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How to install AVG Free antivirus (AVG Free)

OSXP, LINUX, Vista, Windows 7
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It's time to take advantage of the free and effective AVG 2013 antivirus, because Nod 32 could not meet my expectations in terms of system protection. Very often I began to skip Trojans and viruses, which actually gave a step to installing other protection. Even the free utility from Doctor Web is much more effective.

What did not like this antivirus in the first place, so is it cursing Apache, or maybe the truth is that the apache.exe file has become infected? I opened the cureit utility and checked this file, the program did not detect any viruses. Actually a screenshot from AVG at the time of detection of danger. Apache became infected with Win32 / Expiro.U, well, okay, the main thing is to be able to protect your computer from viruses that usually sit on sites.

Like any program to protect your computer, the Anti-Virus function allows you to remove the threat right away and notify the administrator about it. Avg can scan files in the registry and also check removable storage media. The “Web” component, unlike the “Computer,” just protects us from external Internet threats, which are becoming more and more every year.

Do not forget that Avg can scan and verify your personal data, and of course protect them from theft by others. And of course, email protection, which is used by almost all Internet users. But the letters contain a lot of viruses and trojans, but AVG antivirus is not scared.

At the last stage of viewing the program, it was possible to find the PC Analyzer component, which in its functionality is somewhat reminiscent of TuneUp Utilities 2012 or a little simpler than Ccleaner. This component performs troubleshooting and troubleshooting in the registry, deletes unnecessary files on the hard drive, fixes broken shortcuts, and also makes quick disk defragmentation for fast work of your hard drive.

The design of the antivirus is somewhat primitive, and very simple, but the program itself does not load the system, which is primarily pleasing to the eye. I can say little about computer security, because for several days of operation, AVG was not able to catch a single virus, and this is fortunately.

I want to add, after about 1.5 weeks, the antivirus was able to detect and block the threat (Windows is blocked) that none of the previously installed programs, such as Nod32, DrWeb and Avast, could cut off, so we draw conclusions from the comrades. This virus creates the mc.exe file, and your windows is blocked by a window asking you to enter an activation code, I already wrote about this in the corresponding article. And here is the evidence.

As you can see in the screenshot, this virus tried to get into the system already twice, here we have such a "safe" Internet.