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The jaggalo subculture, which is composed by fans of the Michigan group Insane Clown Posse, painted under wild clowns, is practically not widespread outside the United States. Meanwhile, their music festival, Gathering of the Juggalos, held in Michigan, annually brings together thousands of participants from all over the Midwest and an impressive list of musicians. FURFUR figured out who the jagallos are, why they look like that and what they do.

The history of the juggalos movement dates back to the early 1990s when the rap group Insane Clown Posse was formed in Detroit. Its founders Joseph Bruce and Joseph Atsler are typical representatives of the white trash class: both came from poor families, did not have school certificates, but they had criminal records and earned their living by professional wrestling. The wrong side of the wrestling business quickly disappointed them, as well as criminal activity (both were street gangs), so our heroes founded the rap group Inner City Posse, named for their latest organized crime group, which was then renamed Insane Clown Posse (“The Gang of Crazy clowns ").

The change of name also meant a change in creative concept: gangsta rap was replaced by horrorcore - rap, which tells about the dark sides of life in the mystical images of the "dark carnival". Artists began to paint their faces like clowns from the underworld, and this aesthetics fell in love with Detroit youth. At one of the concerts, Joseph Bruce, now Violent J, addressed the fans during the performance of the song “The Juggla” (“Clown, Juggler”), and this unintentional pun from the words “juggler” and “gigolo” gave rise to an epidemic mass insanity, which has not ceased to this day.

Although music critics called ICP music second-rate imitation of Beastie Boys and Faith No More, and the Southern Baptist convention even broke the record deal with Disney because of their blatant spit on family values, after the 1995 release of The Great Milenko, the ICP army of fans grew to impressive size, equipped mainly with white youth, not only from Detroit and the surrounding area, but also from all over the United States. ICP fans who call themselves jaggalo are easy to recognize: they paint their faces with clown makeup, braid their hair in braids of “spider legs”, and at concerts of ICP and friendly clown rap groups Twiztid, Psypher, DarkLotus and others pour water on each other with cheap ginger beer Faygo. Their greeting was the exclamation of “whoop, whoop!”, And the hatchet man, the logo of their own label ICP Psychopathic Records, soon appeared and the eponymous clothing brand, after which the subculture finally formed.

The obsession with the ideas of massacre is not destructive, as it might seem at first glance, but carries a catharsis and a satirical charge. This aesthetic refers to the work of the idol of the youth of the 1970s and 1980s Alice Cooper, who also reincarnated on stage as a sentimental maniac with an ominous makeup on his face, to the Kiss army and to the movement of Scandinavian black metallers. And if you dig deeper, then the roots of this tradition are in the medieval areal culture, where buffoons-jugglers ridiculed the depravity and hypocrisy of the then society. At about the same time, another Detroit rapper by the name of Eminem embodied a similar image of a psychopath in Hannibal’s mask with an electric saw, but the ICP was at enmity with him because of a misunderstanding with the flyer, and possibly because he was the most striking phenomenon in the world of white rap and threatened to overshadow the "crazy clowns."

The jaggalo's clothing style — emphasized carelessly and non-conformist — dates back to the youth of the founders of ICP: both Josephs received clothes on coupons from charities, but their peers didn’t aggravate them, on the contrary, they learned to be proud of their castoffs and later turned them into a fashionable trend.

Tribalist Detroit

Detroit was once a thriving industrial city, a bull that lugged the American economy and delivered cars to the world. Then the crisis came, cars from the USA became useless to anyone, and Detroit fell. Over time, it turned into a real cesspool: the infrastructure was destroyed, most of the residents left the city, there were only those who had nothing to lose, or the most stubborn.

It is not surprising that Detroit is considered the most criminogenic city in the United States, at least among megacities - for sure. The chance to be killed here is 10 times higher than in New York, and he was never famous for security. It is not surprising that street gangs seized the outskirts - the police do not even bother with patrolling the suburbs, preferring to defend a more or less civilized center.

Under such conditions, tribalism flourished on the streets - when people return to tribal self-identification and behavior patterns. You probably remember this in the 90s, when the districts fought wall to wall, you could be blamed for having entered the wrong street, and this did not surprise anyone.

Savage freedom acted on groups like a mutagen - each gang is desperate to find its own style, even if idiotic, but unique. This is the only way to explain why the guys with clown faces painted on the horror story managed to survive and multiply. In any other place, they would be a laughing stock, but in Detroit, everyone doesn’t give a damn that the freaks were first able to create their own subculture, and then they completely began to capture the streets of the city, wedging themselves into the eternal gang war.

Jaggalo as a subculture

Initially, the jaggalo was just a community of fans of the Detroit team Insane Clown Posse. The band played horrorcore - a rather mediocre rap with lyrics inspired by horror films and glorifying violence. In addition, Insane Clown Posse behaved defiantly, painted their faces in the spirit of clown psychopaths and generally impressed the guys who escaped from the psychiatric hospital.

All this for the most part was banter and posturing, so a rather warm and friendly company of fans formed around the group. At a concert in the mid-90s, musicians turned to their listeners, calling them juggalo - a kind of pun intended to be made from the words “juggler” and “gigolo”. The name immediately stuck to the community and still haunts it.

The founders of Insane Clown Posse - Joseph Bruce and Joseph Utsler - were flesh from the flesh of dying Detroit. They lived in poverty, dressed exclusively in the cheapest second-hand clothes, and ate almost humanitarian aid. At one time, both tried to build a career in professional wrestling, then they tried themselves in crime, but somehow did not work out. But the hip-hop group, created exclusively for the sake of entertainment, brought them fame and fans.

Over time, fans became much more, a subculture began to develop with all the attributes, such as slang, clothes, tattoos and lifestyle. Not only Insane Clown Posse began to listen, but similar prolific bands from the Psychopathic Records label.

Stereotypical jaggalos paint faces under clowns, dress in emphasized marginal and cheap things, wear a badge in the form of a dude running with an ax (Psychopathic Records logo), and generally love horror aesthetics and savage outrageous.

In addition, stereotypical jaggalos pour water on each other with Detroit soda Faygo (such a meme, akin to Nyuka Kole for Fallout fans) and generally behave painfully like people whom we commonly call the affectionate word “shit”. The latter is most clearly seen during the annual All-American Jaggalo Festival - Gathering of the Juggalos. The event is extremely reminiscent of “Invasion” in its worst manifestations, only with great emphasis on meth, cannabis and crack.

As you might guess, jaggalos are recruited from not the most prosperous strata of the population (Detroit still remains a kind of Mecca for them). The subculture has been repeatedly accused of sympathizing with Nazism and chauvinism, since its skeleton is a typical "white garbage" and white drunk.

But, in fact, jaggalos are international and do not distinguish between race and origin - there are black jaggalos, jaggalo-latinos, and lately, whole jaggalo communities consisting of Native Americans have appeared. In the end, when everyone has their faces painted and everyone looks like clowns under crack, determining the race on the go is not so simple. It unites.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the subculture that appeared twenty years ago stagnates, if not degrades. The number of people who associate themselves with jaggalo has grown to a million, but the concept and lifestyle are very blurred. To make you understand: Charlie Sheen and Vanilla Ice consider themselves a jaggalo, and Ice Cube opened the 2010 Gathering of the Juggalos festival.

One of the signs of stagnation has become the sporadically emerging gangs of jaggalo - usually cruel, psychopathic, prone to pseudo-Satanic rituals and frankly sick on the head.

Jaggalo like gangsters

Most jaggalo are relatively harmless, albeit freakish people. But it must be borne in mind that the movement by definition attracts almost exclusively marginalized people - people who feel left out. Guys and girls from trailer parks, fat basses, which peers cruelly mocked, white trash, troubled teens and just lovers of shocking the audience. Add to this cheap beer, drugs and lyrics of your favorite band, full of grotesque violence - it will turn out to be a rather dangerous mixture.

The jaggalos themselves swear that 85% of the entire movement has nothing to do with crime and banditry. But even if you believe them, such statistics sound still not very good. Just imagine a community in which 15% are guaranteed street gangsters. You, just in case, prefer to suspect every second. Strictly speaking, the FBI also counted and officially ranked the jaggalo as an unreliable, criminogenic layer of the population. And this, recall, a million people.

Especially beaten jaggalo - cut off his nipples and poses with them at the Gathering of the Juggalos festival

It’s too early to talk about any kind of revolutionary split, but the “civilian” jaggalo and jagalo-participants in street gangs do not too much favor each other. The latter generally consider simple jaggalo weaklings and losers.

Gangs consisting of jaggalo are not the coolest and most successful part of the gangster world, however, they exist and even try to loudly declare themselves. At the same time, evil clowns use their main feature - the complete rebound of the participants. Jaggalos are hunted by murders, dog fights, arms and drugs trafficking, arson, robbery and car thefts. Pretty tough guys, if you look at the list.

Even the juggal-gangsters managed to maintain a purely Detroit chip - hard tribalism. Joining a gang is accompanied by harsh rituals (often with bloodletting, sometimes even reaching the cutting off of the fingers), and the hierarchy in it is quite severe. These bandits generally have a love of cruelty and even sadism. They prefer not to use firearms, because “it's not cool” and expensive, but they love savage weapons like machetes, hatchets and even axes and swords in a medieval style.

The choice of weapons is significant: jaggalo dream of winning their place in the underworld, having come to be known as cruel and unpredictable shit, and there is nothing more eloquent than the ugly wounds from a machete. Most of the jaggalo gangsters are white, but they are more comfortable in the ghetto. They just like to feel like outcasts and the last savages with painted faces, what to do.

A typical "fried" story about jaggalo from the media is the sensational double murder of an elderly couple that occurred in 2013 in Arizona. The killer turned out to be their own grandson, a young jaggalo named Kyle Austin Drattlo and his two accomplices, a guy and a girl, are also jaggalos. They killed, which is typical, for the sake of 150 bucks and grandfather cars.

Kyle Austin Drattlo and his associates

Or here's a story from Wisconsin: a jaggalo named Jonathan Sharp chopped off his girlfriend Shelby Noyens' finger with a machete. So they tried to honor the memory of their deceased friend. The couple wanted to drink blood from the wound until it stopped walking. But the wound did not heal, and then Sharp burned it with a soldering iron. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the finger could not be chopped off right away - Jonathan first missed and hit on the arm. In general, a friend had to be hospitalized. And the story was tabloid for another month.

Things were even tougher: so in 2008, 18-year-old jaggalo Alex Pacheco killed his girlfriend, after which he had sex with a corpse. Then he began to write a whole book about it and boast to his friends, in general, he caught the same jaggalo quite quickly. No less psychopathic were two young jaggalos from Pennsylvania who slaughtered a war veteran with a cleaver - both tried to reproduce a fragment from the song Insane Clown Posse (as they understood it).

On the march of jaggalo in Washington. The community protests against listing the unreliable FBI

It is worth noting here that these are extreme cases, and the media have clearly tried to escalate hysteria. But with jaggalo stories like that, it’s hard to put it mildly to restore the image and convince the FBI to remove them from the list of dangerous elements. Marches in Washington and a charity program launched by the movement have so far helped little. In any case, a curious subculture, but overall it’s nice that it has not spread outside the United States.

Jaggalo festival

In 2000, the first Jaggalo-Woodstock festival, the Gathering of the Juggalos festival, immediately gathered 7,000 infernal clowns from all over the Midwest, to the dismay of local inhabitants, was held at the expo center of Novi, Michigan. Jaggalo immediately proved to be the antipodes of the American dream: the abundance of drugs, cheap alcohol, fast food, tasteless outfits, nudity and loud music provided the movement with the notoriety of a new dangerous subculture, a kind of opposite of the sophisticated conceptual The Burning Man. The festival has become an annual event. In 2003, the police tried to stop the mass indecent behavior of the festival participants with tear gas, but this rallied the participants even more in their revolutionary outburst.

Now GOTJ is held every summer and lasts five days, and taking part in it has become a matter of prestige for the leading artists of America. At different times, his scene was shared by Ol 'Dirty Bastard, Ice Cube, Naughty by Nature, Method Man & Redman, Basta Rimes, Xzibit, Soulfly, Fear Factory, Onyx, Danny Brown, Slaine, Master Pi, Open Mind Productions, Raikwon, George Clinton and Parliament. Leading the main stage in 2011, GOTJ was Charlie Sheen, who has since declared his affiliation with the jaggalo movement. The festival also hosts a wrestling championship, a karaoke tournament, and everyone can plunge into childhood by spinning on a carousel or on a Ferris wheel. Guests of the 15th GOTJ, which begins July 23, will be Cypress Hill, Yelawolf and Cannibal Corpse metal legends.

Documentary directed by Sean Dunn about Jaggalo

Despite the bloodthirsty aesthetics and obscene sexuality prevailing at the festival, all of its visitors talk about the atmosphere of love and fraternal understanding that surrounds them - and they are completely sincere. Each jaggalo leaves its complexes about money, appearance and sexuality, as well as problems with the law and work outside the threshold of the festival. On its territory you can get drunk in the trash, overeat with junk food, experiment with consciousness and indulge in promiscuous sex without danger of causing public censure. The jaggalo movement already includes tens of thousands of people, communities appear in England and South America, regardless of race, religion, social status and complexion.

Officials look askance at jaggalo culture. The FBI even made a move to the list of criminal communities, and the police staged a highly successful drug raid on the latest Juggalo Gathering. But the leaders of the movement, on the contrary, strongly emphasize its humanitarian character. A charity foundation was established in Colorado, the Jaggalo Foundation organized a fundraiser and toys for children from poor families in 2010, and in 2014, the ICP held a charity concert in memory of Aaron Spencer, who died of jaggal disease, and all the funds went to his family.

90% of jaggalo are relatively harmless lovers of rap, alternative music and soft drugs, who can throw bottles at the artist or pour lemonade on their neighbor. But the remaining 10%, according to the American Center for the Investigation of Banditry, is still made up of organized street gangs who trade in drugs, robberies and murders. "Truth" jaggalos in every possible way dissociate themselves from gangsters in the makeup of clowns, reasonably noting that criminals can use the aesthetics of any subculture. In the end, Manson’s gang ranks as a hippie. The founders of the movement themselves - Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope from Insane Clown Posse - generally identify themselves as “evangelical Christians” and patiently explain to the conservative Fox News conservative journalists that, firstly, they do not sing in their songs, but criticize drug addiction, racism and other unsightly features of American life, and secondly, it's all a game and make-believe.

Beginning (2000-2002) Edit

The Gathering of the Juggalos festival was created in 2000 when Rob Bruce organized an event to meet all the jaggalos - an idea that had long been hatched by Insane Clown Posse.

First festival состоялся в экспоцентре города Нови (штат Мичиган) и длился два дня, собрав более 7000 поклонников. На фестивале проводились концерты и реслинг, организованный промоушеном Juggalo Championship Wrestling. Вечером в заключительный день фестиваля группа Insane Clown Posse во время своего выступления позволила всем джаггало подняться на сцену, и около 300 поклонников ринулись к группе. Концерт был внезапно остановлен руководством экспоцентра после превышения лимита времени на 30 минут.

Второй фестиваль был проведён в городе Толидо (штат Огайо) в Seagate Center и длился три дня, собрав около 6600 человек. Среди приглашённых артистов были: The Suic >Marz [en] , Three 6 Mafia, Vanilla Ice, и Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. Организация Juggalo Championship Wrestling провела несколько матчей, главным из которых был поединок между Сабу [en] и Вампиро.

Как и в предыдущем году, сотни поклонников оказались на главной сцене во время выступления Insane Clown Posse. Однако на этот раз ICP вынуждены были бежать со сцены, которая вскоре не выдержала и рухнула. Фестиваль завершился рано, и дуэт не успел открыть свою Шестую Карту Джокера. На следующий день местные газеты сравнили событие с «восстанием».

Третий фестиваль был проведён в административном центре города Пеория (штат Иллинойс) и длился четыре дня, собрав более 8000 человек. На фестиваль были приглашены Esham, Ghoultown, Mack 10, Primer 55 и Bubba Sparxxx [en] . Баббу Спаркса освистали, и с тех пор, если на последующих фестивалях кого-то освистывали, то говорили, что артист получил «Премию Баббы Спаркса». Esham во время выступления объявил, что подписал контракт с Сайкопатик Рекордз. Шестая Карта Джокера была раскрыта на двух отдельных семинарах, проведённых Вайлент Джеем: The Wraith: Shangri-La и Hell's Pit. The second seminar, which spoke in detail about the ascension of the ICP group to the pinnacle of fame, was filmed and published on DVD.

When the police tried to stop the women at the event from exposing their breasts, the crowd rebelled. The police used tear gas and “pepper” balls against the surrounding crowd, provoking a riot. Cycopathic Records label leaders Rob Bruce and Alex Abyss held talks with the police and the festival continued after a 30-minute airing.

Expansion and Development (2003-2006) Edit

Fourth festival (in 2003) was first held outdoors. The event took place at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, known as the Crystal Forest, near Garrettsville, Ohio, and lasted five days. Also, the festival program for the first time lasted around the clock. Invited guests included Bushwick Bill, Dope, and Killah Priest. In addition to wrestling matches, Mad Man Pondo organized Wrestling School Mad Man Pondo. Although the residents of Garrettsville called the police several times to look after the noisy event, the festival went without any problems.

Fifth festival (2004) again went to Garrettsville and gathered more than 5,000 people. This time, Ol 'Dirty Bastard, Kurupt, Tech N9ne and Wolfpac were invited. Jaggalo booed Kurupt, who threw a microphone back at the crowd. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony reunited for the first time after several months and surprised with their performance on the first night. Juggalo Championship Wrestling played matches daily and introduced several recognized wrestlers.

Sixth festival (2005) was held for the third time in Garrettsville. Festival guests were 2 Live Crew, Powerman 5000, Manntis and Mini Kiss. Comedian Charlie Murphy was also invited to perform. At the festival, the final stage of the Underground Psychos contest was held, the winners of which Ax Murder Boys signed a contract with Psychopatic Records. The Juggalo Championship Wrestling organized the JCW vs. TNA competition, in which the JCW racers opposed the TNA racers.

The owner of the Quarry Park drove the festival out of its territory later that year, stating: “Sycopathic people violated some of the rules stipulated for the last festival, including making a deafening sound of music all night.” Among other problems, he also mentioned "drugs, alcohol, nudity, blasphemy and garbage."

Seventh festival It was originally planned to be held in Brooklyn, Michigan, but the Woodstock Board denied the label the permissions needed to host the festival. April 18, Sycopathic Records announced a festival in Patascal, Ohio on Ranch Frontier. More than 100 groups performed at the festival. Top and second stage performers included Drowning Pool, Digital Underground, Rehab, Too $ hort, Intricate Unit, Bobaflex, and Vile.

Now (2007 - until now) Edit

Eighth festival went to Cave-in-Rock (Illinois) in the Hogrock campgrounds, collecting more than 8,000 fans and lasting four days. As in the previous year, the festival was attended by more than 100 groups. The main and second stages were performed by Ying Yang Twins, Necro, Haystak, Zug Izland, Prozak, Mushroomhead, and Insane Poetry. Of the humorists invited was Joey Gay. Anybody Killa announced his return to Psychopathic Records. Since 2007, all festivals have been held at Hogrock Campgrounds.

Ninth festival visited by Afroman, Andrew W.K., Ice-T and Bizarre. The festival was filmed and released as the documentary A Family Underground on May 12, 2009.

Tenth Festival It was noted as the most visited in history: more than 20,000 people attended it. The festival featured more than 120 artists, including stars such as Ice Cube, GWAR, Coolio and Scarface. Insane Clown Posse performed new songs “Juggalo Island” and “Bang! Pow! Boom! ”From the upcoming Bang! Album Pow! Boom! ” Of the comedians, Jimmy Walker and Paulie Shore performed. The trailer for the movie Big Money Rustals was presented and shown twice.

11th festival Held August 12-15, 2010 in Cave In Rock, Illinois. At the festival, the presentation of the comedy western Big Money Rustals took place. Among the invited guests were: Naughty by Nature, Spice 1, Method Man & Redman, Above the Law and Warren G. Ladie's Night, hosted by Sugar Slam, included performances by Kisa, Lil V, III E. Gal and Tila Tequila. Shaggy 2 Dope hosted the “Old School Super Jam from Shaggy” party, where he performed as a DJ, and also presented performances by Tone Lōc and Rob Base. The invited comedians were: Tom Green, Gallagher, and Ron Jeremy. 5 wrestling shows also took place.

In 2011, it was announced that 12th festival will be held again in Cave In Rock, Illinois August 11-14. For the first time, celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, Flavor Flav Dustin Diamond and Jumpsteady will be conducting concerts. All members of Psychopatic Records will perform, as well as stars such as Busta Rhymes, Mystikal, Juvenile, Lil Jon, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Paul Wall, Saliva, Ice Cube, Xzibit, Tech N9ne, the Kottonmouth Kings, and Paris.

For all these years, several hundred performers performed at the festival. In addition to the artists of the label itself, such famous performers as: Project Born, Kottonmouth Kings, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Vanilla Ice, Zug Izland, Esham, Tech N9ne, Wolfpac, 2 Live Crew, Rehab, Necro, Haystak, became regular guests of the festival King Gordy, Prozak, Three 6 Mafia, Afroman, Bizarre, Big B and Coolio.

In addition to music concerts, the festival also hosts many other entertainment events. Throughout the territory you can: ride on rides, play slot machines, fly in a helicopter. Other attractions include jaggalo karaoke, freestyle shows, comedian performances, wrestling girls drenched in oil, a wet t-shirt contest, a Miss Jagaletta contest, and campfires. Autograph sessions and workshops are held by: Juggalo Championship Wrestling, Mike Clark, Ax Murder Boyz, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Anybody Killa, Boondox, Twizt>.

Late night also hosts: Ladies Night with Sugar Slam, The Killing Mix Party by Mike I. Clark, Home Party Bubble by DJ Clay, Old School Super Jam by Shaggy and Michael Jackson-Moonlight Bursting BBQ Pajama Party ”by Vilent Jay. Professional wrestling from the very beginning was an integral part of the fest. Juggalo Championship Wrestling organizes JCW Try-Outs, Oddball Wrestling, Flashlight Wrestling and Bloodymania at every festival.