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How to apply a number on a PVC boat and boat according to GOST GIMS - step by step instructions


The inscription can be made of self-adhesive film. one of the following colors:: black, white, blue, yellow, silver, golden, green, orange, red.

Label Size can be any of your choice, fonts - any of the available in the Word font library or some of the other most common fonts. *
* We do not recommend using fonts with excessively thin dash lines or overly “ornate” fonts — with many serifs, curls, and other fine elements — for making the inscription of the name: such labels are subject to mechanical damage and quickly come off.

Production time: 1 day.

Manufacturing cost: 1800 rub. (for a set of 2 stickers) - with a letter height of 15 cm and a total word length of up to 1 meter using a standard font (direct, bold, sans-serif font).
If necessary, use custom font or size larger than 1 meter, the cost is calculated individually.

An example of a standard design for a number, logo and name

If you want to make a name with custom design, send the layout with the design by e-mail [email protected] or indicate in the letter the exact parameters: color, font name, size.

An example of a custom design for a name (logo)

What do you call a yacht, so it will sail

The name of a yacht, boat, boat - any ship - determines its fate as well as the name largely determines the life path of a person. That's why it is so important to choose the right name for your “home on the water”.

The name of your water tool emphasizes your personality, it can reflect your personality traits, preferences, interests, ambitions and sense of humor. You are unique. Let the name of your ship tell you what you want to tell about yourself.

Concerning official requirements of state bodies supervision to the title, then in paragraph 11 of the GIMS Rules, effective from January 1, 2017, it is said: “at the request of the shipowner, the vessel may be given a name along with the identification number of the small vessel. The name is applied to both sides of the vessel in the stern of the vessel. The name of the vessel should consist of letters of the Russian alphabet and / or the Latin alphabet, comply with the rules of spelling and should not offend the morality, national and religious feelings of citizens. Arabic and Roman numerals may be used in the name "

Rigid body with smooth side

If you have a smooth hard case (aluminum and plastic), then a number from a self-adhesive film is suitable, which can be conveniently applied in 5 minutes (clean and with minimal preparation of the case), and even does not require drying time. Although this is not formally paint, but the GIMS does not find fault with this - it is difficult to find differences, and why? Self-bonding suits everyone.

Hard case with imperfect board

Often the case can be after poor-quality painting or with obvious irregularities. In this case, it will not work to use self-adhesive, since it will not fit snugly, or stick flaccidly on a weak layer of paint. Then it is better to apply a stencil and paint. The stencil will facilitate painting - without it, it is difficult to comply with all sizes strictly according to GOST, and even do it quickly and beautifully.

PVC boats and RIBs

PVC fabric has a very unpleasant feature - any paint is so eaten up that it is impossible to remove it without spoiling the "presentation", and the self-adhesive film does not hold as firmly as on plastic and aluminum. But there are compromises here - the main thing when choosing a method of application is to take into account how often the boat will be folded.

Self-adhesive pvc boat number

Easy to apply, does not spoil the fabric, but lasts for 1 season. Here you just need to reasonably approach the choice - if this is the first boat, then glue the number, and do not paint it. It is very likely that at the end of the season you will understand that you need another - more or less, NDD or soldering iron, high-speed or roomy, under a powerful or low-power motor, richer in configuration or more ascetic, but mobile.

The first boat is always an experience, the idea of ​​changing to “ideal” will come quickly, but a board damaged by paint can slow down the sale, and you may have to move in price. There will be no such problems with self-adhesive - it leaves no traces, and after removal it will look like from a store.

Stencils for applying numbers on a PVC boat

Another thing, when you are already a seasoned water motor operator, you are sure that the boat will be in demand for many years, and then it will be inherited by grandchildren - apply boldly paint. Stencils will help you do this quickly and accurately. Maraplan PL paint fits and holds onto PVC well - we have it in stock.

The budget method was proposed by the Shcherbakov brothers - to use components from the nearest store - Uranus glue and color nitro-paint (for detailed instructions, see the video below). In terms of quality, convenience and finished appearance, this is a “collective farm”.

  • Tip: First test the paint and application technology - take a piece of PVC fabric from the repair kit and experiment on it. It is worth spending time on this, since the price of the error is high, many paints behave unpredictably - they crack, print on the fabric when folded, and do not dry out for a long time.

Hinged numbers

They are also called duplicate numbers - the use is justified when the tent is installed and the main number is not visible. On the tents of the responsible manufacturers, special pockets are provided for this.

Boat hinged number

  • GIMS does not like such numbers (inspection with them just cannot pass), but on the water they can be loyal, especially if you “disguise” it, make the background color of the boat (we have such an opportunity).
  • Most often, such numbers are fixed on board with the help of straps threaded through the grommets and holding onto the rail, oarlocks, eyebrows and so on.
  • The hinged number is made of banner PVC fabric and can be glued to the boat, in which case the GIMS has no complaints (it becomes an integral part of the vessel).

Carved and pasted PVC fabric numbers

A fairly specific and labor-intensive method for both manufacturing and application. They rarely ask, we have no experience with it.

  • Hard board - the most practical and affordable material for a shipboard number on a hard board is a self-adhesive film.
  • Inflatable board - for season 1 self-adhesive or patch number is suitable; for many years, paint applied using stencils is ideal.

Registration Number Dimensions

They are clearly spelled out in the law: the height of the characters is 15 cm, the width is 10 cm. In the old numbers (received before December 2016) there are fewer characters, from January 2017 there are more characters, and the flag is definitely needed. Read more and available in size in this article, or just look at the photo below, that's enough.

Place of application, how to determine yourself?

The law also regulates the place of application - ¼ from the stem of the vessel. It is easy to determine this place using the following algorithm:

  1. We look at the boat from the side.
  2. Divide the board into two equal halves.
  3. Now we divide the half where the nose into 2 parts - the middle is the same ¼ from the fort.
  4. The middle of the number must go through the line that we defined in paragraph 3.
Place of application for boat

What should I do if I don’t fit in the size or cannot put the number because of the design of the vessel, for example, on a jet ski? Apply as possible. Ideally, these actions should be coordinated with the GIMS inspector, who makes the appropriate notes on the Ship ticket. You can do this during registration (to show the photo and tell in advance about the problem - there are people there too, and they also understand everything), or already after passing the inspection.

See what the film is made of - don't let yourself be fooled!

Not all films are the same! Need Oracal 551 film. It is moisture resistant with excellent UV protection, moderate protection against mechanical damage - it is not afraid of water and the sun, does not scratch, does not peel off and does not fade for years. It is also called "car vinyl", it is designed for outdoor use.

It’s not worth watering it with gasoline and oils, but there’s nothing to do with simple dirt and severe weather. The original film can be easily identified by the substrate - a grid with the logo and the necessary marking is applied on it (see photo on the right).

  • Advice! Some unscrupulous “vinillers” offer analogues or the Oracal 640th series. In the first case, the result is not guaranteed, and secondly, the film will quickly lose its color (will fade) and peel off, as it is designed for indoor use. Naturally, the reason the 640th sellers offer you such grief is that it is cheaper than the 551st.

Surface preparation

Now the most important thing is to prepare the surface. The main condition is that it should be clean and as smooth as possible. The structural irregularities of the vessel are unimportant (protruding redans, etc.), they are easily repeated by the film due to plasticity - it is dangerous to leave unevenness of the paint layer, chips on the plastic, rivets and so on - where the film does not press tightly.

"Dry" application method

Congratulations! The room is ready. Ideally, you can wait a day for the adhesive to react, but many do not wait and the number still serves for years.

  • Tip: If noticeable bubbles remain after rolling, then they can be punctured with a needle for reliability, if there are small ones, then leave it like this - over time, the film will “stretch” itself.

Wet application method

The “dry” method is sufficient in 99% of cases. But it can also be applied by the “wet” method. To do this, you need to prepare a slightly foamy solution (soap, fairies, etc.) and after step 5 moisten a little the room and board with foam. This will make it possible to adjust the position more precisely, taking into account places where "not to get close" or on very uneven and uncomfortable surfaces. But after that you will have to wait until it dries completely and only then remove the mounting film. The method is time-consuming and justified when the board has a complex relief or large films are used (for example, a solid pattern) to avoid bubbles and combine everything neatly.

Thanks for attention. I hope that I understood all the nuances. If you have questions or clarifications - write in the comments, contact the indicated contacts, through online chat or in a group. The correct films and the correct numbers for boats and boats are here.

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How long do self-adhesive numbers on a boat last?

We give a guarantee 2 years. For customers, the numbers are kept for 4-5 years - it looks like new ones - nothing has come unstuck and has not faded.

Well, the same nonsense on the air bag 3.40 number to put a length of 1.6 meters))))

Unfortunately, this is reality (((

Where to buy Maraplan paint?

Soon we will have (the next 1-2 weeks). You can leave a preliminary application - in the comments to the order write that the paint is needed.

What is a PVC boat

The modern boat industry has discovered a marvelous version of boat fabric. POLYVINYL CHLORIDE is a modern material with low tensile strength and high tensile and cut strength. Such a material is multilayer, with the addition of reinforcement and other materials that increase the strength characteristics. Also, this material is well and quickly glued with special compounds, which makes it possible to install additional equipment on board the boat.

Density of PVC boat material

The most important parameter is the density of the pvc material used in the manufacture of your boat. It is necessary to find out from the seller the number of pvc layers used in the production, the quantity is important here and the more it is, the better the pvc material. With an increase in pvc layers, a slight minus appears - this increases the weight of the entire product. What can be inconvenient when transporting a boat to a pond.

For inflatable keel boats, the density of PVC should be at least 1000 g / m2, layers in such a composition of at least 5 and preferably 7-8. Do not purchase a pvc motor boat with layers of less than 5 as this can be dangerous in a collision with, for example, firewood or stones.

Pvc boat length selection

Choosing the length of the boat, determine first of all the motor, and the second how many people you will transport on it. For a small motor up to 10 hp and one passenger besides you, it is advisable to choose a boat with dimensions of not more than 3.5 meters. In this ratio, it will have good driving characteristics and the motor will not overstrain.
For transporting 2-3 people, it is better to choose a boat longer than 3.5 meters, this will give passengers the opportunity to comfortably sit along the entire length of the boat, but here you will need a motor with a power of more than 15 hp. Just remember if you are transporting a boat to a reservoir in the trunk of a car, it will be very difficult to put a boat more than 3.5 meters into it. If there is no problem on the trailer.

What should be the transom on a pvc boat?

Transom is also an important detail in the design of the boat, it accounts for most of the load when moving from the outboard motor. Therefore, the transom must be thick and durable. Waterproof plywood with a minimum thickness of 25 mm is suitable for transom. Many manufacturers save on transoms in production and make it from plywood of less than 25 mm, which results in a poor-quality product. Do not buy a pvc boat with a thin transom, as if its seller

What should be the bottom of the pvc boat

There are three types of floors in pvc boats, these are:
Hard (floor) made of plywood
The rack has come (usually from aluminum rails)
Consider each of them:

Hard floor made of plywood - one of the most durable floors for pvc boats has the advantage of rigidity, ease of attachment of various additional equipment. Their downside is the weight! Accordingly, a more powerful motor is needed. For example, the plywood flooring on a QuickSilver 3.8 boat weighs over 50 kg. The second disadvantage is disassembled transportation, plywood sheets are large and can hardly fit in the trunk of a car. For transportation on a trailer, a good and reliable option in which you can put all your things.

Rigid plywood flooring for pvc boat

Slatted floor for pvc boat - consists of aluminum battens connected by a longitudinal guide. This floor is characterized by light weight and ease of transportation since it easily folds into a 10-20 cm rail. Of the minuses, it can be noted that this aluminum flooring during the ride can make a ringing from the vibration of the motor, which is not critical.

Inflatable floors in a pvc motor boat - rarely used. We do not recommend buying a motor boat with inflatable floors, and if you still decide to purchase it, use it very carefully when moving it and look forward.

How to operate a pvc boat

The first thing after buying a pvc boat in the store, before launching you need to pump it up. For these purposes, do not forget to purchase a special pump from the same pvc, such pumps have great power and allow you to fill a sufficient amount of air into the cylinders. Swing the pvc boat all the way so that its sides are like stone. This will give the boat good buoyancy and provide quick access to the glider.

Do I need to register a pvc boat in gims

According to the law, all small craft must be registered with the GIMS. On the cylinders of the boat must be marked with a registration number that must meet the requirements. It is also recommended to put the same number in a hidden place, for example, under the floor, this can help with the theft of the boat and its searches. For PVC boats with an engine of less than 10 hp Registration in gims and the application of the number is not required.

Pvc boat which company to choose?

List all the available companies does not make sense. One thing can be noted, do not purchase PVC boats that do not have quality certificates or any documents attesting to their production. Such boats can be assembled from low-quality materials, using insufficiently powerful adhesives. Also, to cheapen production, they can use cheap Chinese pvc that will affect the life of the boat
We can note several well-known and trusted companies:
Pvc boats Altair - These boats are made in St. Petersburg. They have 4 cameras of independent compartments, characterized by good running characteristics, handling and stability.

Quicksilver pvc boats - made in Belgium. Reliable boats made from durable pvc, one of the oldest boat manufacturing brands. They are distinguished by reliability, good controllability, withstand large weight loads, hold large waves well. They have solid plywood floors designed for use with large motors.

Pvc boats Norvik - production of St. Petersburg. They have a large selection of models, have a special mounting system for seats, now the seats can be moved along the boat from bow to stern along special guides.

The result of our article is as follows, buy a pvc boat only after you decide for what purposes and under which motor you need it.
If the article was interesting to you, we will be grateful for the likes and reposts in the social networks.

What is the name of the ship?

When thinking about how best to christen your ship, you can use the following tips:

1. Катеру обычно дается короткое имя в одно слово. А вот красивое название яхты может представлять собой целое словосочетание (например, «Большая медведица», «Альпийский цветок» и др.).

2. Будьте оригинальны. Не используйте стандартные, часто встречающиеся названия (например, «Слава», «Победа»). Тысячи кораблей во всем мире носят эти имена. И ваше судно легко затеряется среди этого однообразия. Try to come up with something of your own.

3. The name of the yacht should be harmonious. To use in your ship’s name words and phrases that are offensive or vulgar, to put it mildly, ugly. Respect the feelings of others. After all, the name of your ship will be seen not only by you.

4. Ships are often given human names, for example, their loved ones. If you want to perpetuate in this way the name of the person who is dear to you, then you can very well use it in the name of your ship. However, remember: you can stop loving a person, but his name will remain in the name of the yacht. Renaming a ship is a bad omen.

5. You can use some beautiful word of some ship from the past. The main thing is to make sure that the fate of this ship was not tragic. For example, the Titanic will not be very successful. Although those who do not believe in signs can take a chance.

6. The name of the yacht may reflect its characteristics (for example, “Fast”), although most likely it will be unoriginal.

7. Choosing a name for the ship, you can thus talk about yourself and your qualities, tell about your country or about the city in which you were born.

8. The name of the ship may not mean anything. You can simply use the phrase or phrase you like.

What should the name of the ship look like?

So, if you came up with a word or a whole phrase for your beauty, now you need to put it where it will be noticeable not only to you. Undoubtedly, the best place for this is nose and feed. Here it will definitely be clearly visible. But how to write?

1. Think about whether you will write the name of the yacht in Cyrillic or Latin letters. On the one hand, Russian words in Latin letters may not be read exactly as they sound in reality. On the other hand, if you travel not only within your country, it is important that everyone (and not just those who know the Russian alphabet) can read the name of your ship. In general, for international travel, Latin letters are still preferable, while at home this does not play a big role.

2. Do not make the inscription with the name of your beauty too small. Remember, even from a great distance it should be easy to read.

3. It will be useful to find out if in other languages ​​there are words similar to the name of your ship. After all, seemingly decent words can turn out to be dissonant in another language.


Names can be very different: funny, romantic, mystical, awesome, solemn and others. They may mean something to you and your family, they may report something personal, tell something, or they may not mean anything specific. However, the name of the yacht usually reflects the essence of its owner. After all, the way you choose a name for your ship, which principles were used to guide you, characterizes you as a person.

The choice of name for a vessel should be approached with the utmost seriousness. No wonder they say: whatever you call a ship, it will sail. Now, not everyone believes in signs, but, nevertheless, the name for the ship is of great importance. An extraordinary, memorable name will immediately make your ship noticeable. And this, in turn, can become additional advertising for you (unless, of course, you need it).

Do not limit the flight of your imagination, but do not forget about the seriousness. After all, you give the name of your ship for many years, so let you never have to be disappointed in your choice.