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How to become a travel agent and make money on vacation?


Of course, if you do not have the necessary funds, and you cannot open a travel agency, then you have a great chance to try yourself in tourism. Moreover, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced tourism manager. This article will talk about how to open a travel agency at home.

At the time when I opened my travel agency, I had a competitor who worked at home. He had his own base of regular customers (where he got them, history is silent), and he worked quite successfully with his clients. When I asked how he concludes his contracts, they answered me that he almost "goes out into the porch in slippers" and gives the contract to tourists. Nevertheless, he still managed to intercept some of his clients.

But still, he needed to open an IP, conclude agreements with a large list of tour operators, pay taxes and pension contributions, keep accounts, etc. And all this requires, as you know, additional resources - time and money. Do you need this red tape? Another option is to work in black, as some do. What I strongly DO NOT recommend to you (there are many serious reasons for this, one of them is the article "tax evasion", but this is not even the worst). But I have a much better proposal for you, easier, more profitable, and that’s what it is.

How to open a travel agency at home

What do you need in order to open a travel agency at home? Everything is very simple - a computer, phone, printer and Internet connection.

Fortunately for us, today a unique service has appeared, which was approved by our president V.V. Putin. And now in the field of tourism services and legal advice, you can be officially employed. For you will make contributions to the pension fund, pay taxes, and, at any time, you can make yourself a 2NDFL certificate.

What kind of service is this?

I'm talking about a service such as workle (link to a resource ) After registration, you will be given a small presentation in which they will talk about how to work at workle.

If you already have experience in tourism - excellent! So you already have your own customer base. Then you can earn a good commission from the tours you sold. And it will be more than what you are offered at a travel agency (about 8%). If you do not have experience in tourism, then do not despair! Workle took care of you and created free materials and courses that will help you quickly master this craft. And to test your knowledge, you will be provided with special tests, after which you will no longer doubt your knowledge and will be able to start practice.

Moreover, you will have career growth. The more you sell tours, the more your commission will become. In addition, workle has its own system of encouraging users and bonuses for the "best user". Just think how many advantages you get from such a service:

  1. you don’t have any paperwork, you don’t need to “reduce debit with credit”, everyone does it for you,
  2. you are officially employed, payments to the pension fund, taxes are deducted for you, you can get a 2NDFL certificate (for example, for a loan or visa),
  3. you don’t depend on anyone, you work for yourself, and you don’t need to go to work in the morning, you can work wherever you want or where it’s convenient for you,
  4. you don’t need to rent your office and pay employees for work, it significantly reduces your costs,
  5. you get a bigger commission than working in an agency,
  6. you have career growth, thanks to which you increase your income, you do not need to be someone's relative, flatter your boss, etc., it all depends on you,
  7. you do not have any risks, you do not risk your money and property (in the case of IP),
  8. you have the opportunity to improve your skills, thanks to the courses that you will find on the service,
  9. you don’t need to fulfill the sales plan, you earn and work as much as you need,
  10. you can use this service as additional income, etc.

And many other advantages that you can get by working in the workle system. Plus, I will give you some skype consultations that will help you: negotiate correctly, attract tourists from the Internet, and many other useful tools that will make you a good tourism manager. All this I will do for free if you join my team at workle.

To do this, you need to click on the link and register on the site. After registration, you need to write to [email protected], and indicate in the subject line of the letter "I joined your team at workle" and write your login in skype. After checking, I will send you an invitation to skype and we will discuss the time convenient for you.

I hope we answered your question how to open a travel agency at home.

How it all began

I was far from tourism. He was engaged in sales, Yandex Direct setup, promotion in VK and Instagram. Not everything worked out, sometimes it was necessary to return the money to the owners. But I got experience and do not regret it. Now I continue to create sites, dear landing pages.

Since adolescence, he dreamed of traveling: to visit the beaches, observe nature, and try unusual dishes. So the idea came up to open your travel agency.

In my opinion, this is a profitable niche for business. No need to buy goods, offer them to customers. We make money on the sale of tours: we find options that suit the desires and correspond to the client’s budget, arrange honeymoon trips, etc. In other words, we sell packages for happiness!

The process is facilitated by the fact that there are few large competitors among tour operators. You can buy a franchise, for example, Tez tour. But this service is paid. Also, you undertake to sell tours only of this operator.

To open a travel agency for a franchise, I chose Rosstur. Franchise is provided free of charge. This is a well-known brand, with tour operators working at high interest rates. Now it remained to open an office and make a profit on sales.

An office was required to open a travel agency

Instructions on how to open a travel agency

Obtaining a franchise, you practically acquire a ready-made business, and to open a travel agency, just rent an office. The procedure cost me 190 thousand rubles. It included:

  • the Internet,
  • computer,
  • room repair
  • Yandex advertising and targeting (20 thousand rubles),
  • office rental for 2 months (13 thousand rubles per month).

I plan to open a second office, I want to keep within 100 thousand rubles.

When he just decided where to start the tourism business, he knew nothing about it. Therefore, I decided to find a mentor who will help to understand the intricacies. After 3 days, I agreed with a woman - the owner of a travel agency, who agreed to train me for setting up ads on Yandex and target. Now I know everything, but I continue to promote it. We have remained friends.

Myself also doing advertising on the Internet, created a VK group. Most travel agencies do not even have communities in the social. networks. And although there is a lot of competition in the tourism business in Russia, with an abundance of advertising and competent promotion, rivals are left behind.

Few travel agencies develop online advertising campaigns

How to sell tours

There is nothing complicated in sales. To properly sell tours, it is enough to own several tools. I give an example.

The client is looking for a trip to Turkey for 3 days, so that near the sea, with a swimming pool and a sandy beach. We go to the site, enter the parameters and select the tours. Now we go to the site and offer tourists suitable options. He picks and flies.

Business brings good money. From May 6 to August 31, earnings amounted to 700 thousand rubles. The accrual of profit in proportion to the cost of the tour - 7-12%. If a trip to the Dominican Republic for 11 nights costs 130 thousand rubles, I get 10%. Once I sold a ticket for 15 people for 900 thousand rubles. through the company of Ted travel. The profit amounted to 108 thousand rubles.

To attract more customers, he used different promotion channels: Yandex Direct, VK group, Instagram. In Vkontakte community brings 1-3 customers per day. This is one of the best ways to promote: tourists see live reviews, vivid pictures, can communicate.

I tried Instagram, but it did not go. There were 1-3 orders per month. I also try to organize contests: it is attractive and intriguing.

So, if you want to create your own travel business, buy a franchise or develop your brand. The second will be more expensive: you need more money for advertising, the commission at the initial stage is small. I do not regret connecting Rosstur: a promoted brand and large commissions.

So go for it! The case does not require large investments and efforts. And it pays off in 3-4 months.