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How to dress if you are 20!


It seems that it could be easier than choosing a stylish look when you are only 20 years old? At this age, you can afford a variety of experiments, because the figure allows you to wear a lot. But in fact, you have to constantly balance between the free style, which is so attractive, and the need to choose more rigorous outfits for going to school or work. In addition, in 20 years, finances do not always allow you to buy everything that is so dreamed of.

This article will give some tips on how to create a universal wardrobe with stylish things so that you can always find the right image for any occasion.

Basic things for a girl’s wardrobe

Stylists have long formed a list of basic clothes for each age, which must be in the wardrobe of every girl. This, of course, does not mean that only these things can be dispensed with, but they will help to create a stylish image for any occasion. Therefore, clothes from this list are classified as must have.

It is recommended to have at least one T-shirt neutral, and preferably white. Based on this wardrobe item, you can build many images. A white T-shirt goes well with jackets in which you can go to school, any jeans look good with it, it goes well with skirts and various vests.

T-shirt is not interchangeable while traveling and just outings in the company. Those who prefer a sporty style can be advised with a polo model, but a more universal is the classic semi-adjacent version with a neat V-shaped or oval neckline.

At the age of 20, you can afford to wear various t-shirts and tops with a bold design, a bright print, an abundance of sequins and rhinestones. Such things can be worn even for going to the club with tight-fitting jeans and high-heeled shoes.

One shirt can not do, you will need one classic in soothing colors for important events, and an option in casual style. An ordinary model in a cage or with a floral pattern can complement the image with jeans, a plain skirt, shorts. It can be worn under a knitted sweater or jacket in the cold.

It could be said that the basic thing in the wardrobe is jeans of a classic cut, but at the age of 20 you can afford to wear more tight-fitting models, if the figure allows. Therefore, you can not do without stylish black skinny.

In general, in the wardrobe of a young girl there should be several pairs of jeans. For each day, boyfriends, skinny with trendy slits in the lap and a straight-cut jeans option that can be worn with high-heeled shoes, ankle boots or sneakers are useful.
In summer, jeans will replace short denim shorts. They can be combined with a shirt in the summer, t-shirts and tops.

Naturally, in the first place is a denim miniskirt. On its basis, you can create a lot of images. Many people call the thing from the category must have a pencil skirt, but it is too conservative for this age, in it the girl will look older, so we postpone this model for an older age.

If you need a more serious look and less defiant length, then you should pay attention to the skirts of the cut “bell” or “tulip”. They look quite stylish and on their basis you can create a variety of images from a strict business to romantic, suitable for dating.

The wardrobe should have several dresses for different occasions. You don’t always want to buy a model of strict style, so you can get by with the A-silhouette model of a neutral color with a short sleeve. In the cold, you can wear a turtleneck under it, and in the spring wear it directly on the body. This dress option is suitable for business meetings and formal events.

For the soul and trendy looks, you need a shirt dress and a variant of a dress of a direct silhouette in the floor, which can be worn with sneakers or tractor-soled boots. For parties, you need a simple mini model, sewn from knitwear with shiny thread or fully embroidered with sequins.

In the cold, you can not do without a bulky cardigan with a large viscous. Such models, as a rule, do not have buttons or zippers. They can be worn up on t-shirts or turtlenecks.

For spring or summer, a thin jacket from a monochromatic knitwear with buttons and a jacket with a V-neck, which can be worn directly on a shirt or blouse, is useful.
But the most sought after in a girl’s wardrobe will be a sports sweatshirt with a daring print. You can not do without it when traveling, walking around the city, meeting with friends. This thing can be called indispensable.

Fur coats and sheepskin coats should be left for older girls. At 20, it's time for unusual coats, parkas and light down jackets. Windbreakers-bomber jackets and jackets-jackets will find their place in the wardrobe.

As a complement to outerwear, voluminous snood scarves, scarves with ethnic patterns are suitable.

In the wardrobe of the girl must be at least one classic sneakers. Convenient ballet shoes are useful for every day. Looks great options, fully covered with rhinestones or sequins.

Necessarily need at least one high-heeled shoes in black or beige. This model goes well with jeans, skirts, dresses.

What is worth giving up?

A young girl can be allowed to wear almost everything, because the figure and age allows you to do a variety of experiments with images. But still, there are a number of things and details about which it is better to forget for a while, so as not to look older.

• Fur coats, sheepskin coats and straight-cut coats - they add several years to the appearance. Do not confuse such a silhouette with a trendy version as if “from a man’s shoulder”.
• Booklet fabrics in jackets and jackets. It’s extremely difficult to choose a successful version of the kit so that it does not age, with such a thing.
• Skirts of "indefinite length." Direct models to the middle of the knee and below make the figure heavy, and the image turns out to be boring.
• A large number of classic-style clothes can kill a trendy wardrobe. You should not put on boring office outfits until the moment when this is required by work.
• Avoid purple shades. They are more suitable for older women.
• Avoid brown, especially if you have light skin type. A brown coat and a scarf with a hat can add years and make the look boring.
• Avoid blouses with a large bow on the front - this item is suitable for adult women.
• Bohemian style at the age of 20 does not always look appropriate. Therefore, you need to carefully use this image.

What do stylists recommend for a fashionable look?

To stand out, sometimes it’s enough to just add a few bright elements, so designers recommend buying unusual accessories for a stylish wardrobe. At 20, you can afford everything: bright bags, bold sneakers, a combination of styles, ultra-short shorts and skirts.

Topical for creating fashionable images will be bomber jackets with bright prints, things that seem to be taken from the clip of a rapper or R&B singer. You can afford to wear baseball caps, bulk backpacks and bags.

Sweater dresses or hoodies are also permissible, which are so long that you sometimes doubt it is a dress, or still a tunic ... Leggings are perfectly combined with them, they emphasize slender legs.

Light and romantic images will create dresses from thin flying fabrics - chiffon and organza. Such models will be appropriate for going on a date, and for going out for a walk. Organza tutu skirts are relevant.

In general, this age of the girl allows you to create and do a variety of experiments. Errors in creating the kit are less noticeable than on older women.

Denim in the wardrobe

You can’t do without jeans in the wardrobe. Based on them, you can create many images. They are suitable for going to school, an informal setting for walking with friends and dating.

Sundresses and denim shirt dresses that can be worn with and without a belt are suitable for any season. A windbreaker made of tight jeans or a parka will be an excellent choice for colds. A variety of slim denim shirts will also help create a variety of stylish looks.

As a complement to the outfit, you can choose denim backpacks or bulk denim bags. They are ideal for daily wear.

Preppy style

This fashionable trend repeats the uniform style of English colleges and adds a little freedom and relaxedness to it. Its uniqueness combines a restrained style, sexuality and the ability to bring your own note to the image.

Preppy-style is very harmoniously fit into the wardrobe of a young girl. It is great for going to school and work. It is characterized by a calm gamut, red, dark blue color, light shades, a palette pleasing to the eye.

Natural materials, checked fabrics, cardigans and jackets, as well as cardigans with a classic diamond pattern - all this is a preppy style.

Romance dresses

When it comes to romantic and evening dresses, here you can afford a lot - models with corsets, an open top, a deep neckline and fluffy short skirts.

Stylists recommend choosing dresses made of thin chiffon, fabrics with bright patterns. Dresses with an emphasis on the waist look good, a short length that opens the knees is acceptable.

Stylists advise as much as possible to experiment with style at this age and are not afraid of everything new, because later there will come a time when it can not be afford. Only by trying different images, you can find your own style, and not follow someone's advice. It is her own look at the wardrobe that allows the girl to stand out from the crowd.

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Features of making a wardrobe in 20 years

According to experts, the age range of 20+ is invariably associated with the search for your own style, which means it involves an active experiment. Twenty-year-old girls should not be afraid of extremes and mistakes, since the path to genuine perfection is far from as simple as it might seem at first glance.

The wardrobe of twenty-year-old fashionistas is characterized by diversity and even excessiveness. But youth is everything! Along with the clothes of the usual pastel shades, bright prints appear here imitating animal skins depicting multi-heroes, as well as typical girlish patterns: flowers, butterflies, birds, etc. Thin chiffon and lace coexist with brutal skin, aristocratic velvet and cozy velor, feminine hairpin - with democratic sneakers, and arrowheads act as a sort of compromise.

set in pastel colors creative print on a 20-year-old dress

Actual clothing styles for 20 year olds

One of the most popular trends among young people is considered to be a romantic style. Tender fabrics are perfectly emphasized by delicate fabrics (silk, lace, chiffon), as well as airy silhouettes: layered skirts, light blouses, loose tunics. Professionals recommend fans of romance to give preference to light shades of beige, pink, green and other natural colors. Afraid to seem boring? Complete the bow with catchy accessories: a massive necklace, a chain bracelet, a wide belt decorated with perforations, embroidery or rhinestones. To create a casual look, try pairing a typically romantic floor skirt with a delicate sweatshirt or oversized oversized sweater.

Another perfect option for every day is hip-hop style, which implies complete freedom of action in all its manifestations. Wide pants and jeans-pipes, men's T-shirts and shirts, T-shirt dresses and T-shirt dresses, cropped tops, bright bomber jackets - all this is designed to emphasize the individuality and dynamism of the image of a young girl. Mandatory attribute - comfortable shoes: sneakers, creepers, sneakers, sneakers, as well as bulk bags, caps, etc.

bright bomber set youth hip hop bow

Do not like hip hop? Pay attention to the rocker style, which is the perfect embodiment of courage and rebellion. The highlight of the direction is close attention to detail: if there are trousers, then without fail with leather inserts, chains, metal buttons and buttons, if a coat, then with spikes and massive rivets. In terms of color, aesthetics of the style correspond to black, white, gray, red and catchy fuchsia. Do not forget about wristbands, pendants, straps, laced shoes with rough soles.

rocker style kit

Can't decide on an outfit for a nightclub? It's time to try on the R'n'B-image of sweet-voiced Beyonce. Style is the best suited for the atmosphere of dance parties. Tight dresses, vibrant leggings / leggings, corseted tops, eye-catching platform and high-heeled shoes, catchy jewelry. The enthusiastic attention of others is guaranteed!

Do not forget that 20-year-old women of fashion tend not only to have fun, but also to take their first career steps. In the business wardrobe of young girls, traditional classics are usually combined with spectacular details. So, for example, habitual straight-cut trousers can be replaced with strict ink-colored jeans, a classic jacket with a fitted vest with a muffled applique, and a standard white shirt with an almond-colored blouse with lace collar or decorative embroidery.

office set with a decorated shirt and bag

Use your own imagination, as well as the recommendations of experienced stylists. Remember: youth is always beautiful, which means that even the first stylistic mistakes can only look like flirty touches!

Basic wardrobe for girls 18-20 years old: T-shirt

It is always difficult to choose one T-shirt, however, this is absolutely optional. As the main universal option, models of neutral shades are suitable, which are conveniently mixed with other clothes. However, you can also afford many other options - from T-shirts decorated with inscriptions and drawings, to decorated with rhinestones and sequins.

Shirts in the basic wardrobe of a girl of 18-20 years old should be at least two. A classic blouse in soothing shades combined with a skirt and boats is perfect for study, and a checkered model will help to complete a relaxed look in casual style.

Jeans in the basic wardrobe of a young girl 18-20 years old

Today, jeans are an absolute must-have for any girl. In this case, there are no restrictions: it can be a straight-cut model of classic shades, bright skinny, flared jeans or shapeless boyfriends with numerous scuffs. This versatile wardrobe item allows you to create many diverse images for both every day and for a party. In summer, jeans can easily be replaced with short shorts.

Of course, at this age, the most popular skirt length is mini. Indulge in the pleasure of demonstrating slender and attractive legs should not. However, you should not get carried away - when choosing a miniskirt, it is better to choose the top as neutral and even a little strict. You can also pay attention to the playful bell skirt, which will help to create girlish cute images. But a too conservative pencil skirt should be left for the future.

In the basic wardrobe, a neutral dress must be present, which will be appropriate to look at the university or at a serious event that does not allow too frank images. The rest of the time, you should not limit the freedom of choice by any framework: a shirt dress, a light long model with ethnic prints or a seductive short dress in metallic shades decorated with sequins are suitable.

A great alternative to a conservative and strict jacket is a cardigan. The basis of the wardrobe is a classic monophonic model of calm shades, which can be combined with trousers or a skirt and pumps with heels. For brighter images, you can use an elongated large knit cardigan or give preference to flashy colors.


When creating restrained images, a trench of sand shades will be an excellent option for outerwear. In winter, you should pay attention to the coat is not too strict style, for example, the ideal choice would be a voluminous model as if from a man’s shoulder. In addition to basic things, you can replenish your wardrobe with leather jackets, a bomber jacket and a bright park. But from a long coat with a straight cut and a fur coat, it’s worthwhile to refuse.

18 years is the age of new discoveries, changes and hopes. Skillful use of basic wardrobe clothes will not allow overshadowing this time with unsuccessful images and will help to avoid fashionable mistakes.