even more options and weaving techniques with which you will look stunning:

French pigtail rim: step by step instructions

This styling can be done on almost any hair length, even a fairly short one. The principle is almost the same as in the previous hairstyle, but with slight differences.

  1. Divide the hair with a horizontal parting into the part that will be woven into the braid and which will remain loose, we collect it in the tail.
  2. Start braiding from the ear in the opposite direction, picking up a few locks each time.
  3. When you finish, fasten with an elastic band to the tone of your hair and sprinkle with varnish.

To make your hairstyle more spectacular, try braiding more braids, braiding a ribbon or adding flowers.