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Ludoman blocks online gambling! Below is a video of how the ludoman program works


Need to block objectionable sites? Andro website>

You have a small office and you need to protect computers from virus sites or restrict access to social networks, or maybe you want to protect your child from gambling or porn resources on your home PC. How to achieve these goals? It turns out to be very simple! All you need is a list of sites that need to be blocked, as well as access to a computer with administrative rights.

Instructions on how to block malicious sites in Windows

  1. Go to Windows Explorer along the path "C: Windows System32 drivers etc«
  2. Right-click on the file. hosts and “Open with” WorldPad
  • adwrare + malware - virus sites
  • fakenews - sites with fake news and articles
  • gambing - casino
  • porn - porn
  • social - social networks
  • Click on the Link button in the required column “Raw hosts”
  • Paste it into the hosts file located on your computer and save the changes
  • Restart your computer
  • Sites blocked
  • Still have questions? Write them in the comments, tell us what you did or vice versa!

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    Ludoman has been tested on people with real gambling problems. Downloading and installing Ludoman blocks online gambling.

    • Use for games vpn, plugins, anonymizers, mirrors, etc., etc.? Any tricks will not work and the program will complete its task!
    • Simple and easy installation
    • 100% confidentiality - local work, does not have the function of sending data.
    • The program is 100% safe, which is confirmed by a scan by all world antiviruses more conveniently - virustotal
    • Failure to unauthorized removal
    • Justified Lock Only
    • Free Updates
    • Free support

    We absolutely block all casinos, bookmakers, poker rooms and lotteries!

    It doesn’t matter when a gambling site appears, the program will recognize and block such a site in real time.

    “I was honored to be among the first to test ludoman. To be honest, after I installed it on my home PC and laptop, I began to feel an incredible saving of money, as it turned out I was pouring a lot more into the casino than I thought. All attempts to circumvent the prohibition of the program were unsuccessful. ”

    “I already tried foreign software like betfilter and gamblock - I gave $ 200 for them. It turned out that both programs are not able to block access to Russian-language casinos, offensively. Ludoman copes with its task 100% and blocks the casino in any language, plus is cheaper than foreign counterparts. ”

    Installed Ludoman at work and at home, the effect is amazing - in 2 weeks he saved more than he spent on the program. Enough to give money to the coffers, you won’t die controlling emotions in the game - put ludoman!

    “I put it to my husband when I already realized that there was simply no way out. At first there was a scandal, they wanted to call the master, but then it seems they managed to agree. He hasn’t been playing for a month now, maybe hiding and playing at work, but I think now he’s losing less clearly

    “After spending a few hours reading posts and installing Ludoman on my computer I finally went to bed. And this morning, for the first time in a long time, I woke up with a sense of hope. ”

    Individual blocking sites

    It’s worth blocking specific resources when you need to limit the operation of just a few sites. In all other cases, this is not effective, because the list will have to be constantly expanded manually, which takes extra time.

    Windows operating families have two utilities for blocking access to resources: a firewall and parental control. Using the first one, you can effectively restrict Internet access to individual programs, which is useful for casino applications or social networks. Parental control allows you to filter the launch of applications, thus preventing access to web resources at the root. There is one drawback here - both prohibitions are quite easy to get around and there are plenty of instructions on this on the Internet.

    For advanced users, it is also possible to individually block sites through a special file - hosts. The address of the web resource is registered there and an error is generated when trying to access it from this computer.

    Blocking sites in the browser

    To prevent access to sites in individual browsers created special extensions. For Yandex.Browser, this is Strict Pomodoro, for Chrome - Focused, in Firefox - FoxFilter, but in Opera in older versions of the browser there is a built-in function to block access to the resource, in new versions it is possible only with the help of special extensions. The functionality of these add-ons is approximately the same: they allow you to prevent the loading of individual sites for an unlimited period, and some can also set the duration of blocking. The disadvantage of this method is the ease of bypassing through anonymizers or using a different browser.

    Using antivirus software

    Many antiviruses have a parental control function that allows you to individually block specific sites. In NOD 32, for example, there is another function - the “List of Bad Resources”, which works in a similar way. When automatic resource detection is enabled, NOD will take their description from its own database and block access to sites that could threaten the browser, antivirus, and the entire computer as a whole.

    Mass Filtering Unwanted Sites

    A general filter is useful for blocking entire groups of sites, for example, topics of violence, drugs or slot machines. These resources negatively affect the development of personality and certainly will not be useful during working hours. You can do this in even more ways than with an individual lock.

    Windows Tools

    Windows Live Family Security in Windows 7 can protect users from viewing “bad” web content. The filter contains regularly updated resource categories. So, there are special sites for children, the content of which is adapted for children's understanding, a group of social networks, web mail, sites with anonymous access, adult content and unclassified content. The list of categories, viewing which is allowed or prohibited, the user creates independently, setting at least the basic level of protection for the system.

    Browser Lock

    The situation with group blocking in browsers is somewhat different. So, you can use the CensureBlock add-on, which is available for Opera, and for Firefox, and for Chrome. It blocks all sites with * censure block * themes, significantly clearing the horizons of the user. The list of resources is regularly updated, and all random services that fall under the filter are quickly deleted from there.

    Another option to block dangerous sites is Yandex.DNS. It analyzes the search data, compares it with the information of its own Yandex antivirus and displays a message when you try to enter the site. The list of bad resources includes sites with malicious code and fraudulent services.

    Children's browser Gogul

    For parents who want to develop their child and give him only verified and high-quality information, protecting from a heap of informational garbage wandering around the Internet, a children's browser has been created. It has its own directory of sites that are selected by psychologists and educators. Parents can always see which sites their child visited and also change the list of available resources. The selection of materials is carried out by a special team of people who constantly work with children and know them better than themselves.

    Antivirus and parental controls

    As our other article said, antiviruses can block both individual resources and entire site packages. The best results here were achieved by Doctor Web studio. They created several lists of sites with inappropriate content: drugs, gambling, violence, obscene language, terrorism and much more can be blocked with just one click. The lists of resources are regularly updated: there are no random sites, they all are guilty of something, and now they should not catch the eye of users.

    3rd party software

    Many programs allow parental control and block groups of sites. One of them is AntiPorn, which completely blocks access to adult sites. Such content is not needed by your children, so it must be eliminated first of all. The Naomi program has wider functionality: scenes of violence, drug addiction, terrorism, sects, gambling and much more have been added to adult content. The program monitors the sites that the user uses and in real time prevents their display.

    There is another resource - KidsControl, which even has its own resource base. The catalog contains gambling-related websites with adult content, forums with undesirable topics, propaganda sites, and much more. You can add your own resources to the list from the manufacturer in order to completely protect the user from “dirty” content.

    “Children's Internet”

    This service is available to MegaFon’s telecom operator’s customers and is based on restricting access to sites with inappropriate content. The database is regularly updated, up to 100 thousand new sites are added daily. They are divided into categories: online resources for adults, online stores of illicit goods, sites related to gambling, terrorism, violence, propaganda, anonymizers and much more. Thanks to Children's Internet, the child will receive only high-quality content!

    There are more than enough opportunities for mass blocking of sites, and for individual, you just need to use them correctly. Then your children will receive only verified and specially prepared content, and employees will not do stupid things at work.