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10 green eye makeup ideas: a step-by-step photo


Much depends on the general color type, and not just one eye color. All shades of pink, apricot, peach, eggplant and purple are perfect for blondes. They will help to focus on the eyes, emphasize the rich color of gray-green and gray-blue eyes. If you want to emphasize skin tone, try using brown, gold and yellow eyeshadow colors, the options depend on the pallor of the skin.

Dark brown is good for creating contrast in red-haired girls, with dark skin, if they have light gray-green eyes. Chocolate makes gray eyes more expressive. For a girl with dark hair, use glossy mother of pearl and bright pink shades, while shades of orange, silver, cloves and red will be better combined with chestnut.

Makeup for each color type in stages

As a foundation for makeup, we've put together the tips of leading makeup artists in our step-by-step tutorials. But remember that the recommendations are used to indicate a common framework, in turn, you can experiment with different colors and shades, because no one knows how beautiful a certain color on your skin can look, except you.

Girls with fall color

Ideal make-up for the autumn color type for gray-green and gray-green-brown eyes:

  1. We cleanse the face, degrease the wings of the nose and forehead area, you need to sprinkle the eyelids with powder. We recommend using the Mary Kay brand, as it is relatively affordable and fits perfectly on the dermis,
  2. Now we select a palette. We recommend that you pay special attention to golden and chocolate colors. You need to apply a base layer of shades of light yellow or gold color, cover only the moving eyelid,
  3. Next, in the corner of the eye we apply dark shadows, for example, chocolate, to create a fashionable contrast now. Now you need to choose the middle shade between the two, and sprinkle a little fold of the moving fold of the eyelid, blend the shadows to make smooth transitions, like a gradient,
  4. After we arm ourselves with a pencil of dark brown or black color, and draw a thin line right at the base of the eyelashes,
  5. Under the lower eyelid we apply brown shadows that shaded the crease, and in the corner - chocolate, you can not emphasize with a pencil line, although this technique will help visually solve the problem of small eyes,
  6. We paint with ink.
Photo - Makeup for fall color type

If done correctly, such a smoky make-up will turn out to be very natural, if you need to quickly fix the daytime look for the evening one, but just more intensely paint your eyes with a pencil, maybe take a darker shade.

If you want to create a stylish New Year or wedding make-up in such colors, then you can try adding special sparkles to your eyelids that focus on the eyelash area and visually enlarge the eyes.
Video: everyday makeup for green and gray eyes

Daily makeup for summer girls: a master class

Summer ladies are girls with light or ashy hair, and gray-green eyes, sometimes with specks of blue. In order to maximally imperceptibly and naturally emphasize the beauty of this color, you need to use warm peach, gray and pinkish shades.

  1. Powder eyelids with flesh-colored powder
  2. After, as a basis, apply peach shadows throughout the eye area, reaching the eyebrows. Under the eyebrows themselves, you can make a small stroke using silver or golden shades, this spectacular move will help to cope with the overhanging eyelid, but only the golden shades will need to be smeared on the moving fold, and the overhanging part should be darkened using a vanilla or dark beige palette,
  3. Owners of ashen gray-green eyes need to express them a little, for this we recommend using gray shadows. On a peach base, walk with a brush at the very corner, moving to a movable fold, you get something similar to a makeup bird. The main secret of such a make-up is good shading, you need to pay special attention to this action. After creating a gradient in the very corner of the eye, apply a dot of dark gray shadows, you do not need to rub it,
  4. Under the lower eyelid, draw a strip of gray, wipe it in the direction of the temples, and paint with mascara.
Photos - Makeup for the Summer color type

With such a palette, you can get an excellent festive make-up, just paint over the eyelashes with a golden pencil, and in the corner itself replace the shadows with a dark brown or black.
Video: a review of makeup trends for gray-green eyes

Spring color type

For light girls with gray-green eyes and light brown or red hair of a warm color type, the use of brown eyeshadows in the correct makeup is not always appropriate, in most cases such a palette will create the effect of tearful eyes. But a very beautiful and delicate image is obtained with beige shades, bluish, green, silver and gold. It will take you a little time to choose your own shade, because if you have such a color type, round or almond-shaped eyes, if you choose the wrong color, you will get a kind of “simple girl”, and if you go too far, you will begin to remind the lady “butterfly”.

  1. Powder eyes
  2. After coloring each eyelid with the base color, we advise you to take white shadows or as close as possible to this shade. This is perfect if you want to create the effect of large eyes, because cold white remarkably visually enlarges them,
  3. On top of the white shadows, apply silver. It is possible over the entire area of ​​the eyelids, but it is possible only in areas in the corners of the eyes, do not shade, you need to create the effect of nacre. Now we need an eyeliner,
  4. Using a liquid eyeliner, a marker or a dark well-sharpened pencil, you will get excellent Arabic makeup. We draw an arrow that fits the image and section of the eyes, do not rub it,
  5. Apply mascara.
Photo - Makeup for gray-green eyes of the spring color type

Winter girls

It is quite difficult for brunettes to choose a light make-up for gray-green eyes. According to the professional makeup artist, too light make-up will look excessively simple, and too dark - defiant. Consider the very fashionable type of applying shadows - ombre:

  1. Powder the eyelids and stain with beige shadows that repeat the shade of the skin,
  2. Shadows of dark shades are applied along the moving line of the eyelid. It can be dark gray, brown, dark silver. After application, you need to blend it to the top, to the eyebrow line,
  3. Now, on a light basis, draw a brush with bluish shadows. You can also use purple or eggplant, but they should not be too dark. Cool colors will help to make your look more expressive,
  4. Under the very line of cilia we gradually draw with a black pencil or thin liquid eyeliner. Apply mascara.
Photos - Makeup for winter color type

In order to choose the right combination correctly, in any case, you will have to check the colors, a lot depends on the shades of lipstick, hair and blush, and do not forget about certain types of lighting.

We hope our examples of how to make up for gray-green eyes have helped you choose your image.

1. Gentle haze

Smokey ice makeup is more suitable for an evening out. It is not difficult to make it at all, observing step-by-step photos, you emphasize the beauty of green eyes. The first step: a little dusting of the area around the eyes to remove grease. Next, gently raise the arrow along the edge of the upper eyelashes with a blue pencil. We blend it, then with blue shadows we create a darkening in the corner of the eyelid, stretching the gradient to a very light shade near the nose. Blend with a brush to get a soft transition.

Next action: with a blue pencil we again draw a clear arrow on the upper eyelid. We apply blue shadows on the corner of the lower eyelid, also gently blend them from temple to nose. Next, with a white pencil, draw the inner part of the ciliary edge of the lower eyelid to open the eye. In the final we cover the eyelashes with velvet-black mascara. Makeup in blue-green tones is well suited to girls of a cold color type, and to owners of blond hair.

2. Study in orange and gold tones

Despite the bright colors of the shadows, this makeup is suitable for both day and evening. Orange color creates a winning contrast for green eyes and is ideal for girls with reddish and dark copper hair. First you need to apply orange shades with a brush, gently blending the pigment over the entire moving part of the upper eyelid. The fold of the eyelid should be worked out with brown-chocolate shades. Next, with the help of orange shadows, paint over the area of ​​the lower eyelashes.

Next action: chocolate shadows with golden glitter paint over the lower sub-ciliary space, drawing an arrow and stretching out the eye to the temples. With a thin eyeliner, we draw the ciliary space of the upper eyelid, carefully outline the part of the eye near the nose. Golden shadows paint over the lower ciliary region a little. The last stage of makeup: applying mascara.

3. Peppermint tea

To emphasize the beauty of green eyes, mint color makeup will help. It will suit fair-skinned young ladies with light brown or red hair. Repeating all the steps in the photo, you will get an exquisite daily makeup. At the first step, shades of mint color with a golden sheen paint over the corner of the bridge of the nose. Then we apply opaque shadows on the center and begin to stretch the color towards the temple.

Using a flat brush, peppermint shadows paint over the skin under the lower eyelashes. Then, with dark beige shadows, we draw a fold on the border of the upper eyelid, in the front part we create a darkening with dark beige shadows, shade the entire line along the fold. In the same color we paint over the lower ciliary space. The most crucial moment: on the upper eyelid with a gold eyeliner, draw a thin arrow. Final stage: application of mascara.

4. Tenderness: gold + turquoise

Green-eyed girls can afford daily makeup in gentle spring tones, which emphasize the green tint and reddish hair. First, cover the upper eyelid with light powder. Then we paint over the entire upper eyelid with turquoise shadows, so that the most intense color is in the outer corner, and the lightest in the inner corner. Next, apply golden shadows to the moving part of the eyelid, blending the color from the middle to the edges. Using a gel eyeliner, we draw a thin line along the upper ciliary edge, the bottom - we work out with dark shadows, slightly shading the line. The last step is to apply mascara.

5. Sophisticated elegance

Makeup in wine color is quite suitable for brunettes with green eyes. The complex contrast of wine and green will very advantageously emphasize the color of the eyes. Despite the shade, makeup will be appropriate in daytime looks. Step one: put the shade of a wine shade on the center of the upper eyelid, then shade them a little, the greatest intensity should concentrate closer to the temples. Then, with graphite shadows, we arrange the corner of the eyes at the temple to get a softly shaded shadow. With eyeliner, draw a thin arrow along the upper eyelashes. At the last stage, apply mascara.

6. Cat's eyes

For an evening out come expressive makeup in the style of Kat Is. A step-by-step photo of makeup shows in detail the transformation of green eyes. At the first stage, the upper eyelid is painted with shades of sand color, enhancing the color in the outer corner. Near the nose we apply white shadows. The temporal corner is darkened with golden brown shades. Apply the same under the lower eyelashes, slightly blending. Using a gel eyeliner and a pencil, draw a line on the upper eyelid and in the corner of the lower one to make a “cat” line. We complete the make-up by applying black mascara.

7. Charming almonds

Makeup in natural tones will give your eyes a beautiful almond shape, this make-up is suitable for every day. We begin by drawing a line in the corner of the eye with a soft brown pencil that continues the direction given by the eyelashes. Bottom and top draw the outer corner of the eye, creating the tonsil. With a pencil or shadows in tone, we paint over the corner, gently shading to the middle of the eye from below and above. The next step: with an eyeliner or a black pencil, we raise an arrow along the row of upper eyelashes, at the bottom, in the outer corner we also make a small arrow. It remains only to make up eyelashes.

8. Mysterious Shadows

Smoky makeup will be appropriate in evening bows, it perfectly emphasizes the depth of green eyes. Makeup is created in several stages. First, apply sand-beige shadows to the temporal part of the upper eyelid, then apply smoky brown shadows to the moving part, so that the darker gradient goes to the outer corner, and to the inner corner it is highlighted. Using a flat brush, apply the same shadows along the lower ciliary edge. Then we reinforce the outer corner with darker shadows that are applied with feathering movements.

At the next stage, draw a pencil on the upper and lower eyelids with an arrow, which slightly extends the line of eyelashes to the temple. Then with a brush we put small spots of white shadows under the bend of the eyebrows and near the nose. Now you need to apply mascara on the eyelashes.

9. A warm look

Makeup in warm natural shades is perfect for a daytime look. It is especially recommended for red-haired girls. In the first step, draw an arrow with a pencil on the upper eyelid. Then with dark chocolate shadows we create a shadow in the outer corner of the eye. Next, sand-beige shadows cover the entire moving part of the century. Next step: with a flat brush with chocolate shadows, draw a line along the lower part of the eyelid. With white shadows we put a spot near the bridge of the nose. Now, a small layer of golden shadows is applied over the entire moving eyelid.

10. Open look

Makeup in silver range is suitable for both daytime and evening outs. It allows you to hide the overhanging eyelids, open the eye and emphasize the spectacular green shade. The first step: apply snow-white shadows under the bend of the eyebrows. Then, with beige shadows, we select the region of the eyelid at the temple, then with gray-blue dark shadows we draw a corner in the outer corner, capturing the fold of the moving eyelid. Silver shades cover the surface of the eyelid. With a flat brush we apply dark shadows along the lower eyelashes. Feather the surface a little. Now - you need to make up eyelashes.

In what colors and shades would you like to see makeup for green eyes with step-by-step photos? Leave your wishes, and we will additionally publish a phased photo on applying makeup.

How to do makeup for gray-green eyes - instructions with step by step photos

  • The first stage is preparatory. It is required in every make-up, regardless of the color of hair, skin or eyes. Preparation consists in cleansing and moisturizing the skin. To save time, especially if you want to make a natural make-up for gray-green eyes, use BB-cream. Apply a concealer under the eyes (if necessary), use a corrector to mask skin imperfections. Apply foundation.
  • Decide on the general gamut of makeup. For daytime makeup, which is suitable for gray-green eyes, choose body powder or light shades - beige, peach. Apply them to the moving eyelid, as well as to the eyebrow. Blend thoroughly. Under the eyebrow, you can make the highlight lighter and even brighter (do not forget to carefully blend the contours). With a thin edge of the brush, draw a curved line from the eyelash growth line (from the middle of the eye) to the crease of the eyelid. Use a dark shade of shadows, such as graphite.
  • Paint over the outer corner of the eye, more intensely applying shadows along the line of eyelash growth and blending to the crease. In the very corner, make a point with dark swamp shadows and carefully blend it, directing the brush to the “tail” of the eyebrow.
  • Cover your eyelashes with two layers of mascara - black or dark brown.

Another make-up option for such eyes, which perfect for special occasions or evening outingsshown in the following photo. You can repeat all the steps of applying cosmetics. Do not forget about mascara!

Makeup for blondes with gray-green eyes

The combination of blond hair and eyes with green sparks looks very gentle. You can familiarize yourself with the basic principles of makeup for fair eyes and fair hair in a separate article, and for gray-green eyes, use the following rules:

  • discard the cold gray-blue tonesas well as pink and strawberry shadows,
  • “Try on” a lilac, bronze, violet or peach palette,
  • girls who are predominantly green, worth use calm tones in the make-up, and when performing makeup for gray eyes with small "interspersed" greens, saturated colors are also suitable,
  • Remember that eyeliner must be combined with shadows.

Makeup for brunettes and brown-haired women with gray-green eyes

You can afford almost any experiment! Try a multi-color make-up, gold or bronze looks good on the eyelids, and for everyday makeup, give preference to olive tones or a shade of moss. Purple or dark blue shadows and eyeliner will add mystery and depth to the look.

Makeup for redheads with gray-green eyes

Сногсшибательное сочетание огненных волос и холодного оттенка глаз позволяет таким девушкам выглядеть красавицами и с макияжем, и без него. Что касается цветовой гаммы – здесь практически полный простор для фантазии (discard only pink and blue tones).

If you want to do makeup as quickly as possible, limit yourself to eyeliner: dark, olive or purple. In no case do not let the lower eyelid along the edge of the mucosa.

  • Highly stylish and beautiful make-up option, which is made in brown tones - this gamut is perfect for gray-green eyes. Using the colors shown in the video, you can make an evening or holiday make-up, and choosing lighter shades - everyday.

  • One more stylish makeup option shown in this video. The main shades are grayish-greenish. They are used in makeup for green eyes, and are also great for gray-eyed ladies.

  • Dreaming make the look mysterious? Then pay attention to the next video, which shows a diagram of a very elegant and sophisticated evening makeup for gray-green eyes.

  • Those who love bright colors and are not afraid to experimentYou can try combining olive and purple tones. Such makeup will emphasize the beauty of gray-green eyes.

  • Last video is dedicated to one of the top makeup trends - creating smokey ice. The proposed color scheme is most suitable for gray-green eyes, but can also be used in makeup for gray-blue eyes.