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What are all guests waiting for at the wedding? Of course, the banquet. This is an important moment in organizing the holiday. Important and very expensive. Newlyweds worried about the family budget are looking for options, how to save money on a banquet. And you can and should save. By following simple rules, you can significantly reduce the cost of an upcoming event.

  1. Season. Profitable to celebrate a wedding in the winter months and in May. That's when you can get great discounts on organizing a banquet. The choice of the day of the week for the celebration also plays an important role. A banquet will cost much less on Sunday or in the middle of the week than on Friday and Saturday.
  2. Date. If you want to save on the celebration, it is better not to choose popular dates for painting and marking. On such days, prices will be inflated to the limit. The restaurant will have to be booked in advance, making a decent advance, or even the entire amount at once.

  • Holiday format. It is easier and cheaper to organize a buffet or buffet than to create a banquet menu. An alternative to the restaurant can be the removal of a small loft in the center of the city. It is this option that has become very popular lately.
  • Own alcohol. When a restaurant offers the customer to buy and set up alcoholic and other drinks on the tables, this is only a plus. For newlyweds, a good way to save. They will be confident in the quality of the product, which is also important.
  • Children's table. If there are children on holiday, you need to worry about the children's menu. It is usually cheaper than an adult. It is more convenient when the table for the little ones is organized separately from the general.
  • The wedding cake. You can save on the cake. Many at the time of serving sweets are already simply fed up. And some guests do not wait at all, and go home. Therefore, you can order a small cake, taking into account that each invitee will eat 150-200 gr.

  • Theme. A wedding in a rustic or boho style requires minimal decoration, the use of simple flowers and unpretentious dishes on the menu. Such a holiday will cost the young much cheaper than a classic wedding.
  • Light meals. You can refuse to order hot snacks. In the summer, guests may not notice the absence of such dishes. First of all, they would like soft drinks and fresh vegetable salads, various snacks.

  • Bar. Sometimes guests can, in addition to the main banquet menu, make personal orders: coffee or a drink. Newlyweds need to immediately make this point with both guests and staff. Either the invitees themselves pay for themselves in the bar, or there are some restrictions, some kind of stop list. A couple can prescribe in the contract with the restaurant administrator a certain amount for additional expenses, above which it is unacceptable to rise.
  • Small room. If the wedding will be attended by few guests, you can book a small banquet hall. Such options will cost the customer much cheaper.
  • Simple meals. It’s not necessary to order expensive products. Together pork or beef you can choose poultry. The chef will cook it according to a special recipe, and guests will be pleasantly surprised. The simplest dishes will look different than in everyday life, and have an amazing taste.

  • The only thing you can’t save on is the quality of the products. It is necessary to collect all the information about the restaurant, about the staff serving the wedding. And it is better to visit them, talk personally and try all the dishes from the banquet menu. Make a list of questions to the administrator in advance, clarify all the points, and it is better to capture them on paper. The signed agreement will protect both parties.

    General principles

    If the decision to marry is not made the day after meeting your future half, but is thoughtful and balanced, you should not rush. You need to approach the matter thoroughly, thinking through all the questions and preparing for the upcoming celebration in advance and gradually. So, having put everything on the shelves and even having drawn up a plan and preliminary estimates on paper, you can clearly understand how you can save money on a wedding and what you should not spare money for. In addition, you do not have to rush through the boutiques in search of suitable outfits and accessories, frantically counting how many days are left before the wedding. You can buy everything you need in a hurry, focusing on sales, discounts, promotions and similar events, thanks to which you can effectively save.

    If you have already decided on the wedding day - do not delay. Immediately after submitting your application, arm yourself with telephones, handbooks and booklets and start phoning companies that organize such celebrations, if you intend to address them, banquet halls and restaurants, look in advance for the photographer, toastmaster and other persons whose services you need. And negotiate. And not in words, but documenting the fact. Thanks to this, no one will be able to change prices not in your favor afterwards, and refuse without suffering financially. You, in turn, will be calm for organizing the celebration, and the rest of the time you can calmly devote to finding answers to the question of what else you can save on the wedding.

    In addition, pay attention first of all to the fact that, as a rule, many people try to coincide with the warm season, as a result of which prices for services, outfits, accessories and other things increase at times. And if for you the question of how to save money on a wedding is more relevant than the desire to put a marriage certificate in your pocket as soon as possible, plan a celebration for “not the season”. Let's say for the winter or the beginning of spring - the end of autumn. Since saving on a wedding in the summer is much more difficult than in the winter, thereby significantly simplifying your life.

    Further we will dwell in detail on some of the above and other nuances, but we want to remind you of this one simple truth: if you can do something yourself - do it! Everything related to the wedding celebration and is subject to its own execution (decorating the hall, creating invitations, wedding small accessories, etc.) should be done with these very hands. There’s nothing to be wasted on trifles. From small, as they say, a large one is formed - neither more nor less, namely the wedding budget. Well, reduce it, since I really want you to have a truly triumph, and not a modest wedding.

    Well, now let's move on to the specifics and tell in more detail how to save on a wedding. The current tips presented below will help you reduce costs without sacrificing a grand wedding process. And let's start with the most important thing for the bride - her outfit.

    Save on dress

    It is possible that some brides after these three words immediately slam into a deep faint. Dear ladies! Save your nerves! Nobody calls you to come to your own wedding in a bag of potatoes. Believe me, today you can buy an excellent wedding outfit without spending almost a fortune on it. There are enough ways. The main thing is to remember that you are not the daughter of an oligarch. So just bypass expensive salons. And reassure yourself with the thought that not all the outfits presented there are really elegant and impeccable. Enough and in them bad taste and fakes, posing as masterpieces. By the way, a lot of ex-brides and now prosperous wives, talking about their own weddings and leaving their own about how to save money on a wedding, reviews relate primarily to this aspect. And, according to them, very often the outfit worth costing in the annual salary, which had been shot at night, did not bring due satisfaction. Because it was bought for one single reason: “So that it was no worse than the others!” And there were no thoughts about whether he really suits the bride, whether she will be comfortable in him. There was only regret that you could not leave a price tag on your chest. So that everyone sees! So be smarter. Assume that the dress should first of all emphasize your advantages and hide flaws. In addition, it is necessary that it is convenient. Believe me, a wedding celebration is a holiday and a party for guests. And directly for the heroes of the occasion, this is hard work. What you will certainly see by throwing off your disgusting outfit in the evening. And you will breathe a sigh of relief, putting on an old, but such a favorite robe.

    Therefore, we bypass expensive salons, we are looking for an outfit in rental shops, modest shops, on the market and on the Internet. Can you sew? Even better! Perhaps you will be able to create such a model yourself, at the sight of which Yudashkin will turn green with envy. Do not know how to handle a sewing machine? Turn to professionals. Quite often, a dress made in the studio based on the sketches of the bride is more worthy of the podium than that purchased in a top boutique.

    The same applies to the necessary accessories: veils, handbags, gloves, jewelry. There are no problems with the latter today. High-quality jewelry, worth a penny, can easily give odds to products with diamonds. Yes, and other things, including shoes, it is better to look in ordinary stores and on sales. In the salons, their prices are unreasonably high.

    . and on a suit

    As for the groom, then everything is generally simple. Men, as a rule, are not so reverent about their appearance. And if you offer the groom to purchase an elegant, but inexpensive suit without any chips, he will not present any special claims. Moreover, most likely, he will even agree to dress up in his old one, which he used only a few times. It is enough to refresh him with a new shirt and elegant tie - and the most handsome man in the world will appear before you. That's just the purchase of shoes is not worth saving. Shoes are still better to buy a new one. Unless, of course, in the same closet a box with an unworn and quite decent pair is not gathering dust.

    That's all. The issue with the outfits has been resolved, the budget does not burst at the seams, but this is far from all. After all, we save on a wedding not only at the expense of its main actors. Other characters are also quite able to help us with this. And so smoothly move on to the guests.

    Doing it right and wisely and then not regret it

    The desire to save is quite a normal desire. And there is nothing wrong with saving money on a wedding. It is important to know on what it is possible to save, and on what it is impossible.
    This article describes many points to save on. But it all depends on your desires.

    If you want to make a wedding for 50 thousand, I’ll tell you how, if you want 1-2 million, I’ll also tell you how.

    Often the question is not in the amount, but in how to spend not in vain.

    Do not look for something for free or cheap - look for what you need!

    Let's see how roughly (very roughly) the wedding budget is distributed. Moreover, for a wedding with a total budget of 300,000 and 700,000, this distribution will be slightly different. Everything is very approximate and is written just for reference. All positions in the distribution can be changed and excluded.

    For a wedding with a budget of up to 500,000, the distribution is something like this:

    (excluding dress, rings, costume)

    • 40-45% restaurant: banquet, tea / coffee, extension, site rental, closing deposit, service / waiters, cork collection, cleaning.
    • 15% decoration and floristry (depends on the hall, desires, scale, number of zones, colors)
    • 10% organizer, hostesses, coordinators (the link requires a separate article if the wedding organizer is needed or not)
    • 30% of photos and videos. (if we choose one thing, then this is also an option for saving, details below)
    • 15% entertainment: presenter, DJ,
    • 5% bride stylist.

    for weddings with a big budget, it is possible to distribute the budget a little bit differently.

    • 30-35% restaurant: banquet, tea / coffee, extension, site rental, closing deposit, service / waiters, cork collection, cleaning,
    • 20% decoration and floristry (depends on the hall, desires, scale, number of zones, colors),
    • 10% organizer, hostesses, coordinators,
    • 20% of photos and videos,
    • 15% entertainment: host, DJ, live music, evening entertainment,
    • 2% bride stylist,
    • 5% technical equipment: sound, light, projector

    Everything is similar, but more opportunities.

    And now, we will begin to consider how to save wisely
    (It’s wise to save, and not how to make a wedding for 15 cents)

    The main thing is to set priorities correctly:

    1. Time is money. the sooner we start training the more economical

    The sooner you start training the better. The more money you can save in your wedding budget.
    The more time you have to prepare, the calmer you can prepare for the wedding and book good specialists at a good price.
    Everything, at first glance, is simple and logical, but for some reason everyone often forgets about it. Many go to the Internet, look at how much any kind of advertising, and it seems that there is so much choice that their eyes run wide. But when it comes down to business, it turns out that everything is not so rosy and not at the prices that were budgeted.

    The correct distribution of time on this day and the correct logistics gives maximum savings on a wedding day.
    I always advise starting the selection of wedding professionals with a photographer. This man who is always next to a couple. And he knows all the force majeure that happens at weddings and will help to avoid them.

    I know how to avoid getting caught in the rain, how to have a wedding in both heat and cold, and what happens if a limo breaks. For more than 12 years, I can advise a lot.

    Save when choosing a wedding date.

    • Season.
      Choose a season for the wedding. The highest wedding season is from July to mid-October. At this time, prices are higher and specialists are more busy. The lowest are November, March, April and May. Something can be found cheaper these months.
    • Day of the week.
      If you want to save money, choose a weekday (Tuesday-Thursday). Many wedding services (cars, restaurants) are less expensive. Those relatives and friends for whom you and your celebration are really important can always be with you in the registry office and in the restaurant in the evening.
      This item is especially important for weddings in a close family circle, when there are 8-15 people at the wedding, and there is no desire to invest a lot of money in the wedding.
    • Proper wedding day planning.
      Time is the core value of a wedding day. It is difficult to give specific advice, not knowing your wishes, and the main places where you plan to go that day. This is exactly what we will discuss in detail at our meeting when signing the contract.

    Saving transport for a wedding

    If there is no problem with money, then you can order a limousine and 2 limousines, and three ... But if there is a task to save, then ... ..This is a cost item that is very easy to optimize, especially if we meet and plan the day before filing applications to the registry office.

    • It is important to remember that when ordering a limousine, travel time increases by about 1.5-2 times. If there is a task to spend a lot of time on the road, taking into account traffic jams and Moscow distances, then the limo is your choice. If there is no problem to spend all the time in a limousine, then rent a good minibus.
      It’s often cheaper, better on the road characteristics, it will drop in where the limo can’t drive. For yourself, you can take a representative car.
    • With the modern development of taxis in Moscow, you can simply order a taxi (one or several by the time the car is needed), excluding it simple.

    Savings in the registry office

    • Do not take everything you do not need at the registry office. If you already have a photographer and a videographer with you, they will remove everything from you.
    • On the folder for the certificate and pillows for the rings. The folder can be bought in advance - its price in the stationery store is 100 rubles in the registry office from 1500 and far to +.
    • The cushion for rings also makes sense only as an accessory for photographing at exit registration or at training camps. If you have neither one nor the other, then there is no particular sense in it. There is a regular saucer in any registry office.

    How to save on a wedding dress

    Yes, I understand well that a wedding dress is often the dream of any girl, but in life there are different circumstances, and if there really is no money and the task is to save then there are several options.

    1. As in ordinary stores in bridal salons, there are also sales.
      This usually happens in December - February. When salons are preparing for the wedding season and sell the remnants of old collections.
    2. The more fabric, sequins, lace or embroidery on the dress, the more expensive your purchase will be.
    3. Find an atelier salon that will sew a dress for you (at least save on hemming in height) (if I can advise)
    4. Quietly and without advertising, to buy an already used wedding dress, my VKontakte group has many ads for the sale of dresses.

    If you do not pay attention to the word "wedding", then you can:

    • To choose an inexpensive evening light dress, or just a dress - it will be cheaper than a wedding.
    • С женихом еще проще, всегда можно взять отличный костюм или смокинг напрокат, но тщательно примеряйте, размер должен подходить.

    Экономим на свадебных аксессуарах.

    • На сумочках или клатчах
      Самый бесполезный аксессуар. Любой дополнительный груз в свадебный день не улучшит вам настроение.
      В руках у Вас будет свадебный букет, часто весьма увесистый. With your second hand, you will need to raise the hem of the dress or hug the groom, and carry something else in your hands - no pleasure. You can transfer everything you need on a walk to a friend or a photographer (I am always with a couple)

    On all kinds of wedding accessories. (all kinds of toppers with names, surnames, etc.).
    I can provide them completely is free when ordering the services of a photographer.
    Agree that it is better to spend money on a photo book than on disposable accessories, such as hangers for bridesmaid dresses.

    Saving on engagement rings.

    If you have enough time to prepare for the wedding, then in Moscow there are many jewelry exhibitions where you can directly buy products from manufacturers, jewelry stores also have sales.
    But I do not advise you to contact illegal stores. There is a lot of fake gold today.

    What else can you save on a wedding:

    • on the liquor in the restaurant. If the restaurant allows you to bring your own juices and alcohol, then this is very good. Even cork collecting practiced in some establishments is sometimes less than the amount that the restaurant makes for its own liquor. Well, your alcohol is always better. You know exactly what the guests are drinking and eliminate all kinds of fake drinks. (By the way, do not buy supposedly alcohol from duty free from various unfamiliar hucksters - often this is all of completely incomprehensible origin) Take care of your guests.
    • on all sorts of superfluous snacks and second hot dishes, which are imposed by the restaurant administrators, and which later remained in abundance.
    • the cake is certainly needed but not huge, but necessarily beautiful, because by the time the cake was served, he, in fact, was no longer interested in anyone like food))) but it should be beautiful so that it remains in the photo and in memory.
    • the design of the hall should be minimal (if there is a goal to save), it is better to immediately choose normal rooms. Any jewelry is often an impression for one minute, then everyone forgets about it. I am NOT saying that they should not be, but you can spend a lot of money on jewelry only when there are no problems with money. Flowers on the table of the newlyweds and small floral arrangements on the tables - often this is more than enough for a modest wedding.
    • you don’t need to take many different artists (if they are planned at all), and for small weddings it’s better not to take anyone at all. If you decide to arrange a show program, then it is better to take one, but a fun group, or a show ballet or artist, since if it’s a lot, then a kaleidoscope of artists begins and half of the guests miss everything by talking and eating. People come to your wedding, not a concert.

    There are a lot of nuances in saving at a wedding. At almost every point of the holiday, you can save if not money, then at least nerves.
    Do you want to get more detailed savings options specifically for your wedding, in your format?
    Call me and we will discuss everything in more detail. 🙂

    Let's talk about the most expensive part of the wedding - Banquet.

    This part is dedicated to a separate article on my site. Follow the banner or the link below.

    Competently approach to compiling a list of invitees

    How can you save on a wedding yet? Yes, very easy! Well, there is no need to invite to the celebration of one of the most important events of your life, all relatives up to the ninth knee and those whom you may not even have seen. They eat and drink no less than their closest and most familiar, and sometimes even more than that. And even if parents insist on this and set conditions for you - do not agree! In the end, this is your holiday. You decide. In addition, the more guests, the more spacious the banquet hall should be, more staff and food and drink will be needed. In general, some solid "more." While you are looking for ways to save money on a wedding, and not give the latter in favor of other people's uncles and aunts. Therefore, boldly cross out every unknown surname from the list and do not torment yourself with the pangs of conscience. Let on this day you are surrounded only by the most dear people who came to be happy for you and wish from the heart happiness.

    Choose: a banquet hall is needed or not

    Having decided on the number of guests, start looking for a place for a banquet. Anyone who thinks about how to save money on a wedding specifically, and not a couple of thousand, can consider a few budget options. The most extreme is to get into the car after the wedding ceremony and drive off on your honeymoon. And then all the money that would go to a banquet can be spent on yourself somewhere on the seashore by paying for an all-inclusive tour. Not so tough, but also economical - no feasts. Modest buffet reception. What’s called - we celebrate the triumph on our feet and quickly, after which we again take off on a journey. By the way, today at many registry offices there are small buffet lounges, which greatly facilitates the preparation process. You can also celebrate the celebration in the country or in nature, ordering a special ceremony at a special agency. Well, those who can not refuse a gala dinner will have to save a little differently. How? Also, in principle, nothing complicated. First, bypass the expensive and most famous restaurants. Secondly, do not look for a place in the center. In the end, you don’t have to stomp to the restaurant with your own feet. You can go to the outskirts, where prices will be much lower. In addition, it is recommended to pay attention to small cafes and dining rooms. You can decorate a room decently with your own friends or invite an inexpensive designer, but the bill for a banquet in such a place will definitely be half.

    Above, we examined the most “gluttonous” expense items for a wedding. However, this is far from all that the newlyweds will need. There are many more little things that are costly. How else can you save on a wedding? We reduce the budget due to the wedding procession.

    Is it really necessary to have a limousine?

    We will not beat around the bush and say right away - not needed! The peak of the popularity of these cars to accompany weddings has long passed. Their order belongs to the category "splurge", and therefore the especially smart and economical go the other way. Today, no one rides on broken Cossacks. Finding a few friends with decent cars will not be difficult. A couple of cars for the closest is quite enough. And for the guests you can order several minibuses. As for the jewelry, they can be inexpensively purchased at any specialized store and have the car originally decorated with your own hands.

    Have you ordered a video recording?

    When it comes to how to save money on a wedding, many people first of all want to refuse the invitation of a professional photographer. Motivating this with the fact that, as they say, everyone will already click on the phones, since this has long been a habit. So that's it, only the quality of these pictures is unlikely to be suitable. So it’s better to invite someone with a good machine. You can find it among friends - many today are interested in photography, and search for private ads. But in the registry office it is better not to order such a service. It will cost dearly, and the quality of the template shots of a busy specialist may well cause tears. And far from joy.

    Who will entertain us

    Professional wedding animators ask for their, and not always high-quality, quite a lot of services. True, without a host, it’s rather boring. You can entrust this business to any of your friends. To find the appropriate scenarios on the same Internet, to process a little for yourself - here you have fun. In addition, it is very popular today to invite to weddings not various ensembles that vote so that guests do not hear each other, but people who can play the button accordion or accordion. And we have enough of those. You can search for them even among high school music students. It is unlikely that the guys will refuse to earn extra money. Well, of course, you can bring your own music center and even arrange karaoke. Today, there are many opportunities for various chips. It is quite possible to do without professionals.

    Flowers, cakes and decorations

    It would seem nonsense. And how much money you have to spend on it. Just look at the price tags in flower shops and pastry shops. So these are ordinary bouquets and cakes. And imagine how much the wedding will cost! So the easiest way to do this. It is still advisable for the bride to purchase a bouquet made by professionals, but let it be a modest and refined composition, and not a huge literal broom, from which hands will begin to hurt in five minutes. As for the rest of the needs for flower decoration, for this you can purchase artificial specimens that are quite inexpensive. Regarding the cake. Honestly answer yourself the following question: “And who, in fact, will look at him, let alone eat after three to five hours of plentiful libations?” That's right. Almost no one. Therefore, you can order a very decent, but small product. It is not necessary to bring the cake into the hall on a huge cart.

    Well, as for jewelry, then, as we have already mentioned, everything can be done with your own hands. It’s even more pleasant and interesting.

    How to save on a wedding: current tips

    It’s better to do the bride’s hairstyle and makeup with the help of girlfriends, or find a salon that offers such services performed not by masters, but by their students.

    Remember: in the registry office you are required to pay only the state fee. All other services that are quite expensive there are optional.

    Pay attention to the seasonality of celebrations. If the question of how to save on a wedding is really relevant for you, in winter it is much easier to do. The cost of all services at this time is half less.

    Avoid some activities like fireworks and doves flying over their heads as they exit the registry office. Your friends are quite capable of launching a couple of firecrackers, and apart from joy, you can also have some unpleasant surprises from the birds.