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How to build a tree house in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

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Types of houses

In Minecraft there are the following types of typical buildings:

  1. man-made underground cave,
  2. from stone blocks
  3. mushroom,
  4. tree building
  5. cottage (estate),
  6. Castle,
  7. underwater.

Let's consider them in order of listing ...

To make it you need a shovel and pickaxe. For about 30 seconds. the user will be able to build this type of home. First it will be necessary to find a cave or earthen place on the map of minecraft. Next, dig a dugout to save and overnight your game character in kraft world.

The advantages of such a dwelling are that it can be quickly built and protected for the first time from unfriendly mobs. Cons - naturally, in low strength.

To make such a house, you need a mushroom (red is preferred), bone meal, a small number of blocks from other materials. The growing time of such a building will take no more than 10-15 seconds. It is very simple to build - the mushroom is fed with bone meal to the size necessary for the user. After that you need to put a ladder to it and begin to settle down.

The advantage of this construction is the speed and low cost. The negative point is poor explosion resistance.

In order to build, you need up to 3 stacks of stone blocks, up to 30 blocks of stele or glass panels. You can make such a home in about 10 minutes. It is relatively easy to build. First, a kind of square (rectangle) in the form of a cube (parallelepiped) is built from the blocks. Next, install glass doorways, glass windows.

The house is good in that it is characterized by high strength and fire resistance. An essential convenience is the fact that the house is easily converted into a mechanical one, which will be original and practical at the same time.
The negative qualities of this project are: - typicality (many gamers build in a minecraft sandbox).

In order to carry out the construction of a house of this type, up to 3 stacks of blocks, glass and double-glazed windows, a sufficiently large number of stairs are required. At the beginning of construction, it is possible to climb a tree by means of vines.
The construction time will take up to 15 minutes, this is not counting the time to find a suitable tree. You can make it on a large oak (2 to 2 blocks) or tropical wood. They climb a wooden house using stairs.

The advantage of this type of home is that it is actually the most effective protection against mobs in the sandbox minecraft. This type of house is very beautiful. The disadvantage of such a construction is only in the complex construction process.

To make this object it is necessary to collect up to 4 stacks of building materials of a sufficient degree of strength, glass and double-glazed windows. We build it in no more than 4 hours. Building is not easy. The simplest stone project with a separate farm and mine, surrounded by a wall. Beautiful, looks from the side. the positive side of such an object is the maximum degree of security. The disadvantages of this project include longevity and requires a large number of building materials.

You need to prepare up to 50 stacks of durable building materials. It takes a very long time to build - up to several days. The construction is complex and the severity lies in its scale. However, the undoubted advantage of such a residential building is its style. A user having a lock of this kind acquires a certain status.
The advantage of minecraft castle is that:

  • a lot of free space
  • complete invulnerability of the virtual game character in minecraft,
  • can be further developed to mechanical,
  • the beauty of the structure.

By cons, users include: durability, creepers appear in the cellars over time.

To carry out the construction of this object, stock up with a lot of glass, time and nerves. The construction time will be no less than a few days. Building is relatively hard. The positive aspects of such housing:

  • always at hand fish
  • with proper lighting, only the octopuses will spawn near the house,
  • inside is very beautiful
  • relatively safe.

The minuses of life under water in minecraft include:

  • it’s very difficult to expand underwater in minecraft,
  • if one block breaks, then flooding is quite possible,
  • the complexity of converting it to a mechanical type due to the fact that the mechanisms will be difficult to install.

On the tree. In fact, this is a fairly simple process, and even very fast. Let's look at all the pros and cons of such a home, as well as the materials that we may need.

Seat selection

Well, let's try with you to begin our construction. First, select the right tree on which you can place your house. Best of all, if you choose a whole "planting" of trees - with them you can easily and easily create complex houses.

If you think in a tree, then you should also know that the most suitable species is a tropical tree. It is grown from the corresponding seedling, which can be found in the jungle. True, you will have to get at least 4 such items and plant them on a 2 by 2 field. After some time, you will grow a large and powerful plant, on which you can begin construction.

In cases where there are no seedlings, you can use already grown trees. Perfectly suited for this idea oak. On thin trees it is better not to start "chemical" - you will not succeed in anything sensible. In general, once you decide on a place, you can think further how to make a tree house in Minecraft.

We stock up on materials

Now that we already know exactly where our dwelling will be located, we can put any identification mark there and proceed to the preparation of various resources.

As a rule, if a user thinks about how to make a tree house in Minecraft, then he chooses wood as the main material for construction. It is quite easily mined, and can also be useful when creating interior elements.

Take a pickax and go cut down the trees. Just be careful not to touch the plant prepared for construction. It is best if you pick up as many boards as possible. A large building will require about 600 units of this resource. So, you have to work hard to start our business inside a tree? Now we will understand this difficult, but very interesting issue.

Start of construction

Well, now we can start our business. So, first of all, we need to make a column of boards about 10 blocks in height - this will be our support. Now, after you complete this business, secure yourself at the "top" a spacious site for construction. This is done using the "expansion" of the column. The wider, the more space you will have.

Next, you need to climb to the top. If you have a tropical tree, then you can do it with the help of vines. Not? Then just make a ladder and put it on the "beam". As soon as you reach the top, you should think about how to make Minecraft More precisely, think over the general design of the building.

Typically, players choose the most common cube. The site should be "surrounded" with boards in several rows (forming walls), then the doors and windows should be inserted. It is best if you have a small area in front of the main entrance. Additional floors can be made in the same way. It remains only to erect a roof and see what you got. That's all. Nothing complicated. You can settle in and furnish the interior.

Everything about the building

And now that we already know how to build our own tree house, let's see what is so good in this building. As a rule, this type of construction is quite common among players.

Firstly, building a house of this kind is relatively cheap and easy. Wood, like boards, can be found on virtually every corner. Yes, and creativity can be shown as much as your heart desires.

Secondly, a treehouse is a great way to protect against creepers. In addition, this type of housing allows you to well inspect the nearby territories - this always helps to protect your life.

Hello, visitors or users of our portal. Sailor is with you, and now I will tell you.

How to make a tree house in minecraft

Minecraft is the core of the game. Not having a home will be difficult to survive at night. There will be nowhere to store their items. Yes, you can just put chests and a bed, but only a house can save you from rain and hostile mobs.

Houses can be both on land and on a tree. Minecraft physics allows you to build buildings in the sky, or on a tree. Now I will tell how to make a tree house in minecraft . And so for starters you need to decide what we will make our house from. Further, it is better to craft the scissors. They will allow you to instantly remove the foliage.

After you find out what your house will be made of, you can start construction. To climb on the foliage, you can put several blocks and jump onto the desired tree. Then you can simply build the same house as on the ground, removing the need for foliage. So that you do not constantly have to climb from the blocks, I advise you to make a ladder and leave a hole. In order not to fall during the construction you just need to hold the shift. This will allow you not to enter the territory where you already fall.

Today I told how to make a tree house in minecraft . There was a sailor with you. See you soon on Play`N`Trade.