Useful Tips

How to awaken your supernatural abilities to feel the aura


In order to awaken your abilities, you will learn to manage them, first you need to awaken consciousness, and, more simply, remove boundaries. The very boundaries that prevent you from thinking and perceiving at another level, the boundaries of stereotypes, conventions, and ideas imposed by society. You must think freely and independently, and most importantly - an open mind. All the limiters are in the trash, along with the box in which you hide from the world. But the world is multifaceted and not so simple, it’s enough to cram it into one physical plane. All these stupid, baseless smiles with the same stupid and unfounded arguments forget once and for all if you really want to awaken your sleeping abilities.

It is necessary to develop thinking - without it in any way. Thinking should be clear, not clouded when you get lost in your own absurd delirium. Without this, no way, you must understand the processes in order to better manage them, and not create serious consequences. Before doing anything, there must be a clear understanding of the process, and where the energy comes from, because you can suck it from your loved ones, or harm them with your activities. There are a lot of nuances, in order to understand everything well, you need to read the relevant literature, while clearly thinking and understanding what is at stake. If you do not understand, then this is not for you.

The development of feelings is the last stage before the discovery of abilities. Pay more attention to the feelings and perception of the world around you with these very feelings, feel everything around, and less listen to the mind, which will constantly try to explain everything, find loopholes, build different versions, arouse the imagination.

Here, in fact, is the whole recipe for awakening (discovering) unusual abilities, for example, such as seeing subtle worlds, or seeing through walls, seeing aura, etc. Good luck!

How to see, or feel your aura and the aura of another person?

The question is simple and at the same time difficult. It depends on the ability. For one who has developed a vision, there is nothing difficult. He closed his eyes, mentally moved away or climbed up and looked from there. I saw a large ovoid oval, from which a brilliant energy channel stretches upward. If you train a vision, then over time it will become corny simple. Krutanul mentally someone else's aura around the central axis, saw a reflection showing color. Even easier - mentally removed the upper shell, and the true color in front of you. He carefully examined the aura, whether there are dark spots, whether there are breakdowns of the outer shell, if any, it is necessary to clean, clean, repair.

How to train an aura vision? There are a lot of ways. Here is the most common and in my opinion quite effective. In the evening, before going to bed, lying in bed or simply being in a position that is convenient for you, preferably in twilight, extend your hand in front of you so that your hand is against the ceiling. Spread your fingers and look in the direction of the hand, but try not to let your eyes fall on your fingers, but rather pass through them and rest against the ceiling.

Try to perceive the space immediately in front of your fingertips. Focus on this space and look motionless for a while. But look not at him, but through him - at the ceiling. After a while, you will notice some change in the space near the fingers. Everyone can have this change. Someone sees colorless rays coming from the fingers, someone whitish clots of fog, someone near the fingers will change color, become darker or lighter. Try moving your hand slightly and you will see that the stain moves. You see your aura, which is on the hand. Look at the body, you will see something yellowish, shiny, covering your body, and on your feet too. If you look closely, you can see the same thing on close people and animals.

Over time, learn to distinguish between aura and total darkness, and then you can see with your eyes closed. For the most part, it is a matter of faith in oneself. You can’t see with your eyes closed, but you feel the warmth of someone else’s hand, even if it doesn’t concern you, and the presence of a stranger in the room, and your cat when it is nearby, and much, much more. The images that the soul conveys to you are your vision of the aura.

After you learn, everything material will cease to interfere with you, then it will be possible to look through walls, floors and ceilings. Energy freely penetrates through matter, such as x-rays, here you see in much the same way, the same energy that passes through everything. And then you learn to master this way of seeing.

Try to mentally rise up or down. For example, I mentally rose many times over the city and looked at it from above, it is very interesting in the subtle sense. You see the city as many yellow egg-shaped auras, among them there are very small and very large. You can zoom in and out, you can see the walls of the house, then go through it and see who is inside, but it all comes with time, when this way of seeing becomes familiar.

Aura is a concept quite recognized by scientists. Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian was the first to discover this strange phenomenon. He put a green leaf from a tree in the dark on a photographic plate, and when he showed it, he found a bright spot more than a leaf - this was an aura, or, as it was called later, a biofield. In general, at first it did not make a big impression on anyone, it is clear that a leaf of a tree emits some kind of energy, which is imprinted on a photographic plate. But when Kirlian laid half of the sheet on the photographic plate, he showed up and found that the aura of the whole sheet was again imprinted on the picture, and not half of it, as it should have been. This already seemed strange. It turned out that the biofield carried information about an intact sheet, therefore, this is not just radiation, but something that carries some kind of information.

At about this level, scientists are now looking at the aura. They created numerous devices that show the picture of this shell, trying to unravel its properties. He was engaged in aura of Korotkov a lot, he created the device using the glow of his fingers, conducted some experiments, measured the aura of the dead.

A lot about the aura was written by Robert Bruce, in his books a lot will seem interesting to you. His books are on the Internet. Aura is a strange formation, learn to see it, and a huge world will open before you, which has no beginning and end, Unfamiliar, strange, but understandable. Because when you see the aura, you can see everything else that is hidden for you. The principle of vision is the same, you see the energy, because the aura is energy. And if you saw her, it means that you can see everything else.

A huge universe with many secrets. And beyond it are other worlds, about which we know nothing at all, that are like bubbles in soapy water, adhered to each other by thin walls.

Not everyone can see the energy, some do not succeed, but tactile sensations are developed, such people feel with their hands. Often this is even easier than seeing. Here, too, everything is clear: you move away from the person, stretch out your hand mentally and begin to feel the space around. As soon as you feel a barely noticeable condensation, it means that you felt the border of the aura.

Developing the sensitivity of the hands to energies is quite simple. The easiest thing is to close your eyes and try to connect two hands. You need to do this slowly. Just point your palms toward each other and start slowly drawing together. At some distance, the hands will stop, as if an obstacle had arisen between them.

Overcoming it is easy, but it’s better to remember this feeling, because you first felt for yourself your biofield. In the same way, you can feel all energy and most interestingly, at any distance.

Probably saw more than once how healers and magicians put their hands in front of them? Thanks to the hands, they receive information about the size of the aura, its condition and further penetrating deep into the body, knowledge about each organ. Sinful, I often stretch my hand forward, even though I can do without it. The hand also acts as a small antenna that picks up signals and is used as a transmitter of healing energy.

To perform another exercise that will develop your sensitivity, you need to focus on the palms of your attention. It is better to close your eyes, breathe smoothly and rhythmically. Now, imagine in our minds that we breathe not only with the nose, but also with the help of the palms. Put your palms opposite each other, and then you will feel that when you breathe in, the air between your palms becomes cooler, when you exhale, it becomes warmer.

If you do this exercise several times a day, you will notice how sensitivity will increase. After the development of sensitivity, you can make an aura diagnosis, that is, by holding your palms from top to bottom, find the places of breakdowns, the places where malware is located and much more.

It is a matter of exercise and habit. After training, you will begin to feel warm and cold, you can determine from a photograph whether a person is alive or not, simply by holding his hand over the photo. In case of death, you will feel the cold coming from the photograph. If alive - warm. The fact is that any photo is an open channel to a person. Through it, you can reach him, check the aura and internal organs, conduct diagnostics. Can be treated with a photo, transmitting energy. For me, a photo is a cast of a person, his complete program, an imprint that cannot be repeated or faked. No wonder the Indians did not allow themselves to be photographed, saying that the photo steals the soul. Even fingerprints are not as unique as the aura. And if you look at the aura of two twins, you will see two completely different pictures.

Having laid a mold with a photo in memory, you can find it in space and work with the energies around and inside it. Remove negative energy, nourish, improve the characteristics of the aura. Heal the body by directing energy to a diseased organ and much, much more, using hands or mentally. It’s more familiar to use hands, but you can also use them without them. You just need to understand that we do not work with our hands, but with the soul, it is the main tool of work in the subtle world.