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How to become yourself: 5 steps towards your real “I”


Is it really difficult to be who you really are, that is, yourself? Yes and no. Many will answer that it is difficult. The reason is that fear does not seem to be what you are used to seeing.

Being yourself is easier than steaming turnips. You just need to be as honest as possible with yourself. People are pretty good at pretending and often, communicating with some person, you can feel his pretense. And confrontation intensifies in proportion to how you change and become like yourself.

We want to be surrounded by real people, and not in a society of masks. People who don't pretend are really comfortable being with themselves, they have a healthy sense of self. Moreover, they least care what others think of them.

We all want to have a good, peaceful relationship with others. When you try to live in harmony with the expectations of other people, you yourself create a huge problem. In most cases, expectations will be unjustified.

People will never tell you frankly what they think you should be and what they want from you.

So, if you never know exactly what kind of relationship you are with a person, how do you understand how you need to behave with him? Leave such thoughts! You still will not be able to get into his brain!

Just be yourself! If others fail to make you be what they want to see you, whose problems are they? These are their problems, not yours!

Being yourself in any situation, in fact, removes the greatest tension. And thus, you never have to worry about being who you really are NOT.

Being yourself is pure adrenaline. Many people will absolutely not know what to expect from you next. Who, tell me, came up with the rules to follow a certain course in your life? Be courageous and stop following the rules, becoming a mystery to others.

Start living outside the box, strain all your imagination to do things differently than always. Be outstanding! ABOUT! Believe me, your life will turn into a continuous adventure, where exciting situations with an unexpected decision will arise at every step.

You will finally taste the true taste of life, full of extraordinary events. Being yourself is not at all difficult, because this process is so endless and exciting to think about complex things.

Learning to be yourself is to take responsibility for our actions and look at ourselves from the side.

Perhaps you will become more vulnerable, because it will involve a constant risk of being misunderstood by friends. But if you are ready to live to the maximum, you must take a chance.

Even if you lose, it will be much, much less than what you gain. Do not look back! Look straight into the future! Live as if you have nothing to lose.

So what if old friends leave you! Instead, they will come those who will have exactly the same outlook on life as yours. And moreover, they will not know how you were recently. And they, of course, have nothing to even compare with.

Do not be afraid to feel comfortable in the presence of new people. Train your communication skills. The best way to overcome the fear of communicating with new people is to start the conversation itself. Someone will need to set the rules. What if it's you? Take a good saying in the habit: “If not me, then who?” Seriously! Helps to be oneself.

There is a very amazing way to communicate fully with each person without harming oneself. This way of perfect communication is to learn to perceive people as a secret! What if you didn’t know who they were?

For example, you came across a dumbass, and you did not know about him at all that he was like that. And treat him without any bias. He will not look dumb in your eyes at all. On the contrary, your attitude will help him to look at himself differently. Definitely, this will exalt him in his own eyes. Take it simply as if you were meeting for the first time.

I do not want to say that this will always work out smoothly with all people. No, far from all. However, if you behaved differently with them than others, they will not forget it.

Never be afraid to show yourself to people in this way. This will greatly liberate you in manifesting yourself as the present and help the other person also become himself, the present.

A way to see a secret in every person - WORKS. The speed of the result will surprise you - fools and dumbasses will disappear from your life forever!

Be yourself! Be yourself contagious! When other people see that you are enjoying yourself and enjoy life, they will want it too!

Accept yourself

Social life can make you feel unattractive. Models and actors, of course, look gorgeous, but this does not mean that you should feel worse from this. But since you don’t want to give up your dependence on social networks - the dependence that supposedly brings you friends, entertainment and just pleasant memories - you continue to pretend. Society sets an incredibly high bar, so no matter how you try to improve yourself, you will always feel that you are failing. Output? Just accept yourself as you are.

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Stop having a negative conversation with yourself

Catch yourself in self-criticism and derogatory conversation with yourself, and then forbid yourself such an attitude. These internal monologues that interpret events and situations always scroll in our heads. For many, this conversation with oneself is mostly negative: "I'm a freak" or "My life is terrible." Stop the flow of such destructive thoughts and transform them into more positive ones.

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Fix all your pluses and strengths

People tend to focus on their own weaknesses rather than emphasizing their strengths. But if you start to think regularly about what you are doing badly, it will be difficult for you to accept and love yourself. Therefore, in addition to efforts to correct your shortcomings, you must remind yourself of what you are good and successful at. Believe me, everyone has many strengths, even if these strengths seem insignificant.

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Express yourself openly

What else prevents you from being yourself? Basically, you are afraid of what others might think about you: for example, if you have a different point of view or other views on things. Perhaps your loved ones like a certain genre of music, and therefore you are silent about what kind of music you like. Or maybe your friends prefer to eat in trendy restaurants, therefore, you do not dare to invite them to your home for a cozy dinner that you like more. You hold back, because you are afraid of possible consequences in the form of misunderstanding, rejection and rejection.

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By the way, don’t worry, it’s absolutely human nature to want to show exclusively the best sides of yourself. However, now, in the age of technology, we all have to solve this problem in a completely new environment - on the Internet - using texts, photos or videos, so we do what everyone else does.

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We show only a piece of who we really are - but the best piece of ourselves. We do not share all-all-all about ourselves, and we do not want to fully disclose so as not to run into troubles. Few people in our lives know who we really are at heart, and we ourselves can gradually forget about it.

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Well, you can begin to wonder: who is this person, who are you pretending to be on social networks? Is it really you or just a clown in the arena? (I respect the profession of a clown).

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Do not be afraid of your vulnerabilities

Another important step to becoming yourself is to show your vulnerability. Most of us do not want to show those traits that we don’t like, which frighten us or make us ashamed, embarrassed, and feel weak. It is not easy to share these parts of yourself. And you, too, are surely worried: what if others change their attitude towards you, push them away or brand them with insulting words? It is scary to be so openly vulnerable - it's like showing a wound and admitting to others where it hurts. Nevertheless, take the risk of being that way and it will become much easier for you.