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7 ways to update a boring wardrobe for free


Bows are a playful, entirely feminine accessory that combines with many clothing options. Experiment with different parts of the bow to easily upgrade your wardrobe. Add structural pieces to the bows to make the clothes look feminine or emphasize the playfulness of the style by adding all sorts of mischievous things.

Method 1 From the Top

Attach a bow to the top of your ensemble to focus on it. This accessory is a great way to add volume to your blouse or sweater.

  1. 1 Look for a jacket that already has a bow in a place. This is the easiest way to decorate, because you don’t have to worry about finding an accessory that matches your clothes in color and size.
  2. 2 Consider purchasing a bow-tie blouse. Instead of the usual decoration, you can use a pattern. This introduces the bow into your wardrobe in a one-dimensional way.
  3. 3 Attach the bow in the center of the collar. Use a large decoration with ribbons that will hang on your chest. The rest of the ensemble in this case should look simple so as not to be too smart or look childish.
  4. 4 Wear a bow on the side of the collar. Combining with a simple blouse or sweater, so that it becomes the asymmetric center of the ensemble. Fasten the bow on the smaller side so that the ribbons do not fall on the chest. Then your image will turn out fashionable and mature.
  5. 5 Adjust the bow on the back. Pin or sew the accessory in the center from the back, knitting the excess fabric under it. This is a great way to draw attention to a not-so-good sweater and create more volume by adding an extra layer to your clothes.
  6. 6 Wrap a waist or thin strip of leather around your waist a few inches below the ribs. Tie it with a bow in front, side or back. This will visually create a false waistline accentuating your mature feminine shapes in a pretty sweet way.

Method 2 Bottom

Add interest to the bottom of your wardrobe by attaching a bow to your skirt, jeans or shoes. Be careful with such manipulations, because it will immediately draw attention to any part of the clothing.

  1. 1 Look for skirts with bows when buying. This is the easiest way to include this jewelry in your wardrobe, and will help to break your body into two parts. Avoid this look with wide hips, because a large bow can add unnecessary volume.
  2. 2 Pin a small bow on the top of the skirt or pants, slightly shifting the center. A small piece of jewelry will not make the hips anymore. This option looks best with a tucked-in blouse, then the bow on the belt will be noticeable.
  3. 3 Pull the tape through the belt or through the buttonhole on the pants. Tie it with a bow on the front or side, according to your taste. This is a cute, simple alternative to a regular belt.
  4. 4 Buy a pair of shoes with ribbons tied above the ankles. The heel perfectly conceals a certain girlish infantilism, making the image not quite childish.
  5. 5 Find ballet flats or high heel shoes that are already sold with a small bow on the front. This is also an option to enter a bow into your wardrobe, without attracting too much attention.
  6. 6 Bring back the elegance to an old pair of shoes by gluing a small bow in front. Make sure the shoes are simple and in good condition.

Method 3 Small Details

If you are not ready for large bows on sweaters or trousers, slowly introduce accessories of this form into your wardrobe. Jewelry, scarves and hair ornaments are all accessible and easy to wear.

  1. 1 Find bow-shaped clove earrings to add some glamor to your look. This design makes the earrings an element of playfulness, and the luster makes them fashionable and appropriate for an evening walk.
  2. 2 It is believed that the combination of silk fabric bows with pearls creates an old-fashioned classic look. Tie such a bow to a pearl necklace or bracelet.
  3. 3 Attach an antique bow-shaped brooch to a sweater or blouse. A brooch is a decoration for more mature women, not children. This choice makes you both feminine and mature at the same time.
  4. 4 Tie a trendy bow scarf around your neck. Silk scarf looks elegant and ripe, while artificial silk or cotton looks cute and infantile.
  5. 5 Wear a bow on your hair. Find a silk bow and tie it to the side or back of your head. Hair should be loose.
  6. 6 Make a decision to purchase a rim with bows. Such a thing will give your hairstyle an additional structure, and a bow will add lightness.
  7. 7 Tie your hair into pigtails or ponytails and tie it with a ribbon in the shape of a bow. Be careful with this style, because in any case it will look youthful and mischievous.
  8. 8 Wear a bow hat. Find a curly hat that is tied with a ribbon in a circle, for example, a hat with brim or felt.
  9. 9 This may be a large wallet with a bow on its side or front. The presence of a bow favorably emphasizes a stylish bag.
  10. 10 Wear a clutch bag with a small, stylish silk bow in front. A white or black clutch looks good with dresses, and adding a small bow often looks cool, regardless of time. As an alternative, you can pick up a small wallet on the strap for the same effect.

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If you have long been bored looking into your closet - you will not find anything new there anyway - do not panic. Because the problem most often is not that all your clothes are ugly, as you might think. And it’s not even that you have no sense of taste at all, as the former once remarked (because, in fact, the former). You are just bored. And in order to start dressing again with interest, just mix everything up! We offer you seven games with a style that will help to shake your wardrobe, and at the same time to shake yourself.

1. Get rid of all black

  • Avoiding black things is not enough. They should disappear, as if by the wave of a magic wand. Leave them with a friend, take them to your parents or put them in the trunk of your car - you can choose the option to your taste. And don’t worry. This is temporary (only for a week).
  • Hang all the remaining clothes by color, so that it is easier for you to understand what you have to work with.
  • Now start making up the images. You can call for help the camera - so you will soon remember the combinations that you really liked.
  • Throughout the week, make a list of those things that you don’t have, but with which these kits would look even better. Call it “If I had it, it would have been incredibly cool.”

And what is the result: After a week, you must get rid of your "black addiction" (in the sense of dependence on black things) and learn how to collect images from bright colors. Take the weekly list as a reward for your labors - and go shopping!

2. Pack at random

  • Take a few boxes and divide all your things into categories: tops, trousers, underwear, accessories (hereinafter optional).
  • Now pull out from each box (just chur without looking!) One thing at a time until you get a finished image.
  • Then lay out all the things on the floor and photograph them. You can repeat an unlimited number of times.

And what is the result: You may suddenly find that combinations that you could never have imagined actually look very impressive. But even if you do, you will at least really have fun. And look at your wardrobe with different eyes.

3. Wear the same thing all week

  • Gather a universal image of basic things that can be worn at work and at a party. The simpler it is, the better.
  • Now take the amount of underwear that you need for a week, and take away everything else. Jewelry, shoes, things, bags - that’s all. Yes, absolutely everything, except that image and accessories that you have chosen in advance.
  • Carry your chosen kit for a week wherever you go. Or within two weeks (if at least one girl in the world is capable of this). By the way, erasing your image in pieces is not prohibited.
  • Every time you miss one of the things from your wardrobe, write down what it is.

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And what is the result: First, open your wardrobe at the end of the week - and fall in love with it again. Due to the fact that you wore the same thing for so long, old things will seem to you noticeably more attractive than before.

Secondly, take a list of the things you really missed and put them on your bed. And now try to compose several images from them (you must take photographs of your favorite). You will be surprised how versatile your wardrobe can be.

4. “Hire” your girlfriend as a personal stylist

  • Invite a friend to your wardrobe and let her do what she wants. Of course, you can set some “fashion rules” in advance, but, to be honest, this game will be more effective if you give it complete freedom of action.
  • Leave the room and let her work alone.
  • When she collects the perfect sets for you, invite her to pick up the rest (well, or at least meet you more often) so that you don’t have the opportunity to cheat.
  • Send her your photos “in the image” every day to prove that you are completely honest with her, and at the same time describe your feelings from each of them.

And what is the result: It's amazing how wardrobe control handed over to someone else can change your own point of view. At first you may not be very comfortable, well, okay! The more open to experiments you find yourself, the more you get from this whole undertaking.

5. Change your wardrobe with someone

  • Find a girlfriend with a similar situation in the wardrobe, and offer her to exchange things (except for linen, of course) for ... a month.
  • Invite her to her and let her take whatever she likes. And then go to her so you can do the same.
  • When the month comes to an end, make a list of things that you took, but hardly put on, as well as a list of things that you wore constantly. And let her friend do the same.

And what is the result: Swap lists with each other and see if you can give some things to each other. But if not, then you should not be upset either - shopping will help here.

6. Wear the same thing in different ways.

  • Let your girlfriend choose some thing from your wardrobe - a top, dress, skirt or something else.
  • Once the key element of the week is determined, your main task will be to present it in a new way every day. If you suddenly get stuck, then ask a friend to help with ideas.
  • And according to tradition, take photos of your images daily to prove to everyone (and yourself) that you are one of those girls who keep their word.

And what is the result: Even if you do not fall in love with any set in the end, this experience will help you see how versatile your wardrobe really is.

7. Arrange “fashion battles” online

  • Every day for a week, you and your best friend will have to photograph your images - and send them to each other.
  • Then combine these photos in Photoshop (or any other editor) and post on social networks asking them to vote for the best kit.
  • At the end of the week, the one with the most fashionable victories will receive from another free drink in her favorite bar.

And what is the result: Sometimes a little friendly competition is just what you need to motivate yourself to be creative (including when it comes to wardrobe). And a cocktail at someone else’s expense will awaken in you such excitement that you might not even have suspected before. Act!

1. T-shirt with patch pocket

Do you have a plain basic t-shirt that has long been tired of? Do not rush to throw it away, better give her a new life. A little imagination, a sewing machine and unnecessary pieces of fabric will make it interesting and very stylish. You can decorate your T-shirt with the simplest - chest pocket. For gray or black T-shirts, a pocket made of leatherette is perfect, but for light ones you can use fabrics in floral patterns and with bright prints. Of course, remember the integrity of your appearance and think in advance with what things you can combine the new thing. Then this cute detail will become a wonderful accent in the image.

2. Top with a deep neckline

You can reanimate a boring white jersey of their cotton fabric. It is enough to properly cut the shirt, fit the figure and it will sit like a glove. This version of the top is very bold and requires restraint in the rest of the appearance. Will look perfect with a classic fitted jacket and straight trousers. In this version, this kit will become balanced, and will not look too defiant. You will be able to emphasize feminine forms, but not to overdo it with such an emphasis. A similar top with a neckline can be useful in the summer, for example, on vacation, complete with a maxi skirt.

3. Flying Vest

From a boyfriend's t-shirt, you can also get a beautiful new thing - a trendy vest with flying edges. To do this, you just need to cut off the excess: the sleeves and the neck. We put our hands through the resulting hole, and there will be a beautiful neckline on the back. From the front, the fabric will flow down, gathering in beautiful folds. The image is immediately filled with airiness and femininity, so for spring it is a very good option. Moreover, such a vest is multifunctional, because it can also be adapted for a scarf.

4. Painting with natural motives

The idea of ​​how to decorate any plain color thing: you can revive it with the help of drawings. You can perform drawings not only with textile paints, but also with ordinary whiteness to remove especially stubborn stains. This method will not give you an abundance of colors, and the color of the print will be white or close to white, depending on the original color. But thanks to this method, you can do something truly unique from an ordinary shirt, t-shirt or skirt. And delicate white flowers and twigs will create a very delicate, spring and refreshing look.

5. Openwork painting

If you liked the first idea of ​​painting the fabric, then this one is likely to cause enthusiasm. To perform openwork painting, you will need a printed diagram with the desired pattern, previously processed with a clerical knife, and a felt-tip pen for drawing on fabric. Such a felt-tip pen can be found in fabric and accessories stores or in the departments for needlework and creativity. But back to drawing. In our example, the collar is chosen as the place for the picture, but you can also decorate any part of the T-shirt or blouse. The technology is simple: having attached the circuit, use a felt-tip pen to paint over the cut holes. Everything ingenious is simple!

6. Sweater with a decorative insert

Now the option is more complicated in execution, but very impressive looking. To do this, you will need a jacket or a light sweater in neutral colors and a decorative insert. In our example, this is a bright decorative element in the form of a square grid that fits perfectly into the shape of the shoulder. You can also use lace or mesh, textured or woven fabric - everything is in your hands. We apply the selected insert, gently sweeps, cut off the excess fabric under it, leaving allowances for seams. After all these steps, sew the insert and process the seams. A big plus will be experience in sewing, and if it is not, it is better to practice on unnecessary things.

7. Appliques and beading

Sweaters and cardigans, embroidered with beads imitating pearls, look very gentle and feminine. If you have not yet been lucky enough to find the desired item on store shelves, then it's time to take matters into your own hands. To do this, you will need beads, matching threads to them and a decorated item. With a little practice, you can make perfect and inconspicuous stitches, sewing beads very carefully. To decorate, you can choose pearls to match the tone of the fabric of the product, a different color, one size or several. You can also arrange the beads randomly, to your liking or search for ready-made patterns.

8. Blouse with embroidery

You are very lucky if you know how to embroider a stitch or have an interest in mastering this type of needlework. In the spring, stitch embroidery in the form of flowers is trendy and if you look at the new collections, you will see it literally everywhere. Why not try to transform some plain thing with the help of a stylish trend? To do this, you will need an embroidery pattern transferred to the fabric of the product, a set of multi-colored threads, fingers and a couple of evenings. If you don’t embroider yet, then first just practice on the fabric, and already for the remake of the sweater, choose a simpler pattern. You can search it on the net, or you can draw your own composition - it’s even more interesting.

9. Jacket with a bright accent

Is there a gray straight-cut jacket in the closet that you wore only once or twice in your life? Perhaps this is because you lack bright accents in this piece of clothing. Why not freshen up a dull jacket with a contrasting yellow hem decorated with beads? You can choose any color that suits the basic colors of your wardrobe. The main thing is that he begins to please you! Для преображения пиджака вам понадобится краска по текстилю нужного цвета, бусины или стразы, клей и утюг. Применяя краску, строго следуйте инструкции на бутылочке или на листе-вкладыше, ведь от этого напрямую зависит результат! Покрасив необходимые участки пиджака, украсьте их на ваш вкус, создавая элегантные аппликации.

10. Простая мини-юбка

Из отслужившей свое и невостребованной больше кофты или футболки можно получить симпатичную мини-юбку. All you need is scissors, threads and a bar of soap. Soap can be noted all the excess that needs to be cut: sleeves, neck and a little fabric on the sides, for a better fit. Once outlined, you can gently sweep, cut off the neck and try on. After making sure that everything is going well, we are already boldly cutting off unnecessary parts and stitching. The resulting skirt can be safely worn in the warm spring and the entire summer season, combining with shirts, blouses, tops and t-shirts.

11. Jeans with zippers

From old flared jeans we suggest making more modern tight-fitting trousers with zippers at the ankle. To do this, you will need to buy zippers of the desired length, studs and threads. Having put on jeans, we fix with the help of the trousers of the trouser leg so that they fit the leg. After everything is clearly measured, we cut off the unnecessary fabric and sew the zippers on the machine and process the edges. It is better to choose a zipper that matches the color and adjacent fabric with the color of the jeans fittings. Of course, if you want to make accents on lightning, you can choose something bright and contrast. It will depend entirely on the style of your wardrobe.

12. Pants with colorful stripes

Another option to revitalize simple jeans is to decorate them with drawings. You can use the methods described above, or you can go further. Surely you came across step-by-step manicure lessons, where strips are used as a stencil to get straight lines? Here you can use the same principle. To do this, you need tape, textile paints and brushes. First, determine the color scheme and on a piece of paper sketch where exactly the strips should be located. Then cut the tape into strips and stick them in the right places, painting the gaps between the strips with paint. As a result, you will get a very interesting detail on trousers!

13. A simple dress from a t-shirt

A very simple way to alter an old huge t-shirt in a cute dress. You will need a T-shirt, scissors, a measuring tape, soap and thread. Open a t-shirt with a piece of soap as shown in our example. Specify the necessary sizes, sweep the future product and try on. Correct everything that is necessary and sew - your dress is ready! You can sew several of these dresses in different colors. Thus, you can have several basic neutral dresses and some bright, independent ones. During the warm spring and summer period, you will not have to worry about the uniformity of the wardrobe: a pair of shirts, accessories, bags and different shoes can make your looks different, comfortable and stylish.

14. A two-piece dress

This dress is simpler in execution than the previous one. For him, you will need a blouse and a button-down shirt in a close range of colors or matching colors. The blouse will serve as the top of the product, and from the shirt you can make the bottom. From the sweatshirt we cut off a part of the bottom at the waist, having previously outlined this place. From the shirt we cut off also a part of the bottom, but we make this part longer - it will play the role of a skirt. Having placed the row with the buttons exactly in the middle, we sew the top with the bottom, evenly distributing the folds of the skirt around the waist. Everything, the dress is ready! Instead of the top, you can use not only a blouse with sleeves, but also a T-shirt or turtleneck. You can also experiment and swap the top and bottom: sew a shirt on top, and make a tight skirt out of a T-shirt. You can also play with flowers, because the gamma can be not only close, but also contrasting.

15. Headgear

In the spring, the weather is not always warm and pleasant, and sometimes you should not hide the hat far away. In addition, the headpiece can also be decorated to your taste. The caps decorated with beads, glass jewelry, bows and feather pompons look great. You can find all these and many other decorative elements in stores for needlewomen in your city or order in online stores. A little bit of inspiration along with an original approach and your image will sparkle with new colors!

Things decorated and transformed with your own hands are unique and reflect only your aesthetic preferences. Do not be afraid to experiment and emphasize your personality! Get inspired with the World of Ideas!