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Pull coin from ear


Some people think that tricks are real magic. However, such miracles happen only in fabulous and fantastic films. In real life, all the tricks performed by a person appear due to his mind, ingenuity, constant training and sleight of hand.

Focus with a coin is most popular among fans of home art. Not only masters of “miracles” can learn it, but also ordinary amateurs. It is enough to unravel the secret of such tricks, rehearse them - and you can surprise your friends with your abilities.

How to show magic tricks

Even if the viewer does not believe in magic, the magician must convince him that miracles exist. Before talking about how to learn magic tricks with a coin, paper, scarf and other details, we will tell you a few rules.

  • The magician must always be confident.
  • You should start with the basics, learn simple tricks and gradually move on to more complex ones.
  • The audience needs to be involved. To enhance the effect, you can use the help of a friend.
  • It is necessary to prepare in advance distracting details. It can be a classic “magic” box.
  • The magician must remember that the viewer wants to experience a feeling of delight and surprise.
  • A good artist never reveals the secret of his tricks.

Money inside a glass

Before making a trick with a coin and a glass, it is necessary to prepare glue, a transparent glass, a coin and a small scarf (50 x 50 cm).

The coin should be glued to the bottom of the glass and pour water into it.

Focus. Show the audience that you have a glass filled to the top with water. Prove that it does not contain excess objects, demonstrating it from different angles. Say that after a few minutes a coin will appear in the vessel. With these words, cover the container with a scarf, say “magic” words and invite one of the viewers to look inside. Let the person look at the glass exactly from above, and he will see that a metallic moneys appeared on its bottom. If the viewer is amazed, the trick was a success.

Secret. A trick with a coin and a glass is one of the simplest methods of visual deception. Guests need to demonstrate a vessel filled with water only from the side. In this case, the person does not see what is at his bottom. The money sign is clearly visible when the glass is empty. When it is filled with water, the coin in it is visible only from above.

Surprise inside lemon

The magician must make some lemons, a knife, and a small coin.

Focus. Lemons are on a plate. The artist proves that these are ordinary fruits. He asks the viewer to choose any lemon, after which he takes a knife, cuts the indicated fruit and discovers a metallic moneys inside.

Secret. A trick with a coin and lemons has one little trick. It consists of a knife, to the blade of which a banknote is pre-glued with a thin layer of plasticine (closer to the handle). When slicing a lemon, the performer pushes the coin from the knife with his thumb. The magician holds the blade firmly in half with the fruit, trying to pull the knife out. Thus, the coin is inside the lemon.

Money gone

Focusing with a coin behind the ear is a classic trick. Its implementation does not require additional distracting details.

Focus. The performer informs the audience that it can make money disappear. With these words, he takes out a coin, demonstrates to the audience, and then begins to rub it on his right elbow. Two times he doesn’t succeed, and on the third - the banknote disappears without a trace, after which the magician takes it from behind his ear.

Secret. A trick with a coin that disappears, and then appears in an unusual place, is a way of visual deception.

The artist must take the coin in his right hand and, with the audience, shift it to his left. The elbow of the right hand must be put on the table and put your chin in your palm.

The contractor begins to rub the coin on his right elbow, but suddenly (intentionally) drops it. He raises the money with his right hand, transfers it to his left and starts rubbing again. And again the coin falls onto the table.

The magician once again raises it with his right hand and pretends to shift it to his left. But the coin remains in the right palm. Next, the artist rubs an imaginary banknote on his right elbow. After a few seconds, he demonstrates that the coin has disappeared from the left hand. And then she quickly takes out her right hand from behind her ear.

Dream Interpretation - Ear

There are many associations with the ear. There is a saying: “It flew into one ear, flew into the other,” which means that a person instantly forgets what he was asked about.

They say: “A woman loves with her ears,” that is, your subconscious mind can send you a signal through the “ear” symbol that there is a person next to you with whom you can have a love affair (in a good sense of the word).

“Keep your ears at the top of your head” (that is, be on your guard, eavesdrop, strive to keep abreast of all things) is one of the common expressions that can also be a source of an image of an ear for your sleep.

One of the forms of punishment has long been - to tear out the ear, so the dreaming ear can be caused by the torment of your conscience because of some kind of offense.

When you are being deceived, they are convinced of what you know is wrong, you usually say: “Do not hang noodles on my ears”, so the subconscious can signal you about the danger of being deceived or misled.

If your ears “burn”, that is, they turn red and hot, it means that at this time someone is talking or thinking about you.

When you succumb to flattery, persuasion, deceit, someone who soberly assesses the situation, tells you: “And you hung up your ears!”

If in a dream you wash your ears thoroughly, then this dream indicates that you are tired of independently understanding what official information should be coming about.

If your ear is itching in a dream, then expect news from distant relatives or old friends that you have not seen for a long time.

Seeing a man with very big ears - you vainly hope that having tricked or distorted the facts a little in your favor, you will be able to deceive the authorities, your maneuver will not succeed, and insincerity in communication with the leadership will be remembered for a very long time.

To pierce your ears in a dream - you should work on your inner world, and not appearance, because with jewelry and beautiful clothes you will not achieve what you are striving for.

If you put earrings in your ears, then this dream portends your worries due to the fact that you will be deceived by a person whom you have always believed infinitely.

Hearing a noise or ringing in your ear is a good sign that promises you an early cessation of troubles and the onset of a calm period during which you will rest and resume communication with people pleasant to you.

Dream Interpretation - Coins

Seeing small coins in a dream portends pleasant family troubles, large coins of old coinage - to receive unexpected wealth.

Making or counterfeiting coins is a futile effort. Smelting coins into metal is a sign of money-grubbing and greed.

A dreamed coin of one ruble denounces troubles, accompanied by tears.

Seeing a piggy bank full of coins in a dream means that you will have wonderful prospects for improving your financial situation.

The coins scattered from the broken piggy bank promise little return with a large expenditure of effort.

Counting coins means that you can fulfill your intention if you are practical and thrifty.

If you have stolen a wallet or purse full of valuable coins, this is a sign of danger to you, so you should be especially careful and prudent in crowded places and even more so avoid uninhabited people.

Finding coins of insignificant value in a dream - you are threatened with losses in entrepreneurship due to the intervention of a person close to your business.

To discover a treasure of ancient coins of great value - such a dream portends an upsurge of mental strength and working capacity.

A chest full of gold coins foreshadows that your wishes will come true.

A monisto made of gold coins means that your merits will allow you to achieve a lot, if you also get rid of your shortcomings.

To receive gold coins as a gift - marry a rich, but stingy person.

To dream of gold pieces of royal coinage - you will gain honor and respect due to your success in the business field.

Hear the ringing of gold coins - to wealth and prosperity.

To hand over the treasure to the state - in reality, lose the trust of people who know you at work.

Sell ​​gold coins - you will reach a very old age in complete solitude.

Seeing silver coins in a dream portends happy times if the coins are large.

Small silver coins indicate that your dreams will not come true.

Melted in the fire, they portend loss.

Copper coins are a sign that you will be forced to engage in labor that brings small incomes.
To dream of a whole bag of copper coins means that you will quickly achieve success in business, not being afraid to take risks and clearly reacting to any change in market conditions.