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How to make money on a blog


No matter what experts say, it’s best for a newcomer to start making money on “free” blogs.

I hope it’s clear why? There are zero material costs, respectively, a higher “return” coefficient ... And then, when you already learn how to get started, you can think about your own site and paid hosting. In the meantime, it’s more profitable to create a blog on a free service.

Personally, I recommend starting with One of the most popular "blog machines", authoritative only, perhaps, is Google's BlogSpot - Google "loves it" (well, how not to love your child!), Constantly pings and in about 15 minutes the article may appear in the index. However, Yandex (competitor) indexes Google’s blogs very poorly.

You can, of course, as opposed to trying the “blogging engine” from Yandex - blogs (, but it’s kind of frail and underdeveloped, users are inactive, not like in LiveJournal, I recommend LiveJournal. A little later I’ll tell you another "trick" associated with the "Live Journal" and earnings on my blog. I won’t explain how to register in LiveJournal, its interface has long become Russian-speaking, so you’ll figure it out ... or making money on the Internet is not for you.

So, we started a blog ... begin to actively post topics (write to it). There was such a situation on the Internet - copy-paste (copied, pasted someone else's news) is no longer “steers”. You need to "generate your own content" or retell the news in your own words, stupid copying will not work. Post more pictures and drawings, other thoughts, then not only potential readers, but also search engines will love you.

If it’s really tight with the creative, you can post other people's news, pictures, videos, but be sure to retell in your own words and give a personal commentary-assessment. But do not forget about copyright, that is, it is highly advisable to indicate the author if the news is foreign. If the "author is unknown," then it will come down ...

Writing on your blog is best daily. At least 2-3 posts to start with, too much is also bad, news and thought should be “filtered out”, but you can’t do a weekend for yourself - if the reader is bored, he will “unsubscribe”, and it depends on the number of subscribers and visitors Blog rating. And the higher the rating, the steeper it can be "monetized". I hope no need to explain ...

In general, we develop and write a little blog on our blog ... along the way, read other people's diaries and communities in LiveJournal, “make friends” (friend) and comment on what we like. What is this for? I explain ... Very often, the one you “freed” will also make you his friend, that is, you will get another “subscriber” to your blog, and in addition, your virtual “friend” can read your blog posts from his friend feed , which is built into his blog, and with each post you receive from each of your "friends" a new (external) link to your blog. Well, external (inbound) links affect the TIC and PR of the blog (two more parameters that directly affect the possibility of monetizing blogs). Now it’s clear why I recommend LiveJournal to start? Only its engine makes it possible to relatively easily increase the "puzomerki" TIC and PR for a young blozhik.

So, we have been posting for several weeks now, your blog is getting fatter (if during this time there were also TIC-PR updates, it’s even better, the blog is no longer “zero”). After your LiveJournal blog has 20 pages, indexed the main search engines (Yandex and Google), you can start earning on it. I recommend starting with Blogun (a blog advertising service). Register and add your blog to the system. After viewing by moderators, if everything is OK, they will approve it, and advertisers will be able to send you their applications for advertising, as well as you can send your own proposals. Later, I’ll probably write a detailed guide to work and earn money on Blogun, but for now I’ll explain only in general terms.

Blogun ( is a marketplace where bloggers and advertisers meet. Advertisers need a link to a promoted website, and a blogger is obliged to express their own unbiased opinion about this project, sometimes negative reviews are prohibited (smile). The technical part consists in placing a direct link in your post (the advertiser most often provides the code himself) and some own comment, not copied from the advertised site. There are three types of commentary: sentry (link with a couple of sentences of the surrounding text), as well as a short and complete reviews. Requirements for posts and bloggers are usually detailed, you’ll understand ...

For a young (not yet authoritative) blog, you’ll have to start with a guard of 15 rubles. I recommend that you follow the rule: one post - one advertising link, no need to be greedy, even if some advertisers allow up to three links. It is better to place them in different (separate) posts. It will be better for everyone, and the blog will not look corrupt. And if you still pick up guards in accordance with the topic of the post - it will even useful to your readers.

So, even the laziest is able to earn fifty dollars (50 rubles) per day from one (free) blog in LiveJournal.

This is 1,500 rubles a month, that is, we have already earned money on a paid hosting and our domain, but there really is a wider field for activity and earnings, and completely different money is spinning.

1. Create a blog

In order to make money on your blog, you need to create this very blog. It sounds like an obvious thing, but for most beginners, it's a stumbling block. They are frightened by the technical part.

If you are one of these newcomers, then there is nothing to worry about. Go through all the steps to launch your blog and you will see that there is nothing complicated.

2. Create useful content

The most important thing about a blog is its content. Once you have created your blog, you should focus on creating useful content.

Most successful bloggers pay great attention to their content, they know exactly what they write and for whom they write to their blog.

Try to create content as useful as possible. This is the key to success. Focus on creating articles or videos that can change people's lives in some way. Visitors will appreciate this and will trust you more. In the future, this will allow you to make money on the blog.

3. Start attracting visitors

If you want to make money on your blog, you should focus not only on building the blog itself, but also on promoting it.

Start thinking about the readers you want to see on your blog. Understand who you are trying to attract. Compose a detailed “avatar” of your reader.

After you know who your readers are, think about where they can be on the Internet. Here are some examples.

  • Do they read certain blogs? Make a list of TOP 3
  • Do they sit on the forums? TOP 3 list
  • What social networks do they like more? VK, OK, FB, Instagram
  • What groups on social networks do they belong to? TOP 3 list

In each of these places you will find your readers. Start making good comments. Suggest creating guest posts. You can agree on the placement of paid advertising on your articles and subscription pages, or simply answer questions and be useful.

The bottom line is to create a presence on these popular blogs, forums and groups. Be sure to participate in discussions and be always helpful. People will begin to pay attention to you and be interested in what you do on the Internet. In no case do not engage in spam and other similar things!

4. Build relationships with readers

After you started creating useful and interesting content and began to attract readers to your blog, start communicating with those people who interact with your content.

Respond personally to those who leave comments or ask you about something. Your task is to make people start coming back to your blog again and again. Some readers will start sharing your content with other people, which will attract new visitors for free.

Be sure to make a form for collecting email addresses and ask visitors to subscribe to the news of your blog.

5. Earnings on the blog with the help of visitors

After the previous 4 stages are built, you can begin to monetize the blog. We will consider several ways to make money on a blog.

There is a misconception that you can make money from a blog in one way. This is not true. You can and should use several sources of income, so this type of Internet business is wonderful!

1. Contextual advertising

To make money on a blog, even a novice just connect contextual advertising. Such advertising is the most popular. This earnings can be safely called passive. All that is required of you is to place a special code on your blog and advertisements will start showing automatically.

Contextual advertising can be connected from Google AdSense and the Yandex Advertising Network. Google AdSense accepts both large and small sites. If the blog already has 10 visitors a day, then you can safely connect.

Yandex ad networks accept sites and blogs with traffic of at least 500 visitors per day. You have probably already seen such advertisements, they are on almost every site.

To have a serious income, you need a lot of blog traffic. Each user will be shown their own advertising. It depends on what he has been interested in recently.

2. Direct advertisers

Promote a blog from 1000 to 2000 visitors per day and you can now connect to the contextual advertising banner from direct advertisers. Such a site can already bring from 15 - 18 thousand rubles a month. Earnings can be either more or less, everything will depend on the chosen niche. An example of such an advertisement:

3. Teaser advertising

Teasers is a picture with provocative text. Typically, such an advertisement promises to quickly get rich or instantly recover from a disease.

In more detail, what is teaser advertising, I described in this article. Using together all 3 methods, you can secure a stable and passive income.

4. Affiliate Programs

This is my favorite way to make money! Only this one method can bring much more money than contextual, banner and teaser advertising combined!

Simply put, you place a link to a product that is sold on another site. For example, you have a fashion blog and you do reviews on some things. In the article you put a link where you can buy this thing. As a result, if someone follows this link and buys these goods, you will receive a commission.

In affiliate programs there is no ceiling for earnings. Everything will rest on the number of your visitors on the blog. The more there are, the higher your income will be. You can read about how much you can earn on affiliate programs here. While writing this article, I went to one affiliate program and took this screenshot.

According to the affiliate program, you can recommend both physical and digital goods, for example, courses, trainings, e-books, etc.

5. Recurring income

This type of earning from the blog as recurring payments is becoming increasingly popular. For example, you create something like a private club where you conduct your training or give premium content.

And people pay to access it on a monthly or annual basis. The task is to create such content that its value is many times higher than the price. This is like buying a membership to a fitness room. You can buy for a month, or you can take a club card for a year in advance.

This model is good in that one client can bring you income for several months in a row. In the West, this method has been working for a long time and is very successful. In the Russian-speaking space, this is only gaining momentum.

The most common way for bloggers to make money is to sell their services to blog readers. It can be anything: from coaching and consulting to consultations on Skype or the development of web design. I think you have already presented what services you could provide to your readers.

7. Virtual Products

For info-business bloggers, this is # 1 source of income. Revenue comes from the sale of their digital courses and e-books. In simple words, this is an infobusiness. Only you do not need to constantly buy traffic and spend a "lot" of money on advertising.

If you correctly define your “avatar”, as described in paragraph 3, then you will receive target customers who are already interested in your products and services.

8. Selling a blog

In the end, you can always profitably sell your blog if it is thematic and visited. As the blog says - this is real estate on the Internet! And such assets are rarely sold, since they bring very serious income.

But the situations are different, for example, they decided to change their niche or start another business. Here you need to be careful. If you start a blog and promote yourself, then such a blog will be difficult to sell, since it is tied to your brand and without you it will not be of great value. Here people want to read you, not another person.

If the blog is not attached to you and it has a neutral name, then such a blog will be torn off with hands! There are special exchanges where they sell sites on various topics. Look at their attendance and how much they are willing to buy. Such sites host entire auctions. You can see here

How much can you earn on your blog

Most bloggers make money from multiple sources. It makes no sense to use only one. If you focus on creating useful content and promoting it, then earnings will come by itself, as a matter of course.

I don’t yet know bloggers in the Russian-speaking space who earn more than 1,000,000 rubles a month. And the point here is not that there is no money, they are and there are a lot of them! It's just that the topic of blogging is underestimated here.

I follow Western bloggers and their results impress me. For example, a blogger in one year reached a net income of $ 100,000 dollars a month. Or a pensioner at the age of 78 earned $ 53,000 dollars in 6 months!

I hope this article helped you figure out how to make money on a blog.

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