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How to calculate your daily calorie requirement?


Proteins, fats, carbohydrates are the most important components of our food. When planning a diet for weight loss, it is necessary to accurately calculate the daily calorie intake to meet the needs of the body and the ratio of BJU. Properly selected nutrition will allow those who are losing weight:

  • Do not feel hunger, lethargy and weakness,
  • provide yourself with enough nutrients
  • lose weight effectively, maintain weight at a certain level, which is especially important for women,
  • for men - choose a diet for gaining muscle mass or for weight loss, prepare the body for drying,
  • get the right ratio and balance of nutrients in the body.

Online calculator for calculating BJU and daily calorie intake

To determine and calculate the need for each component individually, an online calculator will help. After all, for weight loss it is very important to know the calorie content of the finished dish. It is easy to use:

  • specify your parameters
  • choose a lifestyle and purpose,
  • the system will do the calculation automatically.

The counter will allow you to get answers to questions:

  • How many calories do we need for weight loss?
  • Should nutritional value be increased / decreased?
  • Are we eating enough BJU?

Daily calorie intake for weight loss

How many calories do you need per day to lose weight? How to calculate calories and their consumption? In solving these problems, an online calorie calculator will help you.

Of course, every person who wants to lose weight has his own lifestyle: someone has more, someone less active. Accordingly, one needs to calculate the number of calories per day for weight loss and strictly adhere to this plan, and the other just needs to decide how much he needs to maintain himself in shape.

How to calculate calories for weight loss

If you decide to lose weight, you need to know your allowable rate and the optimal number of calories per day. To calculate the calorie consumption and understand what calorific value of a particular dish, use the online calculator.

To calculate daily calorie intake, you need to decide how much you consume in one day.

There is a specially designed Mifflin-San Geor formula:

  • daily calorie intake for men: (10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) - 5 x age (g) + 5) x A,
  • for women, the daily calorie rate is calculated using the same formula, the difference from the male formula in the last coefficient: +5 change to -161.

After completing this simple computational operation, we obtain data to keep fit. In order to calculate the calorie content for losing weight, multiply the result by the indicator of physical activity (A):

  • low (sedentary work in the office + rare walks in the city) = 1.2,
  • small (the above + exercises in the gym + swimming several times a week) = 1.4,
  • average (training 3-5 times a week) = 1.6,
  • high (daily exercise) = 1.7.

Harris-Benedict Formula.

BMR (basal metabolism) * AMR (active metabolism).

BMR for women: 447.593 + (9.247 * weight in kg) + (3.098 * height in cm) - (4.330 * age in years).

BMR for men: odds 88.362, 13.397, 4.799, 5.677, respectively.

  • Sedentary lifestyle - 1.2,
  • Moderate activity - 1,375,
  • Average (lessons 3-5 times a week) - 1.55,
  • Active people (intense loads) - 1.725,
  • Athletes (6-7 times a week) - 1.9.

For a set of muscle mass, AMR = 1.2, for losing weight women and men - 0.8.

Consumption per kilogram depends only on weight and lifestyle:

  • sedentary. 1 kg from x26 to x30,
  • easy activity. 1 kg from x31 to x37,
  • average. 1 kg from x38 to x40,
  • high. 1 kg from x41 to x50,
  • extreme. 1 kg from x50 to x55.

The norm for men and women per day for weight loss

Nutritionists argue that with weight loss, the daily calorie intake for a woman and a girl should be at least 1100-1300 kcal. Such an amount of consumption can provide the female body with everything necessary.

For weight loss, the daily calorie intake for a man is slightly higher - 1300-1600 kcal. It is extremely important to calculate the calorie content of the food you eat in such a way that it contains not only proteins, but also complex carbohydrates. In no case should you give up entire groups of products. This can negatively affect your well-being.

How to calculate the daily calorie intake for weight loss?

An online daily calorie calculator will help you understand what calorie rate you need to keep fit, and also make a calculation and help you understand how many calories you need to lose weight per day. In addition, you can calculate the rate yourself using tables and calorie intake formulas.

For a person, the recommended daily calorie intake for losing weight is 20% less than the result you obtained in the above calculations (1200-1400kcal). For a child (up to 10 years), the average daily intake, while losing weight, fluctuates around 1800-2000 kcal, and for a teenager the recommended daily intake is 2300-2500 kcal.

The ratio of BJU in the diet

For a long time, doctors, nutritionists, scientists and physiologists tried to derive a proportional ratio of BZHU so that the human body could fully function, as well as to prevent diseases associated with malnutrition or malnutrition. As a result, they established the following ratio, which is important to remember:

  • 1 g B = 4 kcal,
  • 1 g W = 9,
  • 1 g Y = 4.

On a day, a person should consume food containing 40% protein and carbohydrate and 20% fat. But nutritionists agreed that when losing weight, this ratio should look like this: proteins - 30%, fats - 20%, carbohydrates - 50%. For example, the formulas for calculating the BZHU norm for a daily calorie content of 1200 kcal are as follows:

The results obtained are for you the necessary norm of each substance separately.

Table of proteins, fats, carbohydrates (BJU) products

The last task remains: to pick up food that matches these data.
It is important to take into account its usefulness for the body, the presence of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other useful elements that are directly involved in the growth and regeneration of cells and the proper functioning of all internal organs and systems.

The menu should be varied. If possible, include dairy and dairy products, meat, fish, cereals, fruits, vegetables, flour, nuts, sweets.

In drawing up a balanced diet, this table will be an excellent helper:

ProductProteins, gFats, gCarbohydrates, gCalories per 100g
boiled chicken egg12,710,70,8144
boiled brown rice2,70,824,7116
durum wheat13,02,566,6301
wheat bran15,13,833,5191
Dutch cheese26,026,80,6352
low-fat cottage cheese18,00,61,888
raw cow's milk3,23,64,864
low-fat kefir30,053,830
sour cream 10%3,010,02,9115
an Apple0,40,411,845
black currant1,00,211,538
White cabbage1,80,16,827
Sweet pepper1,307,227
a tomato1,10,25,023
bell pepper1,30,17,226
pink salmon20,86,80,5147
chum salmon21,36,11,1140
beef liver18,84,23,4125
chicken breast23,92,90,7124
chicken liver19,86,71,1143
chicken thigh19,411,52,0187
minced chicken17,79,90,6164
turkey breast20,53,20,1111
turkey fillet20,04,10,2117
cashew nuts22,649,017,5606
dairy pasta11,52,967,1345
hard pasta10,41,174,9337
wheat cereal bread8,11,445,6231
Borodino brown bread6,81,341,8207
premium wheat flour10,31,170,6334
green beans1,20,13,116
green peas5,00,213,873
dried apricots3,0068,5227
granulated sugar0099,8379
natural honey0,8080,3314
raspberry jam0,6072,6275
black coffee0,200,32
cocoa powder24,217,533,4380
crab sticks6,01,010,073
smoked sausage17,040,32,1431
boiled breast25,43,20,4130
mashed potatoes2,53,314,496
fried zucchini1,26,67,196
braised cabbage3,44,07,466
millet porridge4,92,425,7138
boiled rice3,31,724,8130
scrambled eggs14,216,81,2211
chicken bouillon3,21,61,432
cheeseburger mcdonalds13,911,928,6281
french fries mcdonalds3,212,731,3252

In order for the consumption of these components to further benefit, it would be nice to additionally:

  • go in for sports (running, walking, jumping rope, squats, push-ups, abs - these are the minimum physical activities necessary for everyone),
  • more often to be in the fresh air.

Calorie Daily Calculation Methods

How to calculate the daily calories you personally need? We suggest using the calculation method according to the Mifflin - Saint Geor formula. This is the latest method of counting, today it is the most accurate formula for calculating the daily calorie intake. Calculation of metabolic rate:

  • men: 10 * weight (in kg) + 6.25 * height (in cm) - 5 * age (in years) +5,
  • women: 10 * weight (in kg) + 6.25 * height (in cm) - 5 * age (in years) -161.

This is the rate of calorie intake at rest. Now multiply the result by the coefficient of physical activity:

1,2 - sedentary lifestyle

1,375 - 1-3 times a week light exercise

1.55 - active lifestyle and exercise 3 times a week

1.9 - heavy physical activity or training every day.

If you want to lose weight, subtract 20% from the resulting amount. Although in order to lose 1/2 kg per day, it is enough to reduce the calorie content of the daily diet by 200 Kcal.

How to calculate your daily calorie intake with food

In order to use calorie counting methods in your diet, you will need the following:

  • food calorie tables,
  • small scales for calculating the weight of foods used during cooking,
  • notepad for daily calorie count records
  • scales for weighing a person.

At the first stage, it is proposed not to change anything in eating habits, but just a few days (preferably at the weekend) to fix the calorie content of all products and dishes, weighing each (you have to cook yourself and weigh all the ingredients) and counting the calorie content of all dishes and drinks consumed during the day . So you can calculate the daily calorie intake.

Pure water can be ignored, it has 0 Kcal. If you are preparing a dish like soup, from several products, its calorie content is calculated by the formula:

Total calorie content of soup = total calories of ingredients up to * (weight of soup after cooking weight of products other than water, before cooking).

Critique of Calorie Counting Method

This technique has been around for more than a century, and it is one of the leading approaches in nutrition today. Criticism of this method now also actively exists. The main disadvantages of the method of calculating daily calories are:

The inaccuracy in calculating calories in finished products, and the inaccuracy in calculating the calorie content of “hypothetical products in a vacuum,” because even among one type of meat or sauce there are a lot of side factors that affect the calorie content of a particular product on your table.

The inaccuracy in calculating the daily calorie requirement, based on the fact that calorie consumption per day is calculated again approximately, because every day we can have a different physical activity (which again is given in the tables for approximately each type of activity).

Dietitians indicate that calories are actually different for calories: from the point of view of physics or chemistry, in fact, 1 Kcal in alcohol will be equal to 1 Kcal in apple. But from the point of view of biochemistry this is not so. The food in the body is digested and absorbed in different ways, for example, calories from carbohydrates are absorbed instantly and either converted into energy or stored in fat reserves. The existing system for calculating daily calories does not take into account the actual energy costs of digesting various foods. So, from this point of view, there really are “negative calorie foods” whose digestion costs are greater than the calorie content of the foods themselves. Losing weight with these will not work (the difference is too small), but they are. Well, in addition, the reaction of the bacterial environment of the stomach to various types of food is not taken into account, simply - to the speed and complexity for the body in digesting various products. Although methods for calculating daily calories, taking into account the needs for fats, proteins and carbohydrates, are trying to deal with this disadvantage. How to calculate daily calories based on the nutritional composition of food? As a result of research by nutritionists, it was found that a person should receive such an amount of calories:

  • 45% -65% of daily calories from carbohydrates,
  • 20% -35% of daily calories - from fats,
  • 10% -35% - from proteins.

At the stage of losing weight or with intensive sports, the daily calorie ratio is as follows: 30% from protein, 20% from fat, 50% from carbohydrates. When losing weight, you need to consume a minimum of 0.75-1 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight, with muscle building - twice as much. 1 gram of fat releases 9.3 Kcal, 1 gram of protein and carbohydrates - 4.1 Kcal. Therefore, based on calculations of your daily calorie intake, you can adjust calorie intake by the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. For example, make it a rule to use 2 grams. protein 4 gr. carbohydrates 1 gr. fats per 1 kg of weight. Or calculate the optimal ratio for yourself.

The principles underlying the method of calculating daily calories remain undeniable today: you can monitor your weight by controlling your daily calorie intake.