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Clean white gold jewelry with home remedies


Any jewelry should be cleaned regularly so that dirt from them does not cause inflammation on the skin. In order to keep the works of master jewelers made of white gold clean, there are several folk recipes suitable for use at home. They are based on the use of household chemicals and improvised means. The most popular ways are the following:

  • Artworks from this noble metal are cleaned with a gel toothpaste. It is important that the paste does not have abrasive particles that can scratch your favorite ring or earrings.
  • The cleaning of such products with baking soda is also popular. This substance is often used at home, as it has the property of softening water and dissolving impurities. To clean the jewelry you need to take 2 teaspoons of soda, 1 cup of water and boil the products in this mixture for 15 minutes. Then the jewelry is wiped dry with a soft cloth.
  • A similar recipe used at home involves using a liquid detergent instead of soda. It can gel for washing dishes or for washing. The technology for such a purification of white gold jewelry coincides with the previous version.
  • Liquid cleaners are also used to clean rings, earrings and pendants with diamonds. To remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas, a small toothbrush with soft bristles will help.

In order for white gold gadgets to maintain their attractive appearance, they need to be cleaned at least once a month. This will preserve not only the beauty of jewelry, but also the health of the skin with which such things come into contact.

Metal features

White gold is enjoyed by both men and women. This is due to its original appearance, both in the simplest jewelry and in author's products. However, white gold is inherently not pure gold; it is an alloy in which palladium, nickel or platinum are added as an impurity. Such jewelry works are coated with rhodium, which makes them more resistant to abrasion.

However, when cleaning white gold at home, you need to consider that things made from it are softer and require careful handling and a gentle cleaning regime. To prevent the jewelry from losing its luster, after cleaning it is necessary to polish it with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth.

Useful Tips and Warnings

So, cleaning earrings, rings, chains and pendants made of noble metal is not so difficult. Nevertheless, it is worth considering the characteristics of the material and not neglecting safety measures.

When cleaning white gold items at home, do not use abrasive cleaners: powders, gels with abrasive particles, or hard-to-clean fabrics. These products can scratch things, and their appearance will be hopelessly damaged. For the same reason, if you use a brush for cleaning, it should have a soft bristle.

To clean this kind of jewelry do not use products containing chlorine and other harsh substances. It is better to use water softening ingredients that delicately remove impurities.

If you follow these recommendations, then the gold rings, earrings and chains will last for many years and will not lose their appearance. This means that after many years, perhaps your children and grandchildren will also be able to flaunt in such works of master jewelers.

Basic rules for cleaning white gold

If you decide to clean the jewelry yourself, you must consider the features of the metal. Despite the protective coating, it is very soft and has low resistance to mechanical damage. For this reason, improper handling can lead to scratches and abrasions on the surface of the product.

How to clean white gold so as not to spoil the jewelry? Stick to these rules:

  • Inspect the product for scratches and damage. If they are, it is better not to take risks and entrust this work to a professional.
  • When using toothpaste for cleaning, use only brushes with soft bristles. If you took a toothbrush, then it should be quite old and "worn".
  • When the product is decorated with stones, alcohol-containing substances cannot be used (including with ammonia). These compounds can only be used if you are dealing with diamonds.
  • After washing the gold after cleaning, carefully rinse off the substance that you used.
  • After washing under running water, do not leave the jewelry to dry naturally, but polish it with a soft cloth.

How to clean white gold at home

To tidy up the white gold jewelry, you can use the following methods:

  • Soak the product in soapy water. Prepare a cleaning compound and lower the earrings or ring into it for 15–20 minutes. After removing the decoration, clean it with foam rubber or a soft brush, and then rinse and polish with wool or flannel.
  • Brush jewelry with toothpaste. Apply to the surface, clean with an old toothbrush, then rinse and wipe dry.
  • Use ammonia (if the product is with stones, the product can be used only if it is diamonds). Soak a cloth with a solution, clean the product, and then rinse thoroughly with caustic. After washing, use a soft cloth to polish.
  • Apply lipstick to the metal. The cosmetic product can cope with small impurities and add shine to the product. For cleaning and polishing only woolen or flannel fabric is used.
  • Hold the product in a cleaning solution of ammonia with white chalk. This method is suitable for cleaning very dirty jewelry. Add 5–7 drops of ammonia and a little chalk to ½ cup of water and place the decoration in the solution for 30 minutes. Then clean the surface using a cotton swab for hard-to-reach places, then rinse the product and wipe dry.

Keep in mind that the latter method should not be used if the product is decorated with pearls, malachite, opals, moonstone, turquoise or apatite.

How to Brush White Gold with Diamonds

Any gem requires careful and careful handling, even as strong as a diamond. And if it’s easier to clean smooth metal, then you will have to tinker with the stones, since dirt, dust and sweat clog between them, complicating your work. To clean the jewelry with this stone, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • use cotton swabs to clean stones and fixtures, so you do not scratch or damage the coating,
  • if the stones are glued, do not lower the jewelry into the cleaning solution, otherwise they will simply fall off,
  • do not use powders and abrasives, the diamond is best cleaned with an alcohol-containing substance,
  • even with heavy soiling do not try to clean them with sharp objects, despite the fact that a diamond is considered a durable stone, it can be scratched,
  • If you purchased a special tool for cleaning white gold, carefully read the instructions.

By following these recommendations, you will clean the jewelry without risk of causing irreparable harm to it.

What can not be used when cleaning white gold

When cleaning white gold, not every remedy can be used, and some approved drugs should be used with caution.

  • If you use ammonia, you must remember that this substance is very aggressive and you can not leave it on the surface for a long time. After cleaning with this product, wash the product well under running water to completely remove the cleaning agent.
  • It is possible to use toothpaste to cleanse white gold, however, it is not recommended to do this too often. Use this compound only in the presence of strong or old pollution.
  • One of the substances that can not be used when processing products made of white gold is vinegar. Despite its excellent cleaning properties and relative safety for human health, this substance can harm a capricious metal.
  • Also, products from this alloy are not recommended to be boiled, especially if they are decorated with precious or semiprecious stones.

How to care for white gold

Jewelry is things that we acquire for a long time, and in many families they are hereditary. What needs to be done to keep products intact for decades to come? Follow the basic rules for caring for precious metal:

  • when storing, place products from this alloy separately from other jewelry, otherwise this may result in a discoloration,
  • always take off jewelry before bathing in the bathtub or going to the pool, since chlorine contained in tap water can destroy the protective coating of rhodium,
  • when applying cosmetic creams or medical formulations for external use, get rid of rings, bracelets and chains,
  • when cleaning, repairing and doing other household chores, put the jewelry in boxes, as the fumes of chemicals and coloring materials harm the metal,
  • do not store products in cardboard boxes, this material contains sulfur, and it leads to the oxidation of metals.

But even the most careful care does not exempt from the need to clean jewelry. If you do everything right, you will put white gold in order quickly and without risk of damaging the metal.

Pollution features

First you need to consider the features of white gold pollution:

  1. On jewelry made of precious metal there was a sticky coating, dirt - it is recommended to deal with such pollution on your own at home using the methods described below.
  2. White gold products darkened - this was due to the action of vapors or acids on their surface. In this case, you should polish the jewelry, however, this should be done very carefully. If there is at least a little uncertainty in their abilities, it is necessary to give them to a professional.
  3. A yellow hue on white gold means that the rhodium layer is destroyed. For repair, the galvanic method is used, which is carried out exclusively in laboratories. Experts strongly recommend that a yellowed white gold product be attributed to a specialist, and in no case should they be cleaned. Otherwise, their appearance will become even worse.

When deciding on the method of cleaning white gold, you should remember about the ban on the use of too caustic or abrasive products.

Cleaning white gold at home - is it possible to do this?

First you need to understand the nature of pollution:

  • the ring or earrings are covered with sticky coating or dirt - you can clean it yourself using the methods below,
  • jewelry turned yellow - this is a clear sign of the destruction of the rhodium layer. To return the product to its former form, use the galvanic method, which can only be done in laboratory conditions. Therefore, take such jewelry to a specialist, they should not be cleaned, since you run the risk of spoiling the appearance even more,
  • products turned black - this is how acids or their vapors act. Polishing will help here, but it should be done very carefully. Therefore, if you are unsure of your own abilities, then it is better to give the jewelry into the hands of a specialist.

When choosing a cleaning method, remember that you cannot use highly abrasive or caustic agents.

To summarize: cleaning white gold is possible, but it must be done very carefully, due to the fact that the outer layer is very susceptible to destruction.

Methods for cleaning white gold jewelry at home

There are several means by which you can clean white gold yourself at home, while it is quite effective. These include:

  • detergent,
  • soap,
  • Toothpaste,
  • baking soda,
  • ammonia.

It is important not to forget that even products that are too soft in effect should be used with great care - no quick lowering and sharp rubbing. In more detail, specialists have revealed the features of each tool presented above.

Self-cleaning methods for white gold products

If you are wondering “how to clean white gold yourself”, then use any of the tools listed in the table:

Cleaning agentSurface effects
Baking sodaSoft
ToothpasteThe average

Despite the mild effect, the first three products should be used with extreme caution, trying to clean white gold items with as gentle movements as possible.


For this, absolutely any dishwashing or washing detergent is suitable, but it must necessarily have a jelly-like texture. So, a few drops of detergent are added to warm water, after which the solution is whipped into a thick foam. After that, the product is immersed in the resulting composition and cleaned with gentle movements with a toothbrush, which must have a soft bristle. The product is rinsed under running water and dried.

It will take a few drops of liquid soap or shower gel. The selected product must be diluted in a container into which warm water has previously been collected. Products are immersed in the resulting solution and left for 5 minutes. Then they take turns in turn, after which they are cleaned with a sponge for dishes. The latter should be soft, and for the convenience of the cleaning process, you can cut a small piece of sponge and use it. After cleaning the white gold, it must be held under running water to remove any residual dirt. Leave to dry on a napkin.

Soap solution

Dilute a small amount of liquid soap or shower gel in a bath of warm water. Dip the jewelry in this solution. Cut a piece of a size from a soft dishcloth so that it is convenient for you to clean. Gently wipe the product with gentle movements and rinse it in clean water.


In this case, for added safety, experts recommend using only such toothpaste, which is based on gel. At the same time, abrasive inclusions should not be present in it.

So, a small amount of paste is applied to the toothbrush with soft bristles and the jewelry is rubbed with extreme care. After cleaning procedures, the decoration is rinsed with warm water and thoroughly dried.

Baking Soda: Paste and Mortar

To prepare it, you need to use distilled water. Pour soda into a bowl and add water a little, stirring the mixture thoroughly until it becomes a thick paste.

Apply the resulting mass on a toothbrush (always with a soft bristle) and rub the decoration with it. Remember that you need to use this tool only on the surface of white gold, without affecting the insert of stones or other metals.

Rub with gentle movements until visible impurities come off the gold, but not for too long, otherwise you will ruin the rhodium coating.
Wash off the rest of the paste from the decoration in warm water (distillate).

There is another soda-based method:

  • 2 tsp dilute soda in a glass of filtered water,
  • boil the solution,
  • lower the decoration in it for 15 minutes.

After removing the product from the water, wipe it dry with a flannel or microfiber. Do not use for jewelry with stones.

Baking soda

To prepare this solution should not be used from a tap, but always distilled water.

You will need to pour soda into the container, add water to it and stir. As a result, such a mixture should appear, characterized by the texture of a thick paste. Next, the resulting mixture is applied to a toothbrush with soft bristles and rubbed onto the decoration. It should be remembered that the use of this tool should be exclusively on the surface of gold, but it should not affect stones and other metals.

Experts recommend rubbing the product with smooth and soft movements until the dirt disappears. However, rubbing too long is not recommended, since it is possible to spoil the rhodium layer. At the end of the cleaning procedure, it is required to wash off the rest of the paste from the jewelry in warm water and dry it.

Also, soda can be used in a slightly different way. Would need:

  • soda (2 tsp),
  • water from the filter (1 cup),
  • flannel napkin, microfiber.

Soda is added to the water, after which the solution is sent to the fire and brought to a boil. After the decoration, white gold is lowered into it and left for 15 minutes. Removing products from the solution, you should wipe them dry with a special cloth. Experts strongly do not recommend using this method to clean jewelry with stones.


This tool can be used in two ways, each of which will be described in detail below. Итак, в основе первого кроется пропитывание спиртом специальной мягкой ткани, которой в дальнейшем аккуратными движениями производится чистка украшений. Когда процедура закончена, изделия следует обязательно промыть под проточной водой и высушить.

Второй способ рекомендуется к использованию при наличии слишком сильных загрязнений. In this case, you need the following:

  • distilled water - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • ammonia - 6-8 drops,
  • a piece of cotton, a cotton swab,
  • crushed chalk (with a very high degree of contamination).

Water is poured into the container and ammonia is added, mixed. Next, immerse the jewelry in the resulting solution and leave it for about 40 minutes. After it, you need to get out and gently wipe the contaminated places with a piece of cotton wool or, for convenience, you can use a cotton swab. After dirt and dust have been removed, the jewelry should be washed under running water and rub well with microfiber or a special cloth.

By the way, crushed chalk will achieve a better effect, so it is recommended for use. However, if it is not there, it is not critical at all - cleaning in any case will affect the state of jewelry.

The best options for purifying white gold at home, presented above, may not always be used for products containing stones. Therefore, readers sometimes have a very logical question: how to clean jewelry made of white gold with stones? Experts have prepared some tips for cleaning products with stones:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to boil - decorative inserts often fall out.
  2. It is impossible to keep jewelry on which stones are glued in water.
  3. The surface of the stones should be protected from pastes and powders. Otherwise, scratches cannot be avoided.

To clean products made of white gold with stones, it is recommended to use soap or detergent, but avoid too long stay of stones in solutions. Do not forget about the final cleaning of products with a special cloth - this will restore their former shine.

How to clean white gold with stones

In no case should such products be boiled - there is a serious risk of decorative inserts falling out of their fixtures. If the stones are not inserted into metal fasteners, but are kept on an adhesive composition, then it is not recommended to lower such products into water. Neither powders nor any pastes should get on the surface of the stones - they can easily scratch the surface.

How to clean white gold with diamonds: use any of the above methods without touching the stones. They are also wiped with a soft cloth, which returns their shine. If the diamonds are very dirty, then they can be very carefully wiped with gasoline.

Natural stone inserts can only be cleaned with soapy water. The same applies to pearls, which are extremely sensitive materials and cannot tolerate products even with moderate aggressiveness.

Never use vinegar for pearl inserts - it can simply destroy them.

Alternative cleaning agents and what should not be used

Of course, seriously contaminated jewelry should be assigned for cleaning to specialists who carefully return them to their former appearance. Most often, they use ultrasonic baths to get rid of the usual organic impurities. Such a device can also be purchased for home use. Small bathtubs are a budget option and are becoming increasingly popular. Their minus is that they can not cope with rather serious pollution, but they are guaranteed to get rid of small and medium ones.

If you need to add shine to a faded decoration, then wipe it with a hygienic lipstick with titanium oxide in the composition.

To cleanse white gold, you can use boiling. To do this, place the product in a bag of soft cloth and hold in boiling water for several minutes. But this method can be applied only to those jewelry that does not contain decorative inserts or impurities of other metals.

To rub jewelry with stones, it is recommended to use isopropyl alcohol.

If your jewelry is heavily scratched, then take it to the jeweler for grinding and polishing - at home it is quite difficult to do it safely and effectively.

Now, let's look at tools whose tips to use can often be found, but to use them is undesirable:

  • vinegar - yes, this is a good cleaning agent, but not for white gold, as you can understand from the description of its properties. Acetic acid is quite aggressive to cover such products and can seriously spoil it,
  • lime - sometimes you can meet the advice to leave your decoration in a paste of lime and water for as long as 2 hours. Lime is an aggressive and rather corrosive substance, which during this time will cause the product even more harm,
  • onion juice - and there is such. Usually advised to grate a piece of onion darkened areas. The composition of such juice contains a weak concentration of sulfuric acid and not the fact that it will not leave a mark on the coating.

These funds, of course, will clean your jewelry, but with a high probability at the same time they will spoil them.

Of course, gold is quite resistant to almost all chemical compounds. To dissolve it, it is necessary to combine several strong undiluted acids. But it is a soft metal that is sensitive to abrasive effects, the metals contained in white gold can be exposed to oxidizing agents, just like a rhodium coating. Therefore, you should not agree to experiments in the hope of quick cleaning.

Product Care Tips

Oddly enough, white gold is easy to clean. It is enough to adhere to a few simple rules.

To prevent contamination and damage to white gold surfaces at home, make it a rule to store them in a separate place. Get a special box for them and limit their contact with other metals.

Such material is very sensitive to the effects of chlorine, so remove jewelry from it before washing the dishes (if the chlorine water in your area) or going to the pool. And also limit the contact of products with other acids.

Rhodium plating is very sensitive to friction, so try not to make sudden movements when wearing such jewelry, as well as when removing them.

Never leave such products wet for long, thoroughly wipe them dry.

Now you know how to clean soiled jewelry yourself. The easiest way to do this is with solid alloy products. It is also easy to clean white gold with diamonds at home, but with other stones and inserts you should be extremely careful.