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Chapter 11: Simple Wiccan Rituals


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Do you really want to find a ritual that really works to attract money? Are you unhappy with your current financial situation and are in desperate need of cash?
There is nothing worse than giving all the best at work, “burning” at work and getting insufficient remuneration for your work. Let's face it, after a while it can start to make you very sad.
But did you know that by turning to the right type of energy, you can create positive financial changes?
Positive things are not random in life. It is we who attract them with our thoughts, intentions and actions.

Based on ancient Wiccan knowledge, you can become a wealthy person through the use of certain rituals.
All spells must adhere to the rule: "Do as you want, but do no harm."
This means that a person can freely practice any ritual if he does not harm anyone, including himself.
Most spells are cast on the altar, which is often the center of Wiccan rites.
To make your altar, you will need a small table or, for example, a chest of drawers.
To mount the altar, cover the surface with a cloth and place objects on it that inflame your faith.
In the north direction of your altar, place a bowl of soil or sand to represent the earth, in the east - an incense stick symbolizing air, in the south - a candle or piece of charcoal (fire) and a bowl of water in the west.
The goal of the altar is to create an atmosphere that mentally prepares you for your spells.

Consider a ritual with a green candle that will attract wealth into your life and give you financial freedom.

To perform this ritual, you will need:
• One green candle.
• Six coins (gold, copper or silver).
• Green or gold cloth / pouch.
• Cinnamon.
• Oil (of your choice).
Prepare your altar. You can meditate for several minutes before casting a spell to activate yourself mentally. Refill the green candle with oil. Place the candle on the altar and put six coins around the candle in a circle.

When you lay out the coins, visualize the process of receiving money and project your gratitude. Light a candle and repeat three times:
“Money is flowing,
Money will grow
My money really shines
This money is mine now. ”
Take a cloth or bag and sprinkle cinnamon on them. Then put all six coins in them.

When you take coins, repeat this spell three times:
“Bring me money three times three”
As I said, so it will be. ”
If you use fabric, you can make a bundle out of it. Always carry a bundle or bag of money with you and visualize that you receive as much money as you wish.

The more often you practice this spell, the more effective it becomes.
So what are you waiting for? Perform this ritual and live in the abundance of wealth that you have always dreamed of.