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How to wear an earring in your nose


Piercing is a phenomenon of ageless fashion, to explore the origins of which is not possible. It is known that men and women were involved in punctures of different parts of the body for dressing jewelry at least 7 thousand years ago. And today, fashionistas and women of fashion of different ages still dream of adding a new earring. We must not forget that piercing is an unsafe procedure, so it must be controlled by an experienced master.

  • - a gun or piercing needle,
  • - earrings,
  • - antiseptic,
  • - cotton buds,
  • - salt and warm water.
  • Types of Piercing

The content of the article

Usually, piercing masters do not use anesthesia during puncture making. If the client is very afraid of pain or type of blood, then in this case he is given an injection of lidocaine or any other means (usually dental) for pain relief. Also, in some cases, special anesthetic sprays are used. But sometimes you can’t do anesthesia or it’s just pointless, for example, when you pierce the nose.

How to do a nose piercing without pain

If you decide to have a nose pierced, then you can distract yourself from short-term pain yourself. For example, you can hold your breath or take a deep breath while inserting a needle into the wing of the nose. There are many ways. It is worth noting that not a single self-respecting piercer piercing your nose will inject an anesthetic or moisturize your skin with a spray - there will be no analgesic effect. That is why you will have to suffer a little, as an acute, but short-term pain will appear only when the needle passes through the nasal mucosa. If you insert the jewelry itself in the future, the pain will not bother. The exception is cases of infection in a fresh puncture or insertion of an improperly selected decoration.

Nose Piercing Care

After you have performed a nose piercing, the most difficult and crucial period begins - the healing of the puncture. It is at this stage that you should pay as much attention as possible to the puncture. You will have to treat it several times a day with a solution of chlorhexidine or miramistin. In no case should you use alcohol, colognes, vodka, or other means for treating a puncture, which often “disinfect” wounds, cuts, or abrasions in everyday life. All of them will only irritate the skin and will not allow the puncture to heal quickly and correctly.

If you find that a nasal puncture does not heal for a long time, and in the morning a translucent, sticky liquid begins to stand out from it, it is time to start sounding the alarm, as it is likely that it began to fester. In this case, it is necessary to treat the puncture with Levomekol ointment, but do not pull out the earring. If after a few days you do not notice any improvement, you should contact the master who did your nose piercing.

The right choice of nose piercing jewelry

If you are doing nose piercing for the first time, then you need to choose not only a good salon and masters, but also jewelry. It’s best to buy a simple nose ring in the form of a small bar with a ball without pebbles on one side and a small thickening on the other. In no case should you wear a jewelry in the form of a “snail” - a puncture will be constantly injured when scrolling through such a piercing. Also, you can not use the so-called earrings for a pistol, since such an ornament will scratch the mucous fastener.

Earrings with a hook: the secrets of easy dressing

Piercing is one of the most beloved ventures of modern youth, which loves to pierce most of the protruding (and not so) parts of their own body. In order to make a new hole in the ear yourself, you will need an earring with a hook.

Self-piercing: video how to insert an earring with a hook

The most popular places for puncture are ears, lips, eyebrows and nostrils, and often piercing is done at home, without first familiarizing yourself with the materiel. Therefore, sometimes adolescents have difficulty placing a hook earring in their nose - this article is written for them.

We pierce a hole for an earring

So, to pierce a hole for a future piercing, you need an earring with a hook, alcohol, a cotton sponge, disposable medical gloves, a needle, an antiseptic, and Levomekol ointment.

Pull the gloves over your hands and disinfect the needle and puncture site with alcohol. After these manipulations, wrap the nostril so that the clasp of the earring is located as distant from the edge of the nose and does not bring you discomfort in the future. Bring a clean needle to the inside of the nostrils and make a puncture in one quick and strong movement. It is advisable that the hands do not shake. But taking “for courage” on your chest is also undesirable - your eye should be clear, like a surgeon’s.

Remember one important thing: the diameter of your “operating” needle must necessarily correspond to the diameter of the earring hook

How to insert a crocheted earring into your nose

Disinfect the punctured area and the earring with alcohol (especially the hook). Carefully insert the jewelry into the punctured nostril, bring it to the desired position and again thoroughly disinfect the freshly made piercing with “Chlorhexidine” or “Miramistin”. In no case do not neglect the thorough treatment of the punctured area, otherwise you risk getting suppuration, which will deprive you of the desired earring in the nose.

To make the earring easier to penetrate, lubricate it with “Levomekol”, which will facilitate the sliding of jewelry in a narrow passage

Fasten the earring and check the reliability of its fastening, so as not to lose the jewelry and not to infect the infection. It is necessary to treat the piercing with an antiseptic every day until the wound has completely healed. After the final healing of the puncture, you can easily change the earring, as well as decide on the punctures of other places such as nose bridge or nose tip, which are done by professionals in beauty salons.

Piercing: what are earrings in the nose?

How fleeting fashion! More recently, there was a boom in tattoos on the lower back, and today earrings in the nose have become a trend. However, piercings have always been popular in certain youth subcultures. Punks, metallers, emo - all of them, one way or another, decorated their body with various trinkets.

Should I pierce my nose?

First of all, it is a matter of taste. Everyone can decide for himself whether he wants to insert earrings in his nose and whether the process of puncture and care will withstand. In addition, there are medical contraindications:

  • Poor blood coagulation.
  • Intolerance to the drugs that process the puncture.
  • Predisposition to keloid formations in places of wound healing.

Otherwise, there are no contraindications, so you can safely go to the salon. From an aesthetic point of view, piercing is quite appropriate, the main thing is to choose the right jewelry.

Varieties of Nose Piercing

At first glance, it may seem to an ignorant person that there is no particular choice. In fact, gold jewelry in the form of rings is not the only option when piercing the nose. There are many forms of earrings, among which everyone can find his own.

And the choice will depend, first of all, on the location of the puncture. There are several main types of nose piercing.

  1. Puncture of the wing of the nose (or nostrils) is the most common option, one might say classic. Easy to execute, safe, looks modest and not defiant.
  2. Septum, it is also a puncture of the septum - a more complex option than the previous one, but no less common and quite easy. Most often, it is decorated with gold jewelry in the form of rings or screws.
  3. Septril is one of the varieties of septum. The difference is only in the direction of the puncture. In this case, it runs vertically.
  4. A bridge, which means a bridge, is a puncture of the upper part of the nose bridge at eye level through soft tissue without affecting the cartilage. Like septril, it can be vertical.

Of course, this is not all varieties of piercing, but perhaps the most popular of them and the safest.

How to choose the first earring?

What type of puncture you choose depends on what type of earrings fit in your nose. All jewelry can be divided into two categories: the material from which they are made, and the shape. Today there are:

  • Classic rings - suitable for septum and nose wings.
  • Half rings - for the septum,
  • Bananas and bars are versatile enough and are suitable for septum, bridge, septril and other more complex punctures,
  • Nostrils (straight or curved) are suitable for the wings of the nose.

When you have decided on the form, it is worth thinking about the material. It is especially important that the first time your jewelry meets certain requirements:

  1. They should calmly tolerate treatment with alcohol or other sterilizing fluids.
  2. The material must be hypoallergenic. Therefore, do not immediately run away and buy gold earrings. The prices for them, to put it mildly, are rather big (the simplest jewelry will cost from 1,500 rubles, and since there is no limit to perfection, that's all 17-20 thousand), and an allergy to metal can easily arise. Ideal bioplast, titanium or medical steel (it is also called surgical).
  3. The earring should be easy to care for, so as not to have to remove it too often. This is especially important at first, while the canal only heals.
  4. The decoration should be comfortable, do not cling to clothes, do not interfere, and at the same time you like and be aesthetic.

All these recommendations are especially important for the first earring in the nose, because the fate of your puncture depends on how the healing goes. Well, when the channel is fully formed and heals, you can purchase even silver or gold earrings. Prices bite, but now you know for sure that you will not remove the jewelry in a couple of days from pain and inflammation.

What are they made of

There are many materials from which jewelry for piercing is made. You already read about some of them in the recommendations for choosing the first earring. Everyone chooses what he likes best. The main and most common materials:

The main thing is to remember that these materials can only be worn after a completely healed hole. In the event of any inflammation, it is better to remove such an earring and put on the first one again.

How to care for a puncture?

All the recommendations for caring for a brand new puncture should be given to you by the master in the salon where you did the piercing. If for some reason you did not receive them, remember the basic and most important rules.

  1. Healing of the nose is a rather long process, which can take from 1 to 3 months. Therefore, care for the puncture is important throughout this time.
  2. Follow the rules of hygiene, do not bring dirty hands to the wound and do not pull the earring for no reason.
  3. Treat the puncture with chlorhexidine or saline daily in the morning and evening. This is most conveniently done with a cotton swab.
  4. Girls should refrain from using foundation, powder, tonics and lotions for the duration of healing, so as not to be at risk of inflammation.

How to insert an earring in your nose?

When you make a puncture in the cabin, the master inserts the earring into it. If you want to change the decoration, then you will have to repeat this feat on your own. How to put an earring in your nose without damaging the fabric? Very simple!

  1. Wash your hands well and treat them with an antiseptic.
  2. Handle the decoration.
  3. Carefully insert the earring leg into the hole, while catching it on the back of the puncture with your free hand finger.
  4. It happens that soft fabrics slightly overlap the outlet for the earring. Then you need to carefully slide them so that the leg finds a hole.
  5. Twist the decoration. Done!

How to insert an earring with a hook

First, treat the pierced area in the nose and the earring itself with alcohol. First of all, it is worth taking care of the earring. The most desperate try to pierce their nose at home. Remember that piercing your nose at home is not worth it. You do not know all the subtleties of this matter. And the probability of an infection is very high. Earring in nose # 8212, this is a very beautiful decoration.

I advise in the cabin! The beautician inserted quickly and painlessly. 40 days! She (a beautician) with a catheter inserted me my desired diamonds in 2 minutes! Wealthy Indian women from the upper class carry tiny diamonds in their left nostrils. And even women of low rank in the nose can have a real gold earring.

After you pierce your nose, the healing period begins

Then it will slip into the nose completely, and only a sparkling pebble will remain on the surface. The advantage of earrings with a hook is that it will never fall out of the nose on its own. If the hook sticks out ugly from the nostril, feel it with your finger inside and turn it the other way. So, you will hide it in the nostril. In order to pull out the earring with a hook, push it from the inside up. It will not come out right away: it will need to be twisted and turned again.

Mostly it is very painful

At this time, the puncture site can be very painful. At the same time, it is not necessary to remove the earring from the nose. It is most convenient to lubricate the puncture at night. Moisten a cotton pad in any product and wipe it with a puncture site. Remove the earring from the nose and lubricate the piercing site with antiseptics.

It is important to remember that moment that the earring must be made of medical steel. It is this material that will heal your puncture as soon as possible

To decorate the wing of the nose, you can buy a ring, eyelet with rhinestone or carnations. It is most convenient to wear an earring and eyelet. Carnations inserted into the wing of the nose do not hold firmly; their fastener can fly off and enter the nasal cavity, which can lead to serious consequences.

If you decide to change the earring, then how to insert it depends on the type of jewelry. Insert the loop tip into the hole and gently scroll the earring clockwise. The rods with a flat base are always worn in the direction from the inside out. Unscrew the ball and carefully push the bar leg into the hole.

If you purchased a carnation with a soldered ball, then to insert it, simply pass it in the direction from the outside inward the ball forward. For several years now, the women's magazine JustLady has been a worthy guide to the world of fashion and beauty.

In the magazine JustLady you can always choose the best diet for yourself, solve pressing women's issues. Women's magazine JustLady takes one of the first positions in the ratings, because we grow ourselves and help others improve. Inserting earrings in various places on the body is today called the beautiful word piercing, which literally means “piercing”. Prepare all the necessary materials for piercing the nose and disinfectants for its treatment.

It is from speed that further pain will depend. The faster this procedure goes, the less pain you have to endure. Insert the jewelry into the catheter. Insert everything into the hole made, then carefully remove the catheter. Check if the earring sits comfortably in your nostril and holds firmly. There are also non-traditional types of piercings, such as bridge (piercing the nose in the nose), Austin Bar (piercing the very tip of the nose in a horizontal position) and others.

Go to the salon. Pre-ask your friends about the master who is engaged in this

Find a person with a medical education and good practice, since your health depends on his professionalism. Pay attention to the reputation of the salon, look at the tools and equipment, evaluate the level of cleanliness. If everything suits you, then feel free to go to the procedure.

Inserting a hooked earring into your nose may seem complicated and long only at first. You can get an earring of any shape, especially since the choice is great. An experienced seller will help you in a specialized store, he will talk about the advantages of the material from which the product is made.

Types of Earrings

Now there are many varieties of ear piercing earrings. Due to the considerable diversity, each girl can choose the option that she likes, will be the most convenient or the most beautiful. Types of Earrings:

  • Rings. They look like an open ring and a ball-clamp. They are used for piercing in the area of ​​the wing of the nose. Often fastened with threaded connections.
  • Nostrils, snails, spirals, hooks. Differ in an unusual form. They recall a curved carnation, the outer part of which is decorated with a pebble or bead. Unlike simple studs, they are completely invisible from the inside, they are attached more securely - they do not fall out.
  • Carnations. They are the simplest design, they consist of a bar with a clip and attractive decoration (for example, a pebble of various shapes), they are easily put on and take off. Most often, it is the golden earring of carnations that is set after a nose pierce.

Of course, it is best that the first time after a puncture, a professional cosmetologist put on an earring in his nose. Only after complete healing of the tissues can one experiment - change the jewelry to others.

Fundamental rules

The easiest way to clarify the question is how to insert a piercing into the nose, in the salon where it was pierced. Но, в принципе, с такой проблемой можно справиться и самому.

Перед вдеванием любой серьги в носик важно провести антисептическую обработку такого изделия, дезинфицировать его. С этой целью лучше всего использовать раствор хлоргексидина либо перекись водорода. It is important to consider that various metals can enter into a chemical reaction with antiseptics, changing their color, in particular, lighten or darken. And steel may well become covered with a layer of rust. Therefore, it is better to perform a small test on the inconspicuous part of the jewelry before starting processing.

Of course, it is important to carry out mandatory disinfection of the hands and the puncture in the nose. At the same time, experts emphasize the importance of processing not only the skin, but also the mucous membranes. After all, it is inside the nose that dust and mucus often accumulate, which, when ingested, can provoke inflammation and even suppuration.

Proper disinfection is the main method of preventing unpleasant complications during piercing.

The easiest way to insert into the puncture earrings-cloves. To do this, you need:

Choose a convenient position for the lock so that it does not fit too tightly on the mucous membranes, but also the earring so that it does not hang.

At the end of the process, do not forget to re-treat the nose with an antiseptic.

The ring is actually not too difficult to wear either. It is necessary to adhere to the following scheme:

If you put the ring through the hole in the septum (nasal septum), discomfort may occur. Be careful: with extra haste, the risk of damage to the cartilage increases.

It is believed that the hardest thing is to correctly insert an earring with a hook into the nose. But the nostril is actually very comfortable to wear, because it:

  • Does not injure the nasal mucosa.
  • Can't fall out.
  • It is invisible from the inside, elegant and aesthetic.

It is believed that each time inserting a snail into the nose will be easier and easier. For this:

  • Place the tip of the hook in the puncture and gently push it forward.
  • Slowly screw the earring in like a screw, moving in a spiral.
  • Wait until the edge of the jewelry (upper part) rests completely on the nose.
  • If the hook sticks out a bit, just feel it with your finger and try to gently move it, turning it in the opposite direction.

The earring with a hook is worn without any clamps or clips. Its tip is tightly pressed against the mucous membranes, closing the hole.

How to pull out?

Quite common is the difficulty in removing the earrings from the nose, especially if it was inserted for the first time. But you can cope with this task on your own, if you follow a simple instruction:

  • The first step is to wash your hands thoroughly and treat your hands, earrings and nose with an antiseptic (e.g. chlorhexidine).
  • To remove the ring from the nose you need to open it: remove the ball retainer or stretch to open the gap (if the decoration is closed). There are also rings with a removed segment; they have a removable part covering the removed part of the earring. It must be removed to remove the decoration from the nose.
  • To remove the earring in the form of a straight axis (carnations, etc.), you need to pull both its edges. This will help to remove the retainer and remove the jewelry. However, it is worth noting that some carnations have a fixed stopper in the form of a ball. To take out such an ornament, you need to put a little pressure on the inside (ball), and the earring will slip out.

All manipulations on removing earrings and replacing them with new ones are best done after the piercing has completely healed. Faced with some difficulties, it is advisable to seek help from a specialist.