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Wardrobe Update: Secrets to Effective Wardrobe Tidying


I propose today to talk about how to update the wardrobe so that it is thoughtful and functional. What inspired? Personal experience. Did it happen to you that a thing in a store seemed to be sitting well, but at home, after trying on, it turned out that it wasn’t very? Or having put on a thing once or twice, did you realize that, in general, you are not on the way?

The color is not yours, something is rubbing here, besides it does not combine with anything ... I have this happened regularly. And it’s good if things are bought inexpensively, and if you pay a decent amount for them, and then do not wear them. One ruin. If you recognize yourself, I suggest you read on and find out what helped me to completely update the wardrobe and be satisfied with the result :)

It is important to update the wardrobe not only with basic things (+ decide what is the “base” for you in the wardrobe)

Now they write a lot and talk about basic things in the wardrobe. You will read five to ten articles of the same type and boot about the fact that you supposedly want to be a Real Woman, and do not have a white classic blouse, black trousers, boat shoes and a small black dress in the wardrobe. If your idea of ​​a basic wardrobe is similar to that voiced, do not get carried away buying only such things - the wardrobe will be the same. Once I myself fell into the trap of basic things: I bought only a neutral and suitable one for everything, anticipating that I would form a thoughtful practical wardrobe, and got a boring set of similar clothes ((. Here is my full story of putting the wardrobe in order.

Step 1: parsing things in the wardrobe

You don’t have to work hard here, since the task is simple - to get rid of things that have exhausted themselves as a fashionable, stylish and beloved element. But do not rush to throw everything away completely! The process of getting rid of trash should be approached through sorting.

All the things of the wardrobe during its update should be divided into groups:

  1. Absolutely unnecessary. This should get things that will never fall into the fashion set. It can be torn, dirty, badly worn, catastrophically small or large. They should be given away or thrown away without worries or regrets.

  1. Things to rework. This is a very interesting group, which will include products that are quite wearable, but for some reason do not like it. This also includes models that require minimal repair or maintenance.
  2. Favorite things and basic assortment. Everything that is worn with pleasure should remain here, as well as elements of the base of the wardrobe - classic products in neutral colors and with universal prints. Even if they do not fall into the category of favorite things, you should not get rid of them - you still have to buy them later!

Having finished the first stage of sorting, you can immediately proceed to the second. Its task is to separate seasonal items. Models of the current season and, again, a basic wardrobe should remain in convenient accessibility. Everything else should be carefully removed on shelves, in boxes and bags until the right weather conditions. Now you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: analysis and search for deficiency

A beautiful half-empty cabinet stimulates purchases, but do not rush: otherwise soon there will be complete anarchy in the wardrobe again. Stylists when asked where to start updating the wardrobe, recommend at this stage to do the calculations. Namely: to divide all types of activities - leisure, work, sports, entertainment, home, children, friends - in a percentage ratio. The result should be something like this: work - 50%, sports - 10%, vacation with family - 20%, vacation - 10%, friends - 10%. Graduation is very arbitrary, and each girl will have her own result.

This formula will tell you how many things you need to have in your wardrobe. Their percentage should correspond to the calculations made. Since many things can be used in different areas of life - for example, jeans - it is recommended that you simply write with each type of activity all suitable products.

Such simple calculations will show what things are missing and what is in excess and will help to update the wardrobe correctly and without distortions.

Step 3. Creating Capsules

Capsules in the fashion world are a very interesting concept, which includes several products that are harmoniously combined with each other. Usually one capsule contains up to 10 things, which include shoes and accessories. From one capsule, you can create up to 15 independent outfits - stylish and beautiful. As the basis of any capsule, a basic wardrobe is used, which should include:

  • jacket - simple cut, neutral color,
  • 2-4 blouses - white, neutral, with prints,
  • pencil skirt,
  • classic pants,
  • plain dress - not black,
  • Tone-neutral sweater
  • boots and shoes,
  • tops.

Around this base, capsules are created. For each set of clothes the following rules are observed:

  1. Basic things are always the basis of the capsule
  2. Brand thing - only one in the bow
  3. Novelties and accents - bright colors, with prints and decors
  4. Accessories are selected every season for fashion trends.
  5. Shoes purchased last

Following these recommendations, novelties are purchased in the wardrobe: first, basic things are supplemented, and then bright and stylish novelties are selected under them that will provide the image with mood and style.

Step 4: control and order

Updating the wardrobe will be pointless if you litter it with new but unnecessary things in a month. In order not to become a victim of shopaholism, we recommend:

  1. Wait for sales to update the wardrobe.
  2. Acquire outfits with capsules or carefully evaluate where exactly the next new product will go.
  3. It is profitable, stylish, interesting to study online stores, including foreign ones.
  4. Timely change the seasons with the simultaneous assessment and rejection of unnecessary products.

DIY wardrobe update

When the closet was put in order, a separate handful of things were collected - not “killed”, but morally bored. We recommend paying special attention to them, because they can become the basis of an individual style and image. What is being said now is a budget wardrobe update - when old things with the help of skillful hands and imagination turn into original models.

What can be done with junk? There are a lot of solutions - clothes can be:

  1. Tear. Ripped jeans - a trend of the season for a year. Vests are also fashionable, which are easy to make from jackets and shirts - checkered or denim vests are especially good.
  2. Decorate. There are stickers on fabrics in all fabric stores, so any old thing can be effectively decorated with any decor.
  3. Change Little things create a style - if you attach spikes to the shoulders of a leather jacket, it will radically change its appearance.

When the wardrobe is tired, do not whine and moan "there is nothing to wear." It is better to approach the problem pragmatically, logically and consistently. The result will not only please, but also cause the envy of others, because now you can always look stylish, fashionable and diverse.

Write down styles / colors / prints that don't suit you

Surely, you already know from experience that some things do not color you. Knowledge comes from understanding the characteristics of a figure, color type, lifestyle, and sometimes just intuitively: a thing is good, but you feel stupid or uncomfortable in it. Do not be lazy and write down on the sheet those options for clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags that do not paint you. As clear as possible. The larger the blacklist, the better: it is impossible for everyone to go. Do not be alarmed if it contains a lot of points. In my experience: a large black list is a sign that you have well studied your appearance and figure and are really ready to create a wardrobe that will reflect you.

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For example, I had a beige color for a long time: I really liked it, and I wondered why in all the cool beige things I look pale - like after an illness :). I tried different models, different shades, until, after about 5 years, I came to the conclusion that beige simply does not fit my color type.

By the way, in your personal black list there may be things that go to many - let this not bother you, your task is to rid yourself of things that do not specifically color you as much as possible.

Carry a blacklisted sheet with you and browse during the next bout of shopaholism.

Shoes are the basis of a well-thought-out wardrobe

We decided to update the wardrobe, allocated a certain amount to this matter ... At the next stage, many women argue as follows: I will buy more clothes, and what remains is for the shoes. But, as a rule, a good pair of shoes costs more than jeans or a cardigan. And by the way, expensive quality pair will even pull out an inexpensive look. Do not underestimate the shoes!

Search your stores

It is unlikely that you will like all the clothes in every store. Search your stores, your brands. Sometimes, to form a diverse, rather than the same type of wardrobe, it is worth looking into new places, but usually 3-5 favorite stores are enough to make up a sufficient number of practical and stylish images.

Do not get involved in sales

Sales to update the wardrobe is a good thing, especially if you need to buy inexpensive basic things. And sometimes sales help out a lot. But only until they become an end in themselves: they say, you really have to buy something, since there are such discounts! Caught yourself at the thought - run, so as not to buy unnecessary!

Functional wardrobe: no - to identical styles

Once you realized that a certain style or color suits you, and now you only buy things that fit into these narrow frames. The beaten path sometimes helps out a lot, but over time, the wardrobe becomes boring and you yourself will be bored in it too. Having mastered one suitable style, do not stop - look for other styles, models, combinations that go perfectly. So bit by bit you will form a wardrobe that will delight. When there are enough suitable styles, you can stop for a while and stop experimenting, enjoying the wealth you have collected.

Wearing 33 things for 3 months - is it a reality for you? Read about project 333 here.

Make a wardrobe of things in which you look great, and not just “normal”

Updating your wardrobe, look, look - until the click in your head: this is great! Then take it and enjoy it) Of course, it will take longer, of course, but the purchase will also please. Well, you can wear the thing that makes you magnificent for a long time - but the one that is just “normal” will want to change very soon.

Do not replenish your wardrobe with fashionable things just because they are in trend

On the one hand, trending things are an opportunity to try something new for yourself. But if you don’t like yourself in a fashionable thing, then do not buy. If some trending thing falls into your personal whitelist - excellent, if not - you should not force it into it.

How do you update your wardrobe? Do you have your own tricks and secrets that made it possible to create a practical and thoughtful wardrobe?

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I agree about the shoes, but I prefer just “normal” styles

You mean that you agree to wear and not only what are magnificent?) Probably men about this generally bother less.

Rather, “normality” plays the role of magnificence: I picked up (ideally - sewed) a good suit, and for a long time you can not think about choosing styles. But, of course, I understand that the feminine approach is somewhat different.

Thank you, very useful and, most importantly, applicable in practice. I am interested in minimalism, read about project 333, but I have a problem: all the time I lack a little bit for complete happiness. It seems that everything is there, here I will buy another skirt on the floor, and that's it - the formation of the wardrobe is definitely over. But the desired skirt was found and bought, and again I want something again.

Thanks for your comment! I can tell you how I deal with such Wishlist :)
If I feel that something is missing for complete happiness, I’ll definitely go to the store to measure it. To understand exactly whether it is necessary or not. And very often it happens that it is not necessary)) i.e. I wanted not so much a new thing as trying on a new phaosn and understanding - but is it for me?
It also helps to plan how many sets you want to have (and not go beyond the scope of your purchases) or start the same project 333. Will you try? :)

When shopping, I always keep in mind a table of colors suitable for my color type. Thanks to this, things are well suited to each other. Even if purchased separately)

A very good way! I also keep it, even when buying, I sometimes look on the Internet to make sure that it really suits me! Thanks for sharing!