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How to tone the muscles of the legs


We bring the muscles in tone.
The main rule of successful training is motivation. And it is not so important what exactly will affect your decision to take up your figure: an upcoming party or a date with a new boyfriend. Work is always necessary for the result.

Exercises in the article will not only prepare your uniforms so that they look elegant in an evening dress, but also help to gain self-confidence. Natasha Begenfield really needed this on the eve of the wedding, as she was expected by a number of important events, which included tours, weddings and recordings in the studio. The girl dreamed that the dress sat on her just perfect. The 28-year-old singer was ready to master a whole range of exercises, including: a shock absorber, an exertube, dumbbells and a fitball. A program has been developed that, thanks to weighting, is able to quickly tone muscles and create a beautiful relief. The exercises are arranged in such a sequence that they work out the whole body. At the same time, there are no interruptions, but only cardio trainings that can make the cardiovascular system work.
Training program. How to tone muscles?
How much to do? The entire complex should be performed a couple of times a week, but do not let yourself rest during classes. Before you begin the program, you need to properly warm up at least five minutes. Repeating this complex is better 1-2 times: it all depends on whether you have free time.
What is necessary? Dumbbells for 2-4 kilograms, yoga mat, shock absorber tape, exercise tube and fitball.
1. Squats and stretching
What is involved? Under such loads, the muscles of the legs and buttocks work, and the muscles on the back of the back and hips stretch well.
We stand straight so that the arms are located above the head, and the palms are facing each other. We spread our legs slightly wider than our shoulders. First, take a deep breath and slowly do a squat. Then exhale strongly enough and lean forward so that the palms rest on the floor. You need to feel all the tension in the calf muscles and the back of your thighs. Then we inhale and return to the starting position, i.e. we do the squat again, and we hold our hands above our heads. Slowly exhale and rise. Four repetitions are required.
2. Offsets
What is involved? At this time, the muscles of the arms, chest, and stabilizer muscles work.
It is necessary to take the position of the bar and focus on the hands and knees, which are located slightly wider than the shoulders. Then we lower ourselves to the floor, but bring the elbow of our left hand closer to the chest. At this time, the elbow of the right hand is removed to the maximum to the side. Do push-ups: a total of five repetitions. After that, you need to change the position of your hands and repeat the same thing five times.
3. Lunge with arms raised
What is involved? The muscles of the back, legs and buttocks are involved.
We cling to the static object in a position in front of itself and at a height of 2 meters. We hold the handles and raise our hands, slightly spreading, above the head. We do a squat, the body is motionless, arms are straight. Take the hilt to the hips and return to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions.

Aerobic exercise to tone the muscles of the legs

If besides toning the muscles of the legs you want lose weight and improve your staminaaerobic exercise will help you with this. Since the conversation is about losing weight without gym, then we can offer you 30 minute cardio exercises in the open air. On the street, your muscles are saturated with oxygen much faster than in a stuffy gym.

To increase endurance and maintain muscle tone, you can only perform 30 minutes cardio, here are some good options:

  • Jogging or walking,
  • Running is for those people who are confident in their the joints,
  • Hike to the rink
  • Bicycle riding.


To tone your legs without going to the gymYou need to do some exercise at home. Via squats you can strengthen the muscles of the hips, and lower back. This exercise will also help you improve your posture.

We put our legs slightly wider than our shoulders, pulling our ass back and keeping our back straight, we begin to squat. It is important that when squats your knees did not extend beyond your toes. Otherwise, there is a risk of knee injury. When the technique is learned you can start to squat with a barbell. We carry out 4 series of 15 repetitions.

Also known as steps or lunges, are a great alternative to keeping legs toned without attending fitness clubs. This exercise can be performed in home conditionstherefore it suits us. Making lunges, we use the muscles of the hips and buttocks. As with squats during lunges, knees should not extend beyond the tips of the toes. We carry out 3 series of 15 repetitions per leg.

Lying leg on side

This exercise is perfect for hipsbecoming one of the alternatives to the most popular leg exercises. To complete this exercise, you only need a fitness mat. We lay down one side on the mat and begin to raise the leg, which is located on top, then lower it. We do as shown in the figure. To increase the effect, you can purchase a tape for resistance, so making the exercise becomes more difficult. We carry out 3 series of 15 repetitions per leg.

Exercise for toning the buttocks

It’s not enough to tone the legs, our buttocks also deserve to be fit and resilient. There is a special exercise for the buttocks, raising legs.

Place your hands and knees on the floor, adopt a dog pose. Lift up and lower legs alternately. We carry out 3 series of 15 repetitions per leg.

Ladder is your friend

If you do not have time for all the exercises that we talked about, but there is a desire to keep your legs in good shape, then the ladder will become your ally in this matter. Forget about the existence of elevators, forget about the easy static climb up, use only the stairs. During walk up the stairs all your leg muscles are involved, climbing stairs can even replace cardio stress. And even when doing all the exercises, do not deny yourself the pleasure of going up a couple of floors.

Implementation Tips

It is important not only to know what exercises you can perform not in the gym, but also to know how to do them and with what frequency to avoid injuries and unwanted muscle pain:

  • It should work 2 days in a row in the same muscle group. If you do squats and lunges one day, the next day is best done lifting legs on one side, buttock exercises and climbing on toes
  • You can do cardio before or after each routine,
  • Do these exercises a maximum of 5 days a week, you also need to rest to restore muscle,
  • Never forget about stretching. Stretch after your workout to avoid muscle pain.