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How to wash a wedding dress at home


After the ceremony, the dress loses its former attractive appearance. Often there are stains from food and drinks on clothing. If the bride was more accurate, then you should pay attention to the hem, which after the wedding is always black.

Often, young women fall into casual situations. For example, they sit on rose petals without noticing them. After that, red marks will remain on the skirt. A wedding dress can and should even be washed after the celebration. And this is done regardless of whether you want to sell it or keep it for yourself.

The nuances of washing and cleaning the dress without dry cleaning

How to wash a dress at home:

  1. First of all, the idea arises to wash the outfit in the washing machine. This can be done, but only with certain fabrics and dresses. In the event that decorative items are abundantly presented on things, it is better to refuse machine wash. If the outfit is simple, without additional decorations, made of thick fabric, then you can wash it in an automatic machine.
  2. If the dress had a fairly simple and single decor that could color a thing, then you can tear it off, wash the product, and then sew everything in place. It is important at the same time to carefully and beautifully attach the decor back. After the thing dries, it can be steamed and ironed, and only then do sewing.
  3. Required pay attention to the type of fabric and select a wash under it. For example, satin or chiffon have one bad property, namely shrinkage. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the mode and temperature so that the product does not change subsequently.
  4. Do not use bleach or whiteness. All of these substances can make the fabric more yellow.
  5. Add a teaspoon of vinegar to the water. It will help remove dirt, while maintaining color fastness and saturation.
  6. Do not choose a temperature of more than 30 degrees.
  7. When washing in an automatic machine, refuse to spin, it is better to do it manually so as not to damage the product.
  8. Using a solution of laundry soap you will be able to remove impurities. To do this, you need to grate a small piece of soap on a grater and mix with warm water. Gently apply the resulting liquid to the product, then leave it for a while. After a short space, stretch the dress in cool water.

If you are afraid to spoil the thing, then it is better to contact dry cleaning in advance. Professionals will be able to clean and bleach the dress at the highest level, and you do not have to puzzle how to properly wash the dress.

Stage number 1. Stain removal

Masters advise that before staining the entire product completely, it is necessary to initially remove stains. This can be done on a dry dress, applying the solution only to the place of contamination.

It should be determined what the stain was obtained and then try to remove it:

  • Dirt on the hem is a common and common problem with elongated dress options. It is especially common in curvy models. In order to remove dirt from the hem, pour clean and cool water into a basin, add washing powder and immerse only the places of pollution. Let the dress lie in this way for 2-3 hours, it is good if you have the opportunity to leave it for the night. After the elapsed time, carefully using a brush or sponge, try to remove dirt.
  • Sweat - move the soap solution and apply it with a soft sponge on the armpits and a little lower. Wipe dirty places and leave for a couple of hours. Then wash the product completely.
  • Wine, blood and rose petals - these spots are best removed immediately in place. Then you only need to place the place of pollution under ice water. You will not notice how the stain comes off. If, nevertheless, it has managed to dry, then it can be removed using boiled water and a soap solution.

Stage number 2. Washing wedding dress

It can be:

  • soap solutions
  • saline solutions
  • washing powder
  • liquid gel powder
  • capsules for washing.

The advantage of the latter is that they contain a fraction of stain remover and leave a pleasant smell on clothes, which cannot but rejoice.

As a rule, a dress in one evening is not so dirty that there is a need to wash it in a machine at high speeds.

It is much more convenient and efficient to use another method:

  1. Wipe off any stains and leave overnight if necessary.
  2. Type a basin of warm water and stretch the dress in it.
  3. Put the dress on your shoulders and hang it over the bathtub.
  4. Use a shower and jets of cold water to rinse the detergent or soap solution.
  5. Leave the product to drain and dry.

Stage number 3. Drying wedding dress

Oddly enough, but drying is also an important point that can ruin the further appearance of the product. Therefore, do not neglect a number of simple rules. Never dry in the street. This is harmful due to sunlight, which can distort color. In addition, unnecessary dust may accumulate.

The bath will initially be the ideal place, so that the dress is completely glass and gets rid of excess water. Subsequently, for final drying, it can be transferred to a warm room. Strongly aerate it is also not necessary.

You can only dry it on a hanger, then it will initially take the correct form.

Useful Tips

Wash recommendations:

  1. Using machine wash, you can leave the product in its original form. If there is a rhinestone and sequins, it is necessary to place the thing in a special case and then immerse it in the machine.
  2. Just before washing, you need to fasten all the locks and buttons and turn the product inside out.
  3. Liquid gels are better for washing. They do not stain clothes, add a pleasant smell and cope with work more carefully.
  4. To remove old stains, it is necessary to apply liquid products on them, leave for some time, and then without washing, place them in a washing machine.
  5. If desired can use the washing machine without spin, at minimum degrees and revolutions.


Washing, cleaning a wedding dress at home is possible. To do this, you need to know what and in what quantity you need to use. One wrong step can damage the product. Therefore, carefully read the information and think about how best to wash your outfit so that it acquires the previous snow-white look.

The nuances of washing dresses at home

If you want to quickly hold a gala outfit in order, to clean a beautiful dress from pollution, you have to approach the matter wisely. First of all, it should be determined from what material the dress is sewn. As a rule, these are synthetic fabrics that are recommended to be cleaned with a hand wash. When the type of material is determined, the hero of the occasion should assess the degree of contamination of the dress: basically the majority of the spots are collected by the hem, because it is constantly close to the ground. If the dress is short, then the dirt is distributed evenly.

After the hem, pay special attention to the armpit area, which is smeared with sweat stains, the inside of the bodice. If a dress contains a large number of decorative elements - rhinestones, beads, beads, it is necessary to wash it extremely carefully to maintain a rich finish. The glued parts are the easiest to fall off, so with care you should stretch dresses with rhinestones, flowers, halves of beads, fixed with special glue. In an extreme case, these parts will then be sewn on or glued again well.

The subsequent drying of the dress with ironing is of great importance - here the bride will have to pay attention to several important nuances, which will be described in detail in the last section. When the hero of the occasion will be able to make the product completely dry, it is necessary to iron the fabric on it. How to iron a wedding dress after washing:

  • The surface of the ironing board must be completely clean so that particles of dirt do not stick to the surface of the product. The hero of the occasion should put a clean sheet on the board to precisely avoid new stains.
  • The iron must be new or thoroughly cleaned.
  • The satin material is ironed inside out so that the outside looks like new.
  • Iron the dress with lace with care - use an additional layer of fabric (cotton, muslin) between the iron and the product to avoid damage to the material. The iron mode should be put on silk, in addition the function "steam".
  • Fatin, chiffon - fabrics that are recommended to be exclusively steamed at home, not ironing, and on weight starting from the lining.
  • Steaming by itself should be applied carefully, because on some tissues stains appear from it.
  • The culprit of the celebration should come to terms with the fact that the soft mesh-lining of the dress will no longer take the previous pristine, even appearance. Even the owners of wedding salons say that this is absolutely normal.

After all the activities on the dress have been completed, the ex-bride should put it in a case and hang it in a closet to look at it sometimes, remembering the wedding day. If the newly-made wife is scared to do the laundry herself, she can give the dress to dry-cleaner or pay the representatives of the salon for cleaning. It will not be very expensive, but quickly and efficiently.

How to wash a wedding dress manually?

To manually wash the wedding dress, the culprit of the occasion need to resort to several important recommendations. First, depending on the type of dirt and fabric, you need to choose the right detergent, and then with the help of several tools that are easy to find at home, thoroughly clean the decoration of various stains.

Necessary detergents

As detergents for dress cleaning, you can use soft detergents, soap solutions with baby soap, saline solutions, and other products designed for hand washing delicate fabrics. Toothbrushes, sponges are suitable as auxiliary tools for cleaning the product.

Tips for removing pollution

When the material, degree of contamination is determined, all the necessary detergents are prepared, it is necessary to get down to business - to wash. To clean the formal dress as efficiently as possible, each type of stain needs to be approached correctly. Some tips for removing contaminants:

  • For partial washing of a dress with a dirty hem: dissolve the detergent in warm water, immerse the hem there, leave for several hours. Then gently brush the edge with a toothbrush until it cleans.
  • Removing sweat stains: moisten the bodice of the dress with soapy water, then thoroughly work with a sponge or brush with soap to wash.
  • Removing sweat stains from silk material: dissolve a spoonful of salt in 250 ml of water, treat the fabric with the resulting solution. Rinse with warm water.
  • Getting rid of other stains: rub a damp cloth, treated with a solution with soap, with a soapy toothbrush.
  • Use oxygen stain remover carefully for the most severe contaminants.
  • Hot soapy water will get rid of wine stains: they should water the place of contamination until the stain disappears.

  • Wash the entire product: draw warm water into the bath, dissolve the product, immerse the wedding decoration, rinse, rub with a sponge or a brush of dirt. Rinse at least three times until the bubbles are gone.
  • Suspended washing: hang the product, dampen with a shower hose, rub with a soapy sponge. Rinse from top to bottom.
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Determine the type of fabric

Before you start the fight with spots, pay attention to the fabric from which your wedding dress is sewn. If your dress is made of satin fabric, then you need to wash it exclusively with your hands, the machine will ruin it.

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How to wash a dress in a washing machine?

Machine wash for a perfect wedding decoration is highly discouraged, however, some fabrics allow the use of such cleaning - then the bride’s dress is washed in a special fabric bag. For cleaning you will need a mild detergent, water temperature not exceeding thirty degrees, a delicate mode or hand wash, as well as an additional rinse. After rinsing, the product must immediately be sent for drying. In no case should you wash your dresses with fragile decorative elements using a typewriter.


Some types of dresses can be washed in a washing machine in a special bag, with a small amount of powder, on “Delicate Wash” and extra rinse. But this type of dresses includes only those on which there are no beads and beads, since when washing they can come off. Therefore, thinking about how to clean a wedding dress, you can consider this option.

Other methods

Before starting to wash, you need to clean the fabric from dust, this can be done with a brush. For a delicate fabric that needs to be treated carefully, you can buy laundry soap and try to wipe the stain with a soft sponge. Please note that bleaching agents can cause yellowness on fabrics and jewelry that are on the dress.

If your white dress has old spots, then you can add a little vinegar to the water and rinse them with a sponge. Fresh wine stains can be washed off with cool water. Another way: pour boiling water, and then get wet with a towel, repeat this procedure until the stain completely disappears.

Stains from cosmetics can be removed with turpentine. If the stain is already eaten, then turpentine can be mixed with egg white and heat it all in a water bath. There is an easier way. Just use baby powder.

Ink has long been washed with milk. Stains from grass on the hem of the dress can be removed with a salt solution, after which it is necessary to rinse the dress.

Another option: alcohol. You need to wipe the stain with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol. If you have a cotton dress, then stains from it can be removed with 3% peroxide, a teaspoon in a glass of water. Then the dress needs to be washed. Sparkling water from alcohol stains - and this is a good way out.

Wedding steward

The sooner you start to wash the stain, the easier it will be for you. Do not wait for time.

Elena Sokolova

Gaidukova Victoria

A reliable tool is a soap solution. Place it in a large basin or bath and dip the problem area of ​​the dress for an hour, then rinse.

Many stains can be removed at home while ironing. To do this, the stain is moistened with water, put a towel on one side and the other and iron. If you need to remove a lot of stains in different places, you can moisten the entire dress in the shower or pour it from the bucket into problem areas.

If your stains simply do not wash off with water, then you can rub them with a soft sponge or a brush with soapy water, this will help get rid of stains.

If you have a lot of jewelry on your dress and its weight is quite large, then it is better to dip it in water completely so that it does not stretch.

Removing underarm sweat at home is easy. In order to be able to do this easily, we need a solution of 1 tablespoon of salt and 250 milliliters of water.

We remove spots on the lace

How to clean a wedding dress at home? Consider the following feature: lace absorbs stains very quickly and as a result loses its color. To avoid this, place the stain under cold water, and then gently brush it with soda and leave it for five minutes. Then wash this place with soda with cold water again and only after that with warm water with a few drops of detergent. If the stain does not go away, repeat the procedure again.

Final stage

If you manage to remove stains, then after that you need to rinse the dress well. Remember! The dress cannot be squeezed as you do with other things, so you can stretch it and ruin it. You just need to leave it to drain over the bathtub. After the water glass dress should be hung in a ventilated area, but not in the sun, to avoid yellow spots. A heavy dress is best dried while lying down.

The dress, which is 100% cotton, is easily stretched, so it is better to put it on a clean towel until it dries completely. After drying, it is not necessary to clean it immediately in the closet, let it hang along with it for a while in the room.

Alien Energy

Although natural, even artificial material, if you purchased a used dress, it still stores energy from the previous owner, or rather the hostess. Therefore, you need to think about how to clean the wedding dress from someone else's energy.

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Outfit storage

  1. In order for your dress to be preserved for many years, you need to create good storage conditions for it.
  2. If you gave the dress to dry cleaning, then they will return it to you in a special case. But you can’t store the outfit in a case, it can only be used to transport your outfit.
  3. A wedding dress is best stored in a box, but not simple, but from archival paper. Because it does not decompose and does not emit any acids.
  4. Keep the dress horizontal. This will help prevent creasing.

Every girl who does not entrust the dry cleaning of her main wedding decoration should know exactly how to clean the wedding dress. With the right approach to the process of cleaning the festive attire, it will look like new right after ironing - then the hero of the occasion can safely hang it in the closet, and then proudly show her daughter, or in private examine the dress, remembering a beautiful day of unity with the second half.

Video Tips for Machine Wash Dresses

To properly clean the magnificent wedding attire, the hero of the occasion will want to study photos and videos that will help you not to make a mistake in the most crucial moments. Therefore, for beautiful brides who want to get rid of stains on the wedding decoration, useful tips for cleaning the dress with a washing machine were shot, watch them on the video:

Recommendations for drying a wedding dress

Drying the wedding decoration is an important stage, at which unforeseen force majeure events often happen if you do not know a few nuances. Experts highly recommend not drying it under direct sunlight - this negatively affects the snow-white fabric of a beautiful wedding decoration. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is better to hang the dress in a warm room and wait for the final drying. In no case should you use a machine dryer, if the wedding dress is washed there - this can completely ruin the synthetic material of the product.

The hero of the occasion, who chose a cotton dress for the wedding look, it is impossible to dry the dress in limbo - the material will stretch and deform. For drying, you need to put the product on a terry dry towel, leave it until the fabric is completely dry. A grill is also used, which is attached to the bathroom: the product is placed on it, there it lies until that time, when part of the water drains, then you can hang it on the shoulders. On a battery, the wedding dress should not be dried - then the fabric may turn yellow, become too stiff.

Every girl who does not entrust the dry cleaning of her main wedding decoration should know exactly how to wash the wedding dress. With the right approach to the process of cleaning the festive attire, it will look like new right after ironing - then the hero of the occasion can calmly hang it in the closet, and then proudly show her daughter or examine the dress in private, remembering a beautiful day of unity with the second half.