Useful Tips

Provided Contact Methods for Amazon Support


We open the Amazon site in the browser, log in to the account

Drop the page down, select the “Help” item

Next, when you hover over “Need More Help?”, The next menu appears in the side window, in which you need to select “Contact Us”

In the new window, after the automatic redirection, the order history will open, in which you should select the one for which the customer contacts Amazon support for help

Horizontally, 4 tabs of the submenu are available for selection, through which the priority topics of the future discussion with the operators are selected:

An order I placed - orders that have been issued,

Amazon Devices and Kindle Apps - hardware and software from Amazon (Kindle e-books or Fire tablets),

Digital services - questions about digital products from Amazon,

Prime or Something else - Prime account or other questions.

The most common reason for contacting Amazon support is with questions regarding placed orders, which is why we’ll continue with instructions on this:

Having selected the necessary product with a tick, we proceed to the choice of the reason for contacting the support service - “Select an issue”. In this item, select the appropriate item, but if there is no suitable item in the list, you can select "More order issue"

In the subsection “Select issue details”, clarifying information on the topic of the appeal is indicated, if there is no suitable item, select “Other orders question or issue”, after which in the third window you must manually enter the topic regarding which the dialogue with the operator will be conducted.

You can get a consultation in three ways:

  • By writing a letter to support
  • By ordering a call back (it will be necessary to fill out the form)
  • Or contacting online chat for help

The most efficient are the second and third methods of communication with Amazon support, the first should be resorted to if the buyer has significant difficulties communicating in English.

If knowledge of the spoken language allows you to communicate by phone, then you should order a call from the operators of the call center. But the best option is to resolve issues through online chat, many users of the site are talking with operators through online translators.

After choosing a method of contacting Amazon support operators (using the chat example), a form will appear in which you need to enter data about your problem or question, and only after that you need to click "Start chat"

How to write a letter to a third-party seller with Amazon

Given the huge availability of third-party sellers on Amazon, the need to maintain contact with them sometimes still arises - either you need to clarify the details regarding the product, or about the delivery time of the order, delivery methods, etc. Consider the example of writing a letter to one of the sellers on Amazon.

Who exactly is the seller of a particular product is indicated immediately on its description page

By clicking on the seller’s nickname with a mouse cursor, a new page opens that leads to his personal page with data, reviews, ratings and other information. On the right is the “Ask a question” button - through it, a letter to the seller is created.

The principle of writing a letter is similar to writing to Amazon support - you need to select the subject of the question (about an already purchased position, or about a product expected to be purchased), in the second paragraph it is necessary to specify the subject of the appeal - if the corresponding section is not provided for selection, it is worth stopping at the last paragraph - "Other Question". After choosing the values, we proceed to the direct writing of the letter by pressing the “Write message” button.

In the window that opens, ask the question that interests us and send a letter to the seller. You should wait for an answer from him by email, in the future you can continue correspondence with the seller from your personal mailbox. Regarding the timing of the response, there are no clear time values, so in some cases, be patient.

As a useful bookmark, we recommend adding to your favorites a small selection of the most frequently used English phrases in dealing with sellers - We write letters to American online stores.

Reasons to contact support

Amazon needs to write or call Amazon's technical support service when something went wrong while interacting with this site. Common Cases:

  • exchange of low quality products or refund of money paid for it,
  • the appearance of questions regarding payment methods or delivery, any properties of goods from Amazon,
  • a request for a reduction in the value of an item that is selling more expensive today than yesterday,
  • a request to open access to an account that was previously blacklisted for some reason.

In order to write in support of Amazon, you will need to log in to your own account. Anyone who is not registered on the site can do this only after going through a simple registration procedure. This is an important condition. If it is observed, it becomes possible to write a message to the support operators.

Amazon Support Contact Guide

How to proceed in order to write a letter in support of Amazon:

  1. Go to the main page of the portal.
  2. Scroll it down to find the item “Let Us Help You”.
  3. A list opens in which the user sees the categories of questions asked most often.
  4. To write to the Amazon support operator, click the Help button.
  5. A page opens with the terms and conditions of the online store, a form for quickly searching for the answers you need and viewing the help.
  6. If after studying all these tabs the answer was still not received, it remains to open the “Need More Help” item, click “Contact Us” and write a letter according to the instructions.

  7. If after studying all these tabs the answer was still not received, it remains to open the “Need More Help” item, click “Contact Us” and write a letter according to the instructions.

When it is required to clarify the information on the purchase made, the option “Anoder I placed” is selected. This category includes questions of the following types:

  • on e-books and tablets,
  • Amazon digital technology
  • information regarding participation in the Prime program.

Questions about recent purchases are more easily resolved, as the last order placed automatically appears in requests. If there are a lot of products in the "Basket", you can select a specific one by putting a mark in front of it.

The next item is to write about the problem. To notify Amazon support operators of the essence of the matter, a question is selected from the existing list that is most similar to what the buyer is interested in.

When there is no necessary option, the item “More order issue” is suitable. If the problem is not resolved in this case as well, “Other order questions” is selected. Already here, in the very last column, the client can write the subject of the question himself.

The last step is to choose a method of communication with the operator. The employee is selected in accordance with how much the user knows the language, as well as on the issue of treatment.

Communication methods with Amazon support

There are three methods for contacting Amazon:

  • to write a message,
  • call
  • create a chat conversation.

If the user does not know English too well, the best option for him is to write to the support service at their email address. He simply fills out the form with the data and also describes the essence of the difficulty. After it remains only to poison the letter.

Amazon support provides a quick response. This usually takes no more than an hour.

Another way is to contact via chat. The dialog opens in an additional window. The beginning of the chat is a statement of the problem. It is also worth noting the checkbox in order to receive materials related to the dialogue to your email address.

The last is a telephone conversation. Only suitable for those who speak conversational English. You need to press the “Phone” button, select the country of residence and indicate your phone number. The operator will call you back soon.

Important! The callback option is not available to residents of the Russian Federation and other CIS countries. The ban can be easily circumvented by indicating another state, and then by calling the Amazon number left on the page from Russia.

No need to make a call from a mobile or landline number. It is much more profitable to use Skype.