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Methods for quickly opening a can with an iron lid without a can opener


There are situations when you want to open a tin can, for example, on vacation or on a cruise, but there are no openers. People then begin to act in the most extravagant ways that are not always safe. And the question arises: how to open a rolled can without the help of an opener? But practice shows by example that there are still effective methods. Moreover, they require a minimum of tools, you only need ingenuity and a little patience. The main thing is that you need to act carefully and carefully so as not to get injured by broken glass or tin, and to prevent dirt and dust from getting inside the can.

How to open a can lid without the help of an opener?

Method number 1

With a pocket knife. We take the knife, placing it at right angles, pierce the lid around the circumference, making holes at an equal distance. After that, we connect the holes in the arc and pick up the lid with a knife. The capacity is open.

Method number 2

Using stone or asphalt. A method that can be used wherever there is something resembling a stone surface. The principle is simple: we take the desired jar, press it to the stone or asphalt and begin to drive it from side to side, rubbing thin tin. Gradually, the tin will fray, and you can open the can.

Method number 3

Using a spoon. We place the container on a hard, stable surface, hold it with one hand, take the spoon with the other, turn the convex part to the face, set the rounded part of the spoon closer to the rim of the can and begin to wipe the tin. An important condition: the spoon must be made of solid metal, otherwise it may bend or break.

You can try to open the jar with a kitchen knife. We take a suitable kitchen knife and carefully pierce the lid of the can in the form of the letter P, the base of which is at the beginning of the outer circumference of the lid. After we connect the holes and roll up a piece of tin, after tearing it off. Open the lid by prying and removing the remaining tin with a knife.

How to open a lid of a can without an opener: a method for cans with home preserves

Jars with homemade blanks under metal lids can also be opened without the aid of an opener. It is better not to open such a jar with the help of teeth or breaking it on asphalt, but use the following methods.

  1. We take the jar, put it on a flat, flat surface, then sharply hit the lid with your fist, bending the surface. Do not beat hard, otherwise you could damage your hand. After you have dented the cover, carefully lift the cover with a knife.
  2. Another fairly convenient way to open a can without an opener. It requires increased accuracy and accuracy. We take a knife, turn the jar lid down, press the tip of the lid with a knife, gradually bending it. After we turn the jar over and remove the cap.

Common Ways

Many people often use canned goods in everyday life. They are added as an additional or main ingredient for cooking. Typically, canned foods use cans with metal lids, which can be opened using a special opener. If there is none, then you need to know how to open a jar with an iron lid without an opener using improvised means. There are several proven methods for this. Among them:

It is safe to open a jar using such methods if you follow all the tips and rules. This will be safe for human health, and will not harm the products inside.

Before you open any tin can with a knife, you need to put it on a stable surface. It is desirable that it be smooth. This is done so that the dishes do not jump out of the hands during the opening process. It’s best to put the can on the table.

Then a few simple movements are performed. It is important to follow the step-by-step instructions so as not to harm yourself, as well as to keep the contents of the can intact for future use. The steps for opening a can without a can opener include the following:

  1. Set the knife tip to the edge of the lid,
  2. Fix vertically. If this is not done, then it will become impossible to open the lid safely for health,
  3. The handle of the knife is taken so that the fingers do not fall under the sharp blade during further movements,
  4. With the second hand you need to hit the handle of the knife. The result is a small puncture on the lid. When there are fears that the movement will be performed incorrectly, it is better to hit the handle with an open palm. This will help control the impact force,
  5. Small holes are made evenly around the perimeter of the lid. They are located as close as possible,
  6. A knife is pushed into any hole. Without sudden movements you need to pry up the metal cover. To protect themselves from injuries and cuts, hands are rewound with a towel before opening this can.

So quickly cans with metal lids open. This does not spoil the product inside. The above method, how to open canned food without an opener, has several advantages. Among them:

  • Metal shavings will not get inside the can,
  • The cutlery will remain in perfect condition. He does not dull the sharp part.

Do not cut the metal cover with a knife. This method will damage the cutlery. In addition, shavings will fall into the dishes, as a result of cutting. Because of this, the product becomes unsuitable for use in food.

Therefore, you need to know how to open a tin can without an opener. Using neat, uniform punctures is safer than cutting the cap. The method requires the use of a certain force.

For the production of metal cans, thin alloys are used. They are easily destroyed by solid objects. A stone or a piece of concrete is suitable for this. The main thing is that they have a rough surface. The process involves the following actions:

  1. Turn the jar upside down
  2. Proceed to rub the cover against the surface of the stone. Dishes are constantly checked for integrity,
  3. When the first drops of liquid appear inside the jar, the lid is pulled off with a knife and easily opened.

No need to rub hard or fast. This will spoil the product contained within the can. In order not to damage your fingers or skin, before you open the tin can without a knife, you need to wrap your hands in a towel. This will protect them from accidental injuries and cuts.

Few people know how to open the lid of a can with a regular spoon. This is one of the safest and easiest ways. For the production of caps, thin metal is used. Its integrity is violated by reciprocating movements. To do this, the following steps are performed:

  1. The can is placed on a hard surface. It is supported with one hand or fixed between the knees,
  2. The spoon goes between the metal lid and the wall of the can,
  3. Reciprocating movements are performed. They are made until a small hole appears on the surface,
  4. Manipulations are performed along the circumference,
  5. As soon as a small hole forms, you need to expand it with a spoon to the maximum,
  6. After that, lift the metal cover. It will give in easily and the jar will open without spoiling the contents of the product.

It is better not to use aluminum cutlery. They will not be able to properly act on cans. It only spoils the spoon. Stainless steel appliances are recommended. They are distinguished by high strength and reliability.

Effective methods for glass jars

Opening a tin can is easier than doing the same with glassware. Most often they use 2 types of covers:

There are situations when the hostess does not have a special opener on hand in the kitchen. In this case, she should know how to open a rolled up can with the help of improvised means. The main thing is to follow safety rules so as not to harm yourself. These include:

  1. Before opening the jar with a sharp object, hands are wrapped with a towel. This will help prevent injuries and cuts if the knife slips,
  2. Carefully handle high temperatures and hot liquids,
  3. Do not clamp the dishes between the legs. The container must be firmly fixed on a flat, solid surface.

It is important not to rush when working with hot water or sharp objects, but to perform all actions carefully and correctly. This will help to avoid accidents leading to serious injuries.

The sealing lid is easy to open with your hands. The main thing is to correctly apply force in the form of a not strong blow of an elbow, a malleus or a rolling pin. The impact is applied on top of the cover, from which its edges are slightly bent. Then it just unscrews.

Another way to open a rolled can is to squeeze a spoon. A few dents will remain on the surface. Thanks to them, the edges are slightly bent and air gets inside. Next, a glove is put on the hand, or it is wrapped with a towel, which makes it easy to unscrew the lid.

If canned jars are closed with screw caps, they open in the following way:

  • the cover is covered with cling film
  • an elastic band is put on the neck of the can for dressing money,
  • the edges of the lid tap over the entire circumference. You can use the handle of a knife or a tablespoon,
  • turn the jar over and substitute its bottom under a stream of hot water,
  • return the dishes to their original position and open the lid with your hands.

When the glass jar does not open, it must be completely lowered under a stream of hot water. Leave in this position for 30 seconds. Wrap a towel around your hands to prevent burns and unscrew the cover.

With a knife

Many people know that you can remove the lid from a glass jar with an opener with a wheel. When she is not there, an ordinary knife will come to the rescue. Its tip extends between the lid and the can. The knife reaches for the inside to get air. At this time, a characteristic cotton will sound. Then the lid will succumb and easily unscrew.

How to use a can opener

The easiest and fastest way to open any tin can with an opener is to use a can opener. Today there are a large number of diverse models, ranging from the simplest of wood to modern electrical appliances.

Wooden opener includes:

  • sickle-shaped metal tip
  • wooden handle.

You can open the can with a can opener by following these steps:

  1. Put the jar on a firm horizontal surface,
  2. The oblong blade of the can opener is inserted into the lid in one sharp movement,
  3. Make small holes
  4. Move the opener around the circumference of the lid so that the metal loop of the can opener rests against the side of the can.

As the metal cuts, the lid will gradually open. It has sharp edges, so you need to carefully take it so as not to injure yourself or cut yourself.

With wheel

It is best to purchase an electric can opener. It works at the touch of a button. Banks easily open, and covers - are lifted by a special magnet. The hostess will have to hold the dishes so that she does not tip over during opening.

Any can, regardless of the material of production, can be easily opened with special openers or improvised means. The main thing is to correctly carry out all actions and observe safety measures so as not to harm yourself and not spoil the product inside the container.

How to open a can without an opener

Preservation in glass jars has two types of lids:

  • Twisting - usually found on purchased products and used in production (Figure 1),
  • Simple or those that need to be rolled up - they are used by housewives for home pickles.
Figure 1. Two types of lids: twist and seals

To begin with, how to open a jar with a lid without an opener, if purchased:

  • Just pry off the screw cap with a knife and let air in under it,
  • When the characteristic cotton is heard, turn the lid and your food will be ready to eat,
  • If there is no knife, hit something on top so that it slams - with an elbow, a rolling pin or a rubber mallet.

How to open a jar without an opener if it is rolled up at home:

  1. Use the knife again - mark the check mark or the letter “l” on the lid so that the corner and ends of your jackdaw abut against the edges,
  2. Insert the cutting object into the drawing and cut the tin along the marked lines,
  3. Then bend its sharp corner and pick it up with a knife, winding the cut part onto it to the very end (Figure 2),
  4. Carefully remove the remains of tin, so as not to cut your hands. Figure 2. Open home preservation with a knife

How to open a tin can without an opener

  1. They try to flatten it between two stones, which leads to spoilage of the contents and its unsuitability for food,
  2. They warm it in a fire or oven, hoping that the metal will become more pliable, which does not affect the taste of the product in the best way.

But all this can be done even without any additional funds.

Figure 3. Hands opening can

The way how to open a tin can without an opener with your hands (Figure 3):

  1. Make a deflection on its lateral edge - push it with your fingers so that the lateral side is concave in the middle,
  2. Visually divide the side surface into 3 equal parts and make a second dent, which will become the second face of your isosceles triangle,
  3. When you get both deflections, bend the canned food in one direction or the other, until the angle between the convex parts becomes soft,
  4. As a result of your actions, the tin will burst on the folds and you will see what is in the middle,
  5. Another couple of such manipulations and you will open the jar completely like a mail envelope.

Pocket knife

In the presence of a small pocket knife, the task is simplified at times:

  1. Place it on a stable surface, preferably waist to waist,
  2. Place the end of the knife vertically above the inner edge of the lid, tightly fix it in your hand so that your fingers do not come off the blade, with the back of your hand up and make a hole,
  3. Move the tip sideways a couple of centimeters and similarly punch another hole, make similar incisions around the entire circumference and your treat will be almost open (Figure 4),
  4. Insert the knife into one of them, pry out the tin and lift the lid,
  5. If possible, protect your hand with a towel when you remove the top of the sheet.

Another trick to open a tin can with a metal spoon:

  1. Put it on something stable and hold it with your hand, take a spoon in the other,
  2. Aim the edge of the spoon on the inner edge of the lid, positioning it on the inside of the can, so that the outside of its recess is directed towards the side of the lid,
  3. Press on the auxiliary object and move it back and forth in a small area, pressing it firmly to the side, continuing until you wipe the metal,
  4. Slide your tool to the side and repeat, rubbing new holes next to the finished ones, moving around the entire circumference of the canned food until you pass it completely (Figure 5),
  5. Put a spoon under the edge of the tin and pry it up, then bend it, use a tack or rag to protect it.

With a chef knife

A rather dangerous method to open a can using a chef's knife:

  1. It is large enough and heavy, has a massive sharp blade, so it should be held as tight as possible so that it does not slip out of the hand,
  2. Put the container on something stable, waist-high, never kneel down - do not try to squeeze it between your legs,
  3. Grasp the knife at the intersection of the blade and the handle - the upper part is in the palm of the hand above it, the fingers lie on the sides of the handle, at a safe distance from the tip,
  4. Put the heel of the knife, the widest place of the blade, opposite its end, above the inner edge of the dishes near the side,
  5. Press it firmly against the lid to make a small hole in the puncture site (Figure 6),
  6. If it didn’t work out for you, get up and repeat the action, leaning on the can, holding the tool in one hand and pressing the other side with the other,
  7. Slide a sharp object along the edge a couple of centimeters and make a new hole, continuing around the entire perimeter as if you are wielding with a regular key,
  8. To pry a tin, insert the edge of the chef-knife into one of the holes made and bend it.

Using stone or concrete

On a hike or on vacation, the question often arises of how to open a can of stew without a can opener, the answer to which is very simple.

Figure 7. A pattern of opening a can with a stone

Open the jar with a stone (Figure 7):

  1. Find a flat piece of stone or concrete with a rough surface,
  2. Turn over the canned food and press it to the stone, so you can destroy its upper filling,
  3. With force, press and rub the closed stew on the stone until the liquid becomes visible,
  4. Do not overdo it so as not to spoil the contents,
  5. Do not wash the tin completely - it must become thin so that it can be pierced,
  6. Insert a pocket knife or a screwdriver, any other pointed clean object and pry off the cover near the edge, carefully bend it and break it off,
  7. If there is nothing like this at hand, then punch the metal top inside the can with another stone, which will not be a good idea, since stone crumbs or dirt can get into the stew.

How to open the lid of a can with home preservation

One of the methods is using pliers:

  1. Take ordinary pliers,
  2. Act on the principle of a familiar opener,
  3. Be careful not to damage the glass.
Figure 8. Open the jar with the elbows,)

But most representatives of the stronger sex prefer a different, proven method:

  1. A container of pickles is placed on a table or cabinet,
  2. Well, if someone is holding her at this moment,
  3. Sudden movements of the elbow strike the cap (Figure 8),
  4. That should bend inward and move along the edges.

To begin with, it is recommended to train the blow on the same table in order to understand its strength and reduce discomfort and consequences from it to the minimum.

Another effective, but demanding accuracy option will take a little time:

  1. The dishes are turned upside down and put on the table,
  2. A knife with a sharp end is taken and the lid is unbent from the glass,
  3. In this case, the second hand exercises a slight pressure on the container itself,
  4. Movements are performed around the entire perimeter or to half the circumference,
  5. Then the preservation is turned over, and the closure is removed without any problems,
  6. It is necessary to work very carefully so as not to scratch the glass product and not leave a chip on it.

Security measures when opening cans without openers

If you know how to open a canned jar without an opener, then anyway, do not forget about simple safety measures.

  1. Do not cut the lid with a bread knife or one that has a serrated blade - that’s how metal shavings get into your food,
  2. Do not open the swollen and leaky, exploded conservation and do not try to eat it - it most likely disappeared and contains dangerous bacteria,
  3. If upon opening, the contents exploded or literally splashed out - that is, it is also not worth it, since it disappeared,
  4. One way or another, all of the above methods are associated with a risk of injury, so they are not suitable for children,
  5. Do not rush to open canned food and do not neglect your protection if you do not use a can opener,
  6. And with a special device inside the jar, there may be sawdust or shavings - try to prevent them from getting in and immediately remove visible debris,
  7. Open canned foods only in good light and on a flat, stable surface - do not do anything like this by weight.