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How to watch movies on PS4?


The launch of the PlayStation 4 console caused a lot of emotions among buyers and users. Improved functional characteristics of the game console made it one of the most bought devices. However, the device, despite the many advantages for gamers, had a significant drawback - the lack of a universal media player that would allow users to use the device not only for gaming purposes, but also for watching movies and videos.

In the latest updates, Sony has implemented the ability to watch movies through the console.

The manufacturer eliminated this mistake back in mid-2015 by adding a universal media player to the console software, which allows consumers to watch videos and also listen to music through the PS. Consider the situation with the ability to play video formats at the present time, we will answer the question of many users how to watch movies on PS4.

Options for viewing video files on the PlayStation 4

Even with the release of the popular PS4 console, the manufacturer announced its intention to publish a special software application that will significantly expand the functional entertainment capabilities of the device, and kept its promises. In June 2015, an application was developed and released that allows you to use the device not only as a game console, but also in the format of a powerful media player. The developers made sure that the application allowed to play on the device almost all common video formats.

The application automatically appeared in the main menu of the device users after it was rebooted. If this does not happen, then you can download the Multimedia Player utility from the manufacturer’s official website. The application weighs up to twenty megabytes, with its loading of difficulties the consumer does not arise.

The program allows you to play on the console video from external drives, and through a browser, is universal and multifunctional. And you can also watch videos using the DLNA home server, which allows you to recognize files from any device that supports this data transfer protocol. Experts note this feature as the primary characteristic of the console, since now it will be possible to watch not only licensed files, but also pirated ones downloaded through any torrents.

How to watch videos on a PlayStation 4 through a browser

After the release of "Multimedia Player" on the PlayStation 4 through the game console, you can watch movies online. Thanks to a powerful browser installed on the console, you can view video files from almost any website that consumers use on personal and laptop computers.

In order to start a video, just go to any site through a browser, start a movie or video in standard mode. It is worth noting that some sites supply data using Javascript or Flash technologies, which PS4 developers have trimmed on the console in order to ensure the security of its software. Such video files are opened and also played, but not in full screen mode.

To watch any full-screen video, manufacturers offer to use the special application Film Box Live, which allows you to use the library of films for a small monthly subscription fee.

Video from a flash drive

The answer to the question of how to watch movies on a PS4 from a flash drive is more than simple. In order to watch a video from a flash drive via PS4, it is enough to have an external drive formatted in FAT32. Playing video files from a USB flash drive occurs in a mode similar to the method of operating an external drive through other computer devices. Simply connect the USB flash drive to the standard connector of the device and start the recorded video material.

To summarize

The question of how to watch movies through PS4 is solved very simply after installing the universal utility “Multimedia Player” on the device. Viewing of video materials is possible both from external drives, and through an Internet browser or the standard DLNA home protocol.

Today, the PlayStation 4 is not only a powerful gaming device, but also has decent multimedia capabilities, which makes it even more popular among consumers.

PS4 media player - multimedia processor with support for DLNA media server

For those who are not particularly versed in any complex IT terms, it sounds very ominous, but in reality everything is extremely simple. As simple as it can be in the 21st century, which has finally arrived.

The new application (player), which you can download to the set-top box for free, allows you to not only open movies and music from external media, but also stream them directly from your PC or laptop. Any DLNA server is suitable for this! Yes, yes, absolutely any.

I have a LG Smat TV and for it I installed SmartShare utility on my laptop (can be downloaded from the official LG website). So I want to tell you that Sonya “software” “reads” and reads films much better and faster than the TV itself, for which this program was actually written. Then I just took off my hat to the developers from Sony. Well done, they could!

Moreover, the PS4 is able to recognize content transmitted via DLNA technology from any device. For example, I was able to read my media library from an iPhone, simply by running the sync: stream application on it (free, there is also a version for iPad).

Movies from the computer can be watched when you do not have an HDMI cable to connect it directly to a TV or external media of the required volume.

Which servers does the PS4 support?

As I wrote above - any and this is all the beauty of technology. You can already use the two examples above (one for PC, especially if you have an LG TV - you can kill two birds with one stone, the second for iOS).

Here are a few more:

  • Home media server ( - many praise for its simplicity and ease of use. Of the chips, you can note the built-in converter, which converts the content to a format supported by the playback device, the inclusion of subtitles in streaming, and much more. Software is free, there is a Russian interface.
  • Serviio ( is a very actively developing project, there are versions for mobile devices, support for web streaming, many different formats. The PRO version is available for the first 15 days of use, after which you can pay $ 25, or use a slightly truncated, but free version.
  • Plex ( is one of the most popular media servers. The project grew out of, perhaps more familiar to you, XBMC. It supports everything you need for streaming movies, and for a small monthly fee you can unlock additional convenient features.

After installing any DLNA media server, you need to select the folder on the PC that you want to share (folder with movies, music, photos, etc.). Then on the PS4 we launch the Media Player application, wait a bit until the connection is made and then everything is simple - select the file to play and go.

The content source (PC with installed and configured server) and the console itself must be on the same local network.

When playing a large file, I did not notice any friezes or glitches. If you have problems, try connecting the set-top box and source to the router using a patch cord, and not via Wi-Fi.

How to watch movies from a flash drive on ps4?

Watching movies from a flash drive is also very simple, but the flash drive must be formatted in the FAT32 system.

This file system, in turn, imposes restrictions on the size of files - no more than 4 GB, and now many films in HD quality weigh 10, 15, 20 gigs. But there is a way out - format the flash drive to exFAT format - it supports much larger files.

What video formats does PS4 support?

From the official developers blog it was possible to find out that the four currently support:

  • video: mkv, avi, mp4, mpeg-2 ts,
  • a photo: jpg, bmp, png,
  • audio: mp3, aac.

The developers promised not to stop there and continue to work on increasing the number of supported formats.

How to watch movies on ps4 online?

Due to the fact that the console has a very good browser, you can easily use it to watch videos. Open any site from which you usually watch movies on your PC and Sonya is supposed to deal with this. But in some cases there may be problems. For example, on some sites full-screen mode does not work, although the video is downloaded and played. As far as I know, in PS4, for security reasons, some features of java script and flash technologies have been “cut down” - this is the reason.

There is a way out, but it’s not completely free - application Film box live allows you to access the online movie library for a monthly fee. There is still hope that ivi will release its application for Sonya, as their video site does not play now.


The "father" of the PlayStation is called Ken Kutaragi, who led the group engaged in the development and launch of the PlayStation first (in 1994), and then Playstation 2, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3.

Ken Kutaragi at the presentation of the PlayStation 2 said that he and his company could not guarantee a successful launch, unlike Nintendo. The first year of production, Sony faced serious problems associated with the low production volumes of consoles in factories, as well as with the constant shortage of consoles in the retail network. By the end of 2000, only a few million people were able to purchase the console. A popular way to quickly get a set-top box is to purchase it at online auctions such as eBay. The successful start of console sales was provided by the strength of the Sony brand, as well as backward compatibility with the previous model, which allowed to sell 900 thousand consoles only in the first week of sales in Japan.

One of the most noticeable features of the advertising campaign was the PS9 commercial, which depicted events in such a way that the release of PlayStation 2 is the next step to the final, 9th version of the console. The same video was used in the PlayStation Portable ad campaign.

Many analysts predicted a three-way rivalry between the PlayStation 2 and its rivals - Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo GameCube. However, the release of several blockbuster games during the 2001 Christmas season gave the PlayStation 2 a strong boost, enough to keep it off the competition.

Although Sony did not pay much attention to online games in the early years, the situation changed after the release of the Xbox, in which this opportunity was originally available. Sony adapted to this at the end of 2002 by releasing several popular games (such as SOCOM: U.S. Navy seals) with support for multiplayer online mode. Sony was heavily advertised and its online model was supported by Electronic Arts. At Sony, like at Nintendo, they thought about supporting online games late. Although both of these companies have chosen to use a decentralized model for such games, when the responsibility for providing game servers lies with the developer, nevertheless, Sony’s attempt to provide this opportunity has become one of the key points in the success of the PlayStation 2 sales.

In September 2004, before release Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (the best-selling game of the New Year season of 2004) Sony introduced a new, smaller version of the console. In preparation for the launch of sales of the new model (SCPH-70000), in the summer of 2004 Sony stopped the production of the old (SCPH-5000x) so that the current stocks were empty in the warehouses of the distribution channels of the set-top box. Later in some cities, this led to a delay in sales of the new model. For example, this happened in the UK because a Russian oil tanker got stuck in the Suez Canal, blocking a ship from China with a cargo of PlayStation 2 consoles destined for the UK during one of the weeks of November, sales of the console in this country amounted to 6,000 copies. at 70,000 sales in the previous week. A shortage of supplies was also felt in North America on Christmas Eve.

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