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You can buy dry ice in St. Petersburg from us


Dry ice Is carbon dioxide solid - WITH2 (carbon dioxide in solid form). Under ordinary conditions (atmospheric pressure and room temperature), dry ice goes into a gaseous state, bypassing the liquid phase. In appearance, dry ice resembles ordinary ice (hence the name). Dry ice is almost 1.5 times heavier than water, does not burn and does not support combustion and is therefore considered a relatively inactive substance. The temperature of dry ice is about -78.5 ° C and when working with it, some caution is necessary so as not to get a burn. We advise you to use normal cotton gloves when working with dry ice and observe safety precautions.

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50 rubles / 1 kg - round-the-clock delivery of dry ice

The main activity of the KRIOSHOP company is the sale and delivery of edible dry ice in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. Our company focuses on the wishes of customers and seeks long-term cooperation as a reliable supplier.

In the production of our products, we use carbon dioxide only that complies with GOST 8050-85 TOP GRADE (food carbon dioxide) is confirmed by all necessary certificates of conformity, a certificate that complies with the unified sanitary and epidemiological and hygienic requirements for goods subject to sanitary and epidemiological surveillance (control).

Recently, dry granular ice has become popular on the market. The granules have a dense structure, they are convenient for dosing and there is no need to grind them (for some areas) using a crusher. White granules with a diameter of 16 mm and humidity up to 80%. You can buy granular dry ice from us at a price of 50 rubles / kg

We offer you dry ice (solid carbon dioxide, CO2) with a concentration above 99%. (99.998% CO2 and 0.0002% O2)

A relatively new application of dry ice is its use for the preparation of various cocktails (champagne slide). When added to water, dry ice begins to evaporate, emit carbon dioxide and smoke nicely. This gives the cocktail an incredibly interesting visual effect. In St. Petersburg there are very few restaurants and bars that prepare such cocktails with dry ice. But for this you need only a couple of kilograms of dry ice per day. In a cocktail you need to throw 1-2 granules. Thus, two cocktails sold fully cover the cost of ice.

Transportation, delivery of bio-samples with dry ice

Dry ice storage containers

We make granular food dry ice (in granules) with a diameter of 16 mm on high-class imported equipment. Scope of dry ice:

1) Food industry, logistics and transport

- for storage and transportation of chilled and frozen products: - meat and meat products, - fish and fish products, - dairy products, ice cream.

2) Pharmaceutical industry

- for storage and transportation of medical preparations, biological substances and medicines.

3) Chemical industry

- in the process of production, storage and transportation of chemical compounds and reagents.

4) For entertainment purposes

- cryo show for children, spectacular champagne pyramid for celebrations, dry ice is used for generators of heavy smoke, etc.

One of the most effective ways to clean surfaces from various contaminants using a high-speed jet of dry ice granules.

ATTENTION! NEW! Dry Ice Based Heavy Smoke Generator


Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide. Dry ice sublimates into the atmosphere without leaving any residue. Dry ice is primarily used for cooling, storage and transportation of food products. The value of dry ice lies not only in its freezing effect, but also in the fact that products in carbon dioxide do not mold, do not rot. The possibilities for using dry ice are endless. It is widely used in the food industry, for theatrical productions, in smoke machines, special effects in night clubs, a champagne slide, hookah with dry ice, cleaning with dry ice (Cryoblasting), for ritual purposes and in many other industries.