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How to attract the attention of a girl and make acquaintance with her


Tired of approaching the girls first? It's time to get out of stereotypes that all men have to do. How to make girls themselves come to meet you?

You are confident in yourself and your feng shui in the removal of girls of a sufficiently high level. Or maybe you are shy, and you’re afraid to drive yourself to cute chicks. How to attract the attention of girls and encourage them to take the first step?

We have long been living in a different world of gender relations. In an era when obsolete rules of conduct and morality are violated. Modern women are the first to call a man. They are ready to pay in half dinner in a cafe. Sex is considered normal, not only before marriage, but also on the first date. Modern women easily take part in group sex or in sex with a stranger. The behavior of the fair sex in society has changed. Women dress so openly that they already want to start sex right here and now. They love topless sunbathing and wear microbikinis. Modern women love to wear a neckline and miniskirts that resemble wide belts. The world is not crazy. There is more freedom, sex and debauchery. But we men like it.

Tips for attracting female attention

It is not difficult to attract the attention of a girl, but in order to evoke positive emotions and a desire to get to know each other, it is necessary to adhere to some rules. The tips below will help not only to attract attention, but also to win the heart of your chosen one:

  • Appearance - not one of the beautiful girls will pay attention to a groomed and untidy guy. During the first meeting, the girl still does not know about the positive traits of your character, about your kindness and, let's say, a great sense of humor. First of all, the chosen one evaluates the young guy externally. And if the appearance leaves much to be desired, then there will be little chance of making an acquaintance and attracting girlish attention. A neat appearance means not only fresh and ironed clothes, but also clean, styled hair, trimmed nails and, of course, clean shoes. Many women pay attention to men's shoes, which should fit the image of a guy and be, of course, always clean. Therefore, you need to start with personal hygiene, and then move on to choosing the most suitable clothes and shoes.
  • Smile - to like, you need to rejoice and smile yourself. Enjoy life, every moment that comes and appreciate everything that surrounds you. In this case, the lady will understand that you are happy and will want to receive a piece of your happiness as a gift. Guys with a sullen facial expression are less likely to make a pleasant acquaintance, as discontent or displeased facial expression is not friendly and does not lead to an acquaintance.
  • Posture - you need to keep your back straight, which will talk about your health, strength, confidence and willingness to stand up at any time both for yourself and your companion. If a man is tall, but walks without proper posture, it will be difficult for him to interest the lady he likes.
  • Walking - some of the guys go insecure, closed. In order to interest the opposite sex, you need to develop inner confidence in yourself, which in the future will affect your walk. Girls approach self-confident men themselves with the goal of meeting each other.
  • Favorite business, hobby - if a man is engaged in his own business and looks busy and respectable person, attention to him increases. It is advisable to show that you are a worthy young man and appreciate yourself. You need to find what you will be happy to do and achieve success in this matter, since the time wasted in search of love can no longer be returned. The fairer sexes find successful people themselves.
  • Flowers as a gift - to attract the attention of even a girl you are unfamiliar with, you can simply give her a bouquet of flowers. This will interest her, and she will wish to thank you for a pleasant surprise. And let this gratitude be a smile, but it is worth remembering that the positive emotions she received will not be quickly forgotten. Of course, if this is not the case when a girl is so popular that she receives bouquets every day.
  • Self-confidence - often guys are afraid that the girl will see how they are watching her. In fact, if you look at the girl and sharply turn away, look away when she notices you, this indicates your fears and the girl sees them and understands them. You can not look away, you need, on the contrary, smile. Most likely you will also receive a smile in response. Feel free to turn your attention to the stranger you are interested in.
  • Courage and courage - every woman is looking for a strong and courageous man. Therefore, it is necessary to develop, since not only physically developed, but also smart, psychologically stable, successful representatives of the stronger sex enjoy success. Such people have much more opportunities to make acquaintances. Girls appreciate guys who have achieved success and wealth through their own work and applied knowledge.
  • Ignoring - the beautiful and popular lady will not like your indifference very much, but the main thing is to stop in time and not overdo it. After all, soon she will stop thinking about you and turn her attention to another young man. Therefore, taking advantage of her perplexity, you need to begin to provide all kinds of signs of attention. Such an act will produce a positive effect against the background of previous indifference.
  • Being yourself is sometimes for acquaintances guys pretend to be those who are not in reality. You need to always be yourself, only in this case the ladies will find you themselves and will try to attract your attention in order to get to know each other. And do not waste your time, you need to succeed, live and enjoy life.

How to attract a girl to yourself

To be attractive, just looking good is not enough. Of great importance is how you feel about the girl and what your behavior is towards her. You need to follow the words and your actions, as well as adhere to some rules:

  • You have to talk yourself and be able to listen to your lady. Ask about her family, childhood, religious beliefs and preferences. Do not criticize the answers received to your questions in a rude manner. Respect her beliefs, opinions and ideas. Girls love when communication is equal. In order to please, you need to start with respect. A great way to start a dialogue is to ask about a hobby, about where she was born, grew up, and more.
  • Find something that can unite you: ask about your favorite films, music, and activities in your free time. Find a common that will help to get closer to each other in the future.
  • To be a friend - there is no guarantee that over time, friendship can develop into more. But the best way to attract attention is to first make friends. Show the lady that she can be happy with you. Support on difficult days, help with problems that have arisen, be near when you need help and know how to listen and support.
  • No need to behave strangely, for example, to stare or sharply look away, fearing eye contact, and also do not need to spin silently around her. You should not openly consider specific parts of the female body, even if you really want to, do not make strange hints that contain a sexual background. This will only frighten the girl and, possibly, push you away.
  • Do not compare yourself with someone. Do not imitate anyone, do not copy others. The girl will notice that your behavior is unnatural and she will not like it. If you start to portray a bully, being raised by a boy from a good family, you are mistaken in thinking that she will not notice it. Be always yourself and be happy with your personality.
  • Exercising helps to attract the interest of the fairer sex, as girls like athletically built guys who maintain their shape. You need to find your favorite sport and start practicing it.

Important rules for maintaining a long relationship

In the above ways, you can attract the attention of a girl, but this is only the initial stage of the relationship. In order to maintain and strengthen your relationship with the chosen one, never forget about such important points as:

  1. Pleasant compliments will help the girl feel more confident while in your company,
  2. Understanding - will give ease in subsequent communication,
  3. Respect for the feelings of a companion,
  4. Showing kindness and kindness,
  5. Respect for the interlocutor during the conversation (do not play on the phone, do not look at passers-by, etc.). Your attention should belong only to the interlocutor,
  6. A good sense of humor - this quality is always much appreciated, but don't go too far. Humor should not go into teasing or mockery. Also pay attention to how your chosen one generally relates to humor. Some like it when the conversation is in a playful way, while others do not. Do not allow offensive and cruel jokes towards yourself,
  7. Make an effort to make her smile
  8. Respect the opinions and views of your interlocutor.

What young people should not do

If you managed to win female attention, then it's time to remember some points that should be avoided in order to maintain a relationship:

  • Don't be intrusive
  • Do not put the girl you like in an uncomfortable position, showing sympathy in crowded places,
  • Deserve favor with expensive gifts,
  • To humiliate others by demonstrating their strength
  • Violate personal space and arrange surveillance
  • Collect information about the girl you like,
  • To get drunk to be braver when meeting you.

Girls like the leader guys who are role models. Strong, confident and smart guys can easily attract the attention of not just one girl, but many women from his entourage.